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    Weapon FAQ by wowitsyugi

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    5th Weapons (Continued)

    Imperial Tiger
    Nine Rings Blade49HeavenInferno 10Aggression (A) 9Thorns 9Resolve

    Assault on Xuchang (Wu Forces) - Within 12 minutes of starting the battle, set fire to Xuchang Castle and personally defeat Li Dian and Yue Jin.

    This one is already easy to begin with, but there's an even simpler way to do it that allows you to finish in 4-5 minutes.

    The basic idea behind the fire attack is that you're supposed to create a diversion to lure Wei officers towards you. This clears a path for Lu Xun's unit to reach the floodgates and eventually set fire to Xuchang Castle. To follow through with this plan, simply head east at the start and target Xiahou Yuan. This lures out Wang Yi, and once both of them are defeated, this lures out Zhang Liao. His defeat lures out Guo Huai, Xu Huang, and two more generics. Finally, their defeats allow you to reunite with Lu Xun by the reservoir in the north part of the map.

    Of course, that's what the game wants you to do. However, you can skip all of this by literally taking Lu Xun's route to the reservoir. This means that you should travel along the edges of the map to reach the reservoir. At the start, head east, and make your way towards Xun Yu instead of Xiahou Yuan. Defeat Xun Yu to unlock the gate in front of you, and now, you'll have a clear path to the reservoir! Lu Xun will even follow you and ignore every officer along the way...

    When you arrive at the reservoir via either method, activate the switch to drain the water and discover a hidden passage below. Entering this hidden passage will trigger an ambush from Li Dian and Yue Jin. You must land the final hit on both of these officers to earn the 5th weapon. Once they're defeated, Lu Xun will set fire to Xuchang Castle.

    If you do this within 12 minutes, the weapon box will appear at the center of the maze-like area, located to the right of the central, octagonal base.

    Demon Rods
    Twin Rods54HeavenSlash 10Aggression (B) 9RigidityThorns 8

    Pursuit at Shouchun - Defeat Jia Xu's unit before it can reach Sun Quan.

    This is a really easy one if you know what to do. Travel north at the start, and cross the bridge. This causes Cao Pi to retreat to the northwest base. When you see his icon start moving on your map, turn around and travel all the way to the southeast part of the map outside the castle. You'll need to go through the castle to get here. Meanwhile, as Cao Pi crosses the bridge in the northern part of the map, he'll order his engineers to destroy the bridge. This triggers Jia Xu's surprise assault in the south, but the only person who will be surprised is Jia Xu because you'll be there waiting for him. Simply surprise and assault Jia Xu and his two allies, Fei Zhan and You Tu, to complete the objective.

    The weapon box will appear in the northwest base of the island you're currently on. You'll need to defeat a gatekeeper to gain access to this building.

    Note: The in-game description (in the Gallery) tells you to prevent Jia Xu's unit from reaching Wu's main camp. However, Jia Xu can actually enter the castle, and you'll still get the 5th weapon. You will only fail if he gets really close to Sun Quan.

    Crimson Fury
    Pike47HeavenCyclone 10Jubilation 9Survival 9Triumph 8

    Battle of Fan Castle (Wu Forces) - Defeat Guan Yu (1st appearance) within 3 minutes of starting the battle.

    As you can deduce from the requirements, this is a quick one. It's also a relatively stress-free one.

    Travel west at the start, and take out the gatekeeper to gain access to Guan Yinping. Her defeat will open a nearby gate and provide a direct route to Guan Yu (southeast of Fan Castle). All you have to do now is rush to Guan Yu and "break your alliance".

    If you do this within 3 minutes, the weapon box will appear by the bridge east of Fan Castle.

    Tiger's Edge
    Arm Blade55HeavenFrost 10AgilityTriumph 9Explosive 8

    Battle of Chibi (Sun Quan's Forces) - Defeat 8 officers of Wei's vanguard while preventing them from reaching the alliance's main camp.

    The 8 officers that you have to personally defeat are Zhang Nan, Cao Xiu, Sima Yi, Zhu Ling, Yuan Huan, Wang Lang, Lu Qian, and Xiahou Dun.

    When the stage begins, head west to the docks area and await the arrivals of Zhang Nan and Cao Xiu. Try to defeat them as quickly as you can, then travel to the northern dock at the top of the map. At approximately 1:30 into the stage, Sima Yi will mobilize and arrive at this dock. Intercept him here and put a stop to his arrival.

    Once Sima Yi is defeated , start heading south to Yuan Huan's position. At approximately 2:30 into the stage, Xiahou Dun will arrive in the south with Lu Qian and Zhu Ling. Also, Wang Lang will be at the altar to try and cancel the prayer ceremony. This means that all 5 remaining officers will be in the southern region. If you made it to Yuan Huan's position by then, you'll be able to intercept any officer that tries to head north and invade your main camp. Defeat any officer that attempts to migrate north, then head to the altar (Zhuge Liang's position) to clean up any remaining members of the Wei vanguard.

    The weapon box will appear on the dock directly southwest of your main camp. You must pick it up before boarding the fire ship because it becomes inaccessible after the fire attack.

    Curved Sword40HeavenThunder 10Explosive 9Jubilation 9Aggression (B) 8

    Battle of Shiting (Wu Forces) - Successfully execute Zhou Fang's "false surrender" plot, then within 2 minutes and 30 seconds, defeat Sima Shi and Sima Zhao.

    This is a fun one to obtain because the game really makes you work for it, so it feels very rewarding when you succeed. Your Zhou Tai will need to be capable of quickly killing officers. This means that you can resort to the usual powerful weapons like Bow & Rod, Throwing Knives, etc. with Cyclone to boost your chances of success. If you're intent on using Curved Sword, then it will be more difficult but definitely still possible. Get him to a high level (40+), use all offensive-based skills (e.g. Attack Boost, Mighty Roar) and attributes, and save your Musou and Rage meters if you wish to succeed with the Curved Sword.

    Secondly, having Red Hare helps tremendously because you'll be asked to travel from one corner to the map to the opposite, as well as quickly dispatch a few officers along the way. If you don't have Red Hare, then you MUST perform the "Zhou Tai" movement to quickly travel across the map. With his Curved Sword, you can perform the "Zhou Tai" movement by constantly jump-canceling his jump attack. In other words, repeat this over and over: X, Square (in air), X, Square (in air), X, etc. For X360 users, it's A, X (in air), A, X (in air), A, etc. This helps you get from point A to point B quickly and is actually faster than most horses' running speeds. Here goes:

    1. You start off on an island in the southeast part of the map. There is a bridge to your west and one to your north. Do NOT cross either bridge and kill a gatekeeper, or you will spoil Zhou Fang's plan and fail. Instead, do what the game says at the start, and capture the two bases in your vicinity.

    2. Upon doing this, Zhou Fang will lure Cao Xiu to the southeast base. You'll be asked by Lu Xun to capture the southwest base to hide there and create the illusion of a retreat. To reach this place, you'll need to head west through a bridge.

    Warning: Do NOT cross the western bridge until Lu Xun issues the order. Otherwise, you will sabotage the plan (i.e. be spotted by the enemy) and fail.

    When he finally issues the order, cross the western bridge, and kill the gatekeeper to arrive at a base. Defeat the unit commander inside to clear a path to the southwest base. However, let your allies capture the southwest base, and instead, WAIT at the current base. Yes, just wait. This reduces the distance you'll need to travel to get to Cao Xiu in step 3. Perform an interim save here.

    Note: From step 3 and onward, you should be riding on Red Hare or using the "Zhou Tai" movement with his Curved Sword.

    3. When Zhou Fang lures Cao Xiu to the southeast base, he'll set fire to this base. As soon as Zhou Fang's message pops up on the screen ("Now we've got you!"), rush to Cao Xiu and defeat him ASAP. During all this commotion, the message "Zhou Fang's strategy was a success!" will appear on screen, and that's when the timer starts (2 minutes and 30 seconds).

    4. Once Cao Xiu is defeated, waste no time in crossing the western bridge again, and start heading north to the northwest base. Cao Xiu's defeat will trigger Sima Yi's arrival with his two sons. As you head north, you will run into Sima Shi. Try your best to ignore Wang Yi in this area and quickly dispose of Sima Shi.

    5. Finally, make your way to the northwest base, killing a gatekeeper along the way to open the front gates. You'll be running low on time at this point, so do your best to quickly defeat Sima Zhao.

    If you managed to succeed within 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the weapon box will appear outside the northwest base on the west side of the map.

    Raging Winds
    Three Sectional Staff39HeavenInferno 10DesperationExplosive 9Thorns 8

    Battle of Ruxukou (Wu Forces) - After lowering the drawbridge, capture all 6 Wei garrisons within 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

    This one is straightforward, but you have to be able to defeat officers at a decent rate. You basically have to perform the objectives on screen within a time period (5:40).

    Head west at the start, and defeat Xu Huang to unlock a path to the drawbridge. When you approach the drawbridge, this triggers Zhang Liao's appearance and a cutscene. Once Zhang Liao is defeated, the drawbridge will be lowered, and Lu Meng will issue an order (somewhat) to capture the 6 Wei garrisons. This is when the timer starts (5:40).

    There are three garrisons to your north and three to your south. To capture each one, you simply have to defeat a gatekeeper to gain access and then defeat the officer(s) inside guarding it. I chose to capture the three to the north first simply because your allies will head south, so by the time you get there, they will have made some progress towards capturing those. Therefore, I did it in this order:

    Northern garrisons: 1. Cao Hong -> 2. Cao Ren -> 3. Xue Ti

    Southern garrisons: 4. Yue Jin -> 5. Xiahou Dun -> 6. Man Chong and Niu Jin

    Ultimately, it doesn't matter which order you choose. It's all about how fast you can kill the officers.

    If you do this within 5 minutes and 40 seconds, the weapon box will appear at the center of the wooden area where you had to capture the 3 southern garrisons.

    Note: Don't try to be clever and capture the northern bases before triggering Zhang Liao's appearance. If you capture any of the northern bases before defeating Zhang Liao, Cao Cao will mobilize his entire army, causing Lu Meng's plan to fail.

    Conqueror's Roar
    Tonfa37HeavenFlash 10Vigor 9Induction 9Aggression (B) 8

    Conquest of Wujun (Sun Ce's Forces) - Defeat Taishi Ci twice within 5 minutes of starting the battle.

    You'll need to lure out Taishi Ci initially by causing havoc to his army. When the stage begins, ignore the 1st garrison in front of you to save time. Instead, head towards the 2nd garrison to the east to capture it (i.e. defeat gatekeeper + unit commander inside). This clears a path to the 3rd garrison. When you enter the 3rd garrison, a regular soldier will call for Taishi Ci, and this triggers his appearance by the 1st garrison that you skipped earlier. Backtrack to this location, and defeat him to force his withdrawal.

    You'll now have to sit through quite a bit of dialogue, but you should stay in this area and be ready to advance south into the nearby castle. When the castle's doors open, enter and defeat both Ze Rong and Xue Li to open the back gates. Proceed south through this gate to induce an ambush from a prideful Taishi Ci. This time, his stats have been significantly raised, but since this is an early story stage (i.e. low stage difficulty), you shouldn't have any problems dealing with him again. The treasure notification will appear after a ton of messages.

    If you do this within 5 minutes, the weapon box will appear in the base directly west of Liu Yao's castle.

    Emperor's Might
    Sword52HeavenFlash 10Velocity 9Vigor 9Protection 8

    Battle of Liang Province (Coalition Forces) - Defeat Ma Chao, Ma Dai, and Han Sui while preventing the defeat of every Wu officer.

    The only person you really have to worry about is Zhu Zhi, who likes to get defeated about a minute into the stage. Therefore, head east to Zhu Zhi's position at the start, and help him fight off all the regular peons. Yes, peons will defeat him.

    From here on out, it's "father knows best". As long as you follow all of Sun Jian's orders, your allies will survive the battle. If you start going off on your own, then your allies will start dropping like flies. Therefore, after Zhu Zhi is safe, head to the northwest garrison, and defeat the unit commander there to capture it. This triggers Bian Zhang's order for his 1st and 2nd regiment to invade your main camp. Sun Jian will then tell you to advance south down the west side of the map to contribute towards the pincer attack. Follow his orders, and travel south to defeat Ma Wan. This enables you to re-enter your main camp from the west and complete the pincer attack.

    The pincer attack will heavily shift the morale bar towards your favor and guarantee the survival of your allies. From here, continue to follow Sun Jian's orders, and defeat any officer that tries to rush your main camp (Yan Xing, Liang Xing, Cheng Yin, Zhang Heng, and Ma Teng). Their defeats will trigger Ma Chao's and Ma Dai's arrivals, as well as Han Sui's advance north. For this specific 5th weapon, you don't have to personally defeat any of them. As long as you or your allies defeat the 3, you'll earn the weapon.

    The weapon box will appear in the base northwest of Cheng Yi's position. It's the one directly south of all the stairs at the center of the map.

    Illusion Fan
    Iron Fan36HeavenFlash 10Explosive 9FuryWhirlwind 8

    Assault at Xinye - Rescue the panda before Sun Quan reaches the first checkpoint.

    This one is really easy. The first checkpoint refers to the gate in front of Yu Jin.

    Travel south at the start, and defeat a gatekeeper to progress. This will trigger an ambush from Zhang Liao and Zhang He. When you defeat them, the east gate will open. Cross the eastern gate and continue forward to a dead end, ignoring the path on your right. You will find a panda here being assaulted by a few wolves and tigers. At the same time, Sun Quan will start moving towards the first checkpoint (Yu Jin). All you have to do is defeat a few wolves and tigers before then to rescue the panda. You'll first receive "treasures" from the panda, and after a few messages, the real treasure notification will pop up.

    The weapon box will appear at a dead end shortly after the first checkpoint.

    Butterfly Staff
    Pugil Stick32HeavenFlash 10SwiftnessWhirlwind 9Spurt 8

    Defeat Gan Ji - Defeat Gan Ji twice* within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

    This one does require you to be fast, but the objective is clear. You start at the bottom part of the map, and your goal is to reach the entrance of the throne room at the top part of the map. This is where Gan Ji appears for the second fight.

    If you decided to equip Daqiao with her EX weapon, the Pugil Sticks, then you can quickly move across the map by repeatedly jump-canceling your jump charge attack. In other words, repeat this over and over: X, Triangle (in air), X, Triangle (in air), X. etc. For X360 players, it's A, Y (in air), A, Y (in air), A, etc. You'll be as fast as Red Hare (if not, faster) with this movement!

    At the start, head north to enter a city area ("Luoyang Inner Ward"). Gan Ji will appear here after summoning a purple fog, so defeat him to open the gate in front of you. When you cross this gate, the path will split in two. You have to make a right turn and proceed with Sun Quan to the green marker on the map. When you get there, regular phantom soldiers will appear. Defeat them all to open the nearby gate. From now on, you'll need to head north and defeat various phantom officers to progress to the entrance of the throne room and ultimately, Gan Ji again. They will appear in this order:

    1. Liu Yao and Yuan Shu -> 2. Xu Gong and Yan Baihu -> 3. Sun Jian and Xiaoqiao -> 4. Two unit commanders -> 5. Gan Ji

    If you do this within 8 minutes, the weapon box will appear in the same place where you just defeated Gan Ji (throne room's entrance).

    Note: You may have noticed an asterisk on the word "twice" in the requirements above. This is because you can actually defeat Gan Ji several more times BEFORE you reach the throne room's entrance. Recall that the path splits in two after you defeat Gan Ji for the 1st time. Well, if you take the left path instead and follow Zhou Yu, you will end up taking an alternate path to the throne room's entrance. You will cross paths with Gan Ji several times via this route, but these battles will NOT count for the 5th weapon. To earn the 5th weapon, you must defeat him once in the beginning and again at the throne room's entrance.

    Goblin Chakram
    Circle Blade51HeavenVenom 10Velocity 9Protection 9Induction 8

    Battle of Guangling (Wu Forces) - Within 9 minutes of starting the battle, successfully execute the surprise raid and defeat Sima Yi.

    This is another one where you're required to defeat a high number of officers in a short time period. Of course, Ding Feng happens to be the EX owner of Circle Blade, one of the most powerful weapons in the game with Cyclone present. The Circle Blade's charge attacks can be modified and improved by holding down the charge before attacking. This means that you can hold down Triangle (Y for X360), release the charge, and then press Triangle again to perform an alternate attack. The improved C5 (let's call it "charged C5") with Cyclone is absolutely devastating due to a preposterous amount of elemental attacks (over 5!). Basically, this means that it will wreck officers in one blow, even at low Cyclone levels (e.g. Cyclone 2). I highly recommend putting Cyclone on this weapon to simplify this mission, or it'll be very difficult otherwise. Of course, you're always free to use a different weapon if you like.

    When the stage begins, your initial goal is to reach Xu Huang's location and execute a surprise assault from behind. You can do this by traveling along the mountain path at the top part of the map. As you travel west along this path, you'll need to defeat various enemies to slowly progress towards Xu Huang and launch the surprise raid:

    1. Dong Heng -> 2. Gatekeeper -> 3. Dai Ling -> 4. Gatekeeper (go around the arbalests, and ignore Wen Pin along the way) -> 5. Wang Shuang -> 6. Xu Huang

    Xu Huang's defeat will open the gate southeast of your current location. Exit via this gate, and proceed south to assault Pang De in the central garrison, ignoring Dong Chao's catapult unit along the way. Next, head west and take care of Zhang Liao to unlock the doors of a nearby western garrison. When you enter this garrison, Niu Jin's army of fire archers will launch an ambush. You'll need to defeat Niu Jin, Wei Ji, and Yan Rou to halt the ambush and clear a path to Sima Yi (finally). Quickly approach Sima Yi and drop him like a leaf in autumn.

    If you do this within 9 minutes, the weapon box will appear on the stairs by the central base.

    Falcon Strike
    Crossbow43HeavenVenom 10Morass 9Velocity 8Thorns 8

    Battle of New Hefei Castle (Wu Forces) - Defeat Man Chong before he reaches Wu's main camp.

    This is a simple one. Play through the stage normally until Lu Xun issues an order to penetrate the castle from both sides. This happens after the ram is destroyed. Choose to enter the castle from the west, and you'll arrive at an outdoor area with two floors and a few ballistae. From here, you can play the stage normally again, but make sure to monitor Zhou Tai's unit on the east. When Zhou Tai's unit penetrates the castle, start heading towards Man Chong's position by exiting the castle. Shortly after Zhou Tai defeats Yue Jin inside the castle, Cao Rui will activate the wind generators. This is the trigger for Man Chong to advance south. Of course, you will already be there waiting for him.

    The weapon box will appear on the far east end of the ballista area. You'll need to proceed up the stairs to discover it.

    Deadly Incisors
    Rake50HeavenSlash 10Thorns 9Survival 9Fear 8

    Battle of Runan (Wu Forces) - Defeat Wang Yuanji and Zhang Chunhua within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

    When the stage begins, Sima Yi will separate you from Lu Xun and Lu Meng. The goal is to reunite with your allies in the central base. The area will be marked on your map, so you'll know the exact path needed to reach your destination. Unfortunately, this 5th weapon is somewhat annoying to obtain because regardless of how fast you are, you'll need to wait on your allies to get there as well. Of course, the sooner you reach the central base, the sooner your allies will too. It's to prevent you from having to wait too long, so you definitely still want to reach the central base ASAP.

    Begin by advancing north to Zhu Ling's position, and ignore him completely in favor of the nearby gatekeeper. You'll now be in a fan room. Guo Huai will use these giant fans to blow wind at you and impede your progress. Call for your horse, and travel to the northwest corner of the room (i.e. make a right turn, then a left one) to discover a ladder. Climb the ladder to encounter Guo Huai, and defeat him to open the eastern gate. When you cross this gate, you can ignore Xiahou Mao completely and target the lone gatekeeper instead to arrive at a room with pyrocannons.

    This room is quite annoying because it'll take longer to complete than you think. First, destroy all of the pyrocannons in the room to trigger additional Wei reinforcements. They will continually spawn from the nearby gate. The game will order you to seize the one remaining pyrocannon to deal with the reinforcements. I find it faster to ignore this order and fight normally, but I guess that depends on how strong your Lu Su currently is. Once you have defeated ~8 unit commanders, Deng Ai will finally decide to take you on himself. The gate to Deng Ai will now open, and his defeat will provide a direct path to the central base.

    When you get there, you're going to have to wait on your allies (assuming you arrived quickly enough). At this point, you can either roll your eyes as your allies waste precious time, or you can take this time to clear your surroundings to prepare for the subsequent (and final) fight. When your allies finally arrive, a cutscene will play to introduce Wang Yuanji and Zhang Chunhua to the battle. Use your built-up rage from having to wait on your allies earlier, and unleash it on the two women. Or better yet, literally do it by using a True Rage attack.

    If you do this within 8 minutes, the weapon box will appear in front of a row of arbalests to the west of Sima Zhao.

    Stormy Pike
    Short Pike47HeavenFrost 10Explosive 9SwiftnessVelocity 8

    Defense of Jiangxia (Wu Forces) - Maintain the defensive lines against 3 different Wei assaults without losing either of the eastern garrisons.

    Head west to Guan Yu's position at the start while ignoring every other enemy. The more enemies you ignore, the more allies you'll have when Wu and Shu reform their alliance. When you reach Guan Yu, defeat him, as well as Zhang Fei, to trigger a cutscene and Wei's arrival. You will have to defend against three different assaults while keeping all of your allied officers alive (i.e. a successful defense).

    1st assault: Wang Yi will come from the north, so defeat her to defend the western area.

    2nd assault: Next, head over to the eastern garrison (Ma Zhong's position). The shortest route involves traveling to the center of the map, jumping off a cliff up north, then proceeding east to reach the garrison. Xu Huang will eventually appear here, so intercept him and take him out to defend the eastern area. Before you leave this area, make sure to clear the eastern garrison of all remaining peons! This garrison WILL fall if you leave and let Ma Zhong do all the work.

    3rd assault: Finally, Xiahou Dun will appear in the central area after Xu Huang's defeat, and Xu Zhu will accompany him shortly afterwards. Converge to this area to eliminate them both and defend the central area. This completes the defense of all 3 areas.

    If you kept the two eastern garrisons from falling, then the weapon box will appear in the northeast garrison.

    Demon Slayer
    Podao49HeavenSlash 10Chain 9Uplift 9Awareness

    Battle of Fan Castle (Wei Forces) - Before assisting Cao Ren, prevent the defections (or defeat) of Yu Jin, Fu Fang, and Hu Xiu.

    This is a simple weapon to obtain as long as you rescue the three generals in a specific order: Yu Jin (1st), Fu Fang (2nd), and Hu Xiu (3rd). Yu Jin is furthest from your position at the start, but he's also the quickest to defect (~1:10 into the stage). The other two can fight much longer before defecting or retreating. Therefore, run past those two at the start, and head west to Yu Jin's position. The gate that separates you from Yu Jin will automatically open when you approach it, so the direct route to Yu Jin is the quickest.

    When you arrive, defeat Liu Xian to rescue Yu Jin, prompting a "Yu Jin is rallying" message on the screen. Next, backtrack to Fu Fang's position, and take care of Meng Da to rally Fu Fang and his troops. Finally, return to your starting position to find Hu Xiu and dispose of his threat, Ma Liang.

    After a few messages, the weapon box will appear outside the northeast corner of Fan Castle.

    Note: The in-game description (in the Gallery) talks about preventing the defections of all 3 generals. However, Fu Fang doesn't actually defect. He just flees if defeated.

    Possible glitch: Many 360 players are reporting a bug when trying to acquire this weapon. There are no solutions at the moment. All I can suggest is to follow my strategy above and rescue your allies in that exact order. Also, try to stay outside Fan Castle to avoid the "catapult" event.

    Roaring Axe
    Axe51HeavenSlash 10Aggression (A) 9AgilityAggression (B) 8

    Battle of Wan Castle - Escape from Wan Castle within 8 minutes of starting the stage.

    For this one, you'll need to traverse various trap rooms on your way to the exit. As long as you ignore all the regular peons and focus only on destroying all the siege weapons and key officers, you should be able to escape with plenty of time remaining. Here's a walkthrough if you desire more details:

    Room 1 (fire room) - Advance towards Huche'er, and defeat him to escape from the fire room. The fire will automatically take away about 30% of your health, but it can't be avoided.

    Rooms 2 and 3 (siege weapons) - Next, call for your horse, and work your way towards the end of the long hallway, demolishing every arbalest you encounter. You'll now be in a room with fire-breathing statues. To quickly destroy these, I suggest running along the edges of the room on horseback and spamming your attack button. If you manage to do this without any interruptions, you'll be done in ~15 seconds and unlock the door to the next room.

    Rooms 4 and 5 (ambush and ballistae room) - Defeat all the unit commanders to nullify the ambush and open the west gate. In the next room, head straight for Yang Feng and take him out. You may need to destroy the two ballistae on both sides of the room first to make things easier for yourself.

    Rooms 5 and 6 (fan room and final room) - Call for your horse, and use it to quickly maneuver to the end of the fan room, killing the unit commander at the end. Ignore the game's orders to save Cao Anmin and Cao Ang, and instead, target Zhang Xian to open the front gates of Wan Castle. When you leave the castle, you'll need to wait a few seconds for a cutscene to play, which confirms your escape.

    If you do this within 8 minutes, the weapon box will appear in the southeast base.

    Note: If you really want to rush through Wan Castle, you can run past the arbalests in room 2 and head straight for the statue room. However, doing so will cause Cao Cao to lag behind. You'll end up leaving the castle without him, but you'll STILL earn the weapon. If you're worried about the time limit, then give this a try.

    Dragon Axes
    Twin Axes47HeavenInferno 10Barricade 9FuryVelocity 8

    Battle of Hefei (Wei Forces) - Defeat Lu Meng and Zhou Tai within 12 minutes of starting the battle.

    The time limit for this one is VERY strict. The game basically wants you to complete the stage in 12 minutes (minus defeating Sun Quan). This means that you'll need to perform all of the objectives on screen immediately and do nothing else. For this stage, I strongly recommend using a fast horse like Red Hare, as well as a weapon with Cyclone on it. The reason for this is because Taishi Ci and Zhou Tai receive huge defense buffs on this map, which means that killing them via direct damage will take forever. An element like Cyclone deals % damage and negates their defense buff.

    However, with that said, there's a shortcut that I discovered which can save you a minute or two. That minute could possibly be the difference between succeeding and failing in this case! Using my tactics below, I was able to succeed with a level 30 Zhang Liao, a 4th weapon with all crappy attributes, and a slow horse with a full minute to spare! If you have Red Hare or a Cyclone setup, then you're in good position to succeed. Here goes:

    1. When the stage begins, use the stairs in front of you to leap over the castle walls. Immediately head to the northwest base, and defeat Lu Fan, Chen Wu, and a base captain to open the southern gate. Head south to the next garrison, and take out Song Qian, a base captain, and possibly a mobile unit captain to open the next gate. Sometimes, this gate doesn't open until you've cleared the entire base of enemies, which can be annoying and a huge time waster.

    2. Continue marching south, and jump over the nearby cliff to arrive at a closed garrison. After some message lag, the gates will open. Enter it, and you'll experience more...lag while the game loads up a cutscene of Gan Ning and Ling Tong's ambush. Defeat both of them ASAP (I used a True Rage here).

    3. Gan Ning and Ling Tong's defeats will trigger Lu Meng's decision to leave his fort and fight. However, due to the ridiculous amount of message lag, we're going to skip to the next step. Head east to Sun Shao's location, and defeat him as quickly as you can to free the engineers. This allows them to build a ladder and provides a path to Xiaoshi Bridge. By now, Lu Meng should've made his way over to you. End him quickly, then proceed up the ladder and advance towards the bridge to encounter a defense-buffed Taishi Ci. Perform an interim save here if you have 6 minutes to spare.

    4. This is the important step if you want to save a minute or two. Normally, the game wants you to defeat Taishi Ci, travel south to destroy the bridge, and then capture the 3 bases surrounding Zhou Tai. Doing all of this will open the gates to Zhou Tai. However, to save a minute, we're going to have our allies do one (and a half) of those steps for us. When Taishi Ci appears, engage in a a duel to the death. Actually, scratch that, when you have taken Taishi Ci down to 1/4 health, LEAVE and start capturing the 3 bases around Zhou Tai. This means you'll have to backtrack and travel in a counter-clockwise fashion to defeat Sun Ben, Ma Zhong, and Zhu Zhi. This is where having a fast horse helps.

    5. While you're capturing the 3 bases, your allies will have killed Taishi Ci AND destroyed the bridge for you, thus saving you a ton of time. When the final base is captured (Zhu Zhi gone), you'll need to sit through another...(you guessed it) series of messages, and then the gates to Zhou Tai will finally open. He receives a major defense buff on this map, so I hope you still have a minute to spare for this fight.

    If you manage to do all of that within 12 minutes (good luck), the game is at least nice enough to place the weapon box in the same base that you're currently in (Zhou Tai's base).

    Conqueror's Blade
    General's Sword43HeavenFlash 10Protection 9Whirlwind 9Roar 8

    Battle of Baidi Castle - Within 14 minutes of starting the battle, destroy the front gates of Baidi Castle.

    The time limit is very generous for this one. The goal here is to go around the arbalests at the center of the map via either the northern or southern routes. This allows you to put a stop to Jian Yong and the arbalest assault. This frees a path for your engineers to construct catapults in front of Baidi Castle, which you must use to break down the castle's doors.

    To go around the arbalests, all you have to do is head for the southwest corner of the map at the start. Doing this will trigger Yueying's call for her juggernauts. Simply defeat Yueying to open the southwest gate and gain access to Jian Yong, the leader of the arbalest unit. However, rushing to Jian Yong via this method will result in the Shu Forces penetrating your main camp and possibly killing your commander, Man Chong. Since you have plenty of time, you should take a detour at the start and put a stop to the fire units.

    Therefore, begin the stage by pursuing and killing Yi Ji and Mi Fang to halt the invasion of the fire unit and protect your main camp. Now, you can rush over to the southwest corner and defeat Yueying to open up a route to Jian Yong. From the moment you defeat Jian Yong, it takes ~50 seconds for the engineers to construct two catapults. Use this time to clear your surroundings as there will be tons of officers here, including Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. When the catapults are ready, use them to destroy the front gates, and you should be done with plenty of time left.

    If you do this within 14 minutes, you can enter Baidi Castle, turn left, and head straight down the path to find the weapon box.

    Bull Club
    Club47HeavenFlash 10Explosive 9Barricade 9Fury

    Battle of Chibi (Cao Cao's Forces - Historical) - Defeat Gan Ning within 7 minutes of starting the battle.

    First off, make sure you're playing the historical version of Chibi and NOT the hypothetical version.

    This one is pretty easy. Play through the stage normally until Huang Gai initiates the fire attack. Roughly 3:30 into the stage, Cao Cao will mention a small boat in the eastern part of the ships. This boat will be marked on your map, so visit this location to trigger Taishi Ci's ambush (you'll need to go downstairs to get here). Next, defeat Taishi Ci to board the boat and get it to move. Once the boat is moving, Gan Ning will jump on board and try to take on all of the Wei officers at once... You should still have at least 2 minutes left at this point, so that's plenty of time to teach him not to be a fool.

    If you do this within 7 minutes, then make a left turn when you reach the shore to find the weapon box.

    Bow of Destruction
    Bow & Rod43HeavenCylone 10Aggression (B) 9Triumph 9Swiftness

    Escape from Luoyang - Reach the ballista room (Chen Gong) before Lu Bu can smash open the first gate.

    This might seem obvious, but don't kill Lu Bu. Lu Bu gives you a 1 minute headstart before he starts the chase. Also, it takes him ~2:40 to reach and destroy the first gate (on Hard), so that's the total time you have to reach the ballista room.

    Head south at the start, and quickly dispatch Li Meng to open the first gate. For the next part, you want to be fast, but not TOO fast. Cross the gate to find Li Jue, but do NOT kill him until you get a message about closing the first gate. Xiahou Yuan will say something like "Hey! Let's close the gate", and this is your signal to eliminate Li Jue. Killing him too soon will result in the first gate being left open, which is an automatic failure! Next, you need to head up the stairs while making a few right turns to reach Hu Feng. Defeating him will provide a clear path to Chen Gong and the ballistae. Quickly head west to arrive at your final destination, prompting Lu Bu to "scurry" and disappear from the map.

    The weapon box will appear to the right of the initial escape point (bottom part of map, middle area). Proceed up the stairs to collect your treasure.

    Tip: Once you acquire this weapon, you can use it to obtain the rest of the 5th weapons much more easily. This is because it comes with Cyclone 10 and multi-elemental attacks (C2, C5, and C6), allowing you to one-shot most officers.

    Great Axe51HeavenFrost 10ResolveVigor 9Induction 8

    Imperial Escort - Within 5 minutes of Yuan Shu's arrival, help the carriage cross the gate that Yuan Shu is guarding.

    Yuan Shu appears right at the beginning of the stage to seal a gate and block the carriage's path. To help the carriage cross this gate, you'll need to do three things:

    1. Seal all 3 byroads. In other words, defeat Lei Bo, Zhang Xun, and Yuan Huan.

    2. Defeat Yuan Shu to open the gate.

    3. At approximately 2:10 into the stage, Guo Si will hijack the carriage in an attempt to return it to Chang'An. Approach the carriage, and defeat Guo Si.

    When all three of the above are done, the carriage will automatically cross the required gate. If possible, try to seal two byroads and defeat Yuan Shu before Guo Si appears. I suggest taking the bottom path when the path splits into three. This enables you to defeat Zhang Xun and Yuan Huan on your way to Yuan Shu. After taking care of Yuan Shu, you can head back to the carriage to await Guo Si. His defeat will mobilize the carriage once again, and while it makes its way to the gate, you can defeat Lei Bo to seal the final byroad and finish the mission.

    If you do this within 5 minutes, you can cross the gate and head north until the path splits into two. The weapon box will appear southeast of this split.

    Note: If you're fast enough, you can actually do the first two steps before Guo Si arrives. This will allow the carriage to move through the gate early, automatically skipping the event with Guo Si!

    Elegant Claws
    Claws31HeavenFrost 10Spurt 9AwarenessUplift 8

    Battle of Mt. Dingjun (Wei Forces) - Defeat Zhang Bao, Ma Dai, and Zhao Yun within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

    This one is easy because you have access to all 3 required officers at the start. You can simply head south at the start and defeat all 3 to unlock the treasure notification. However, if you do this, a ton of officers will infiltrate your main camp, and you'll need to rush back to save your commander, Guo Huai, who dies very quickly in this stage due to the low morale.

    Since you have plenty of time to kill the 3 officers, I recommend slowing down initially and defending your main camp to prevent Guo Huai's death. Begin by advancing south to Meng Da's location, and make a stand here. Most of the generic officers will arrive at this location to fight. Take out every officer you see, and eventually, Zhang Bao will make his way up to you. By the time you defeat Zhang Bao, Ma Dai will have also advanced to perform a sneak attack from behind. Head north to intercept him and spoil the surprise assault. Ma Dai's defeat triggers Zhao Yun's advance, and with your main camp rescued, you can safely travel south to engage with Zhao Yun and dispose of him.

    If you do this within 8 minutes, the weapon box will appear on the bridge in the southeast part of the map.

    Talon Wall
    Spiked Shield52HeavenVenom 10Frenzy 9GreedJubilation 8

    Battle of Xu Province - Prevent the catapults from attacking Cao Cao's main camp, then prevent Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun from reaching the main camp.

    For this one, it really helps to have Red Hare, as well as a weapon that can instantly kill an officer (Bow & Rod, Throwing Knives, etc. with Cyclone). When you enter the curved path up north at the start, Tao Qian will activate the boulder devices. From the moment the boulders devices are activated, you have ~1 minute to reach Mi Fang and defeat him in order to prevent the catapults from attacking your main base.

    If you don't have a fast horse and you don't have a weapon with powerful elements, then things will be more difficult, but it's still possible. Rather than head north at the start, take this time to beat up a few peons to fill your Musou AND Rage gauges. When they're full, proceed north to activate the boulder devices. As you hurry towards Mi Fang, use the horse Musou to travel faster. When you get to Mi Fang, instantly use a True Rage to quickly get rid of him. You will barely make it, but it's definitely achievable.

    From here, you can play the stage normally again, making sure to perform all of the objectives on screen. Eventually, you'll enter Xu Province Castle, which triggers Liu Bei's appearance with Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei. Defeat Lu Yao and Cao Bao inside the castle, and proceed west towards the exit. You'll have to sit through a ton of dialogue here, but once Tao Qian sets fire to his own castle, the west gate will open. Cross it, and defeat Ze Rong to complete your escape from the burning castle. Next, pull up your map, and look for Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei. They should still be in the north, so proceed up the curved path to intercept them and complete the mission.

    The weapon box will appear at a dead end in the northeast corner of the map.

    Azure Storm
    Dual Blade44HeavenInferno 10Whirlwind 9Spurt 9Fear 8

    Battle of Guandu - Prevent every allied officer from being defeated, and set fire to Wuchao.

    This is a bit easier than it seems. I've run the stage a few times, and the only ally that ever gets defeated is Cao Hong early on (on Hard). Your other allies are very reliable in this stage and will kill plenty of officers for you.

    When the stage begins, exit the main camp via the north gate, and help Cao Hong fight off a few peons for about 20 seconds. This will ensure his survival. Once Yue Jin gets here, you can leave and start moving towards the southeast base. Defeat Guo Tu to open the southern gates of Baima. Once inside, deal with a few more generics (Xin Ping, Tian Feng) before heading north to defeat Yan Liang and capture Baima. At this point, you can either backtrack to Wen Chou's location to capture Yanjin, or you can simply wait inside Baima with Guan Yu for Guo Jia to defeat Wen Chou. It doesn't take very long.

    Once both locations have fallen, Yuan Shao will send additional troops to try and recapture them both. Depending on where you are (Baima or Yanjin), you'll need to defeat either Yuan Xi (Baima) or Yuan Tan (Yanjin) to open the north gate. This will trigger the defection of Xu You, and he'll advise Cao Cao to set fire to Wuchao. Cao Cao will then order you to create a distraction in the northeast by defeating more officers so that the fire unit can execute the fire attack in the northwest. Ignore Cao Cao's orders. You have to assist the fire unit, or else they'll be defeated when they reach Wuchao. When the fire unit crosses the river, Jiao Chu and He Mao will advance south to prevent the fire attack. You need to defeat them both, as well as all the normal peons to clear a route for the fire unit. After this, it's simply a matter of waiting for the fire attack to happen.

    If you have kept everyone alive up until now, the weapon box will appear in the northwest corner of Yuan Shao's main camp.

    Pearl Flute
    Flute37HeavenFrost 10Chain 9Protection 9Swiftness

    Uprising at Xuchang - Meet Zuo Ci for a second time within 8 minutes of the first encounter.

    This is one of those requirements where you have to defeat a ton of officers in a short time period. You can make things easier on yourself by equipping Zhenji with a different weapon, such as Throwing Knives with Cyclone. If you're fully intent on using the Flute (like I was), then it'll be more difficult.

    If you have Cyclone on your Flute, then you can perform Zhenji's charge attack while on a horse. The area of effect on this attack is huge, and it activates elements, making it great for the officer clusters that you'll encounter in this stage. The second great thing about the Flute is the amazing ability of its Switch Counter to build up Rage meter (it's a multi-hit Switch Counter). If you equip the Rage Springs skill, you can perform a Switch Counter into a small crowd and instantly fill up your Rage meter this way. This was my method for obtaining this weapon, but I've left you with several other options above. Using a level 33 Zhenji and a 3rd weapon with all crappy attributes, I was able to obtain this 5th weapon with plenty of time remaining by using the Switch Counter abuse.

    First, play through the stage normally until the first Zuo Ci encounter. There will be a cutscene to introduce Zuo Ci when you defeat Wang Zhong for the 2nd time. Perform an interim save here if you're worried about the time limit. From now until the second Zuo Ci encounter, you'll have to face many waves of officers. Defeating one wave allows you to progress to the next:

    Wave 1: While the game is throwing a ton of messages at you, proceed to the southeast corner, and wait for Wu officers to arrive. There are 4 of them: Lu Xun, Lu Meng, Gan Ning, and Ling Tong.

    Wave 2: Next, head west to the central area to start a fight with Dong Zhuo and Yuan Shao. You only need to defeat these two to progress to the next wave, so you can ignore all the generic officers if you wish.

    Wave 3: Head north up the stairs to encounter Lu Bu. Defeating Lu Bu opens the gate in front of you.

    Wave 4: Finally, cross the gate to encounter Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. Their defeats will clear a path to Zuo Ci. When you reach Zuo Ci, you'll have to sit through his long dialogues before you get the treasure notification.

    The weapon box will appear in the northwest corner (your starting position). You'll have to travel all the way back there just to pick it up.

    Heavenly Harp
    Harp33HeavenThunder 10GreedFear 9Aggression (A) 8

    Campaign for Jianye (Wei Forces) - Defeat Lu Xun and Lu Meng before they can reach Cao Cao's main camp.

    If you follow my strategy below, then this will be an easy one. If not, then it'll be one of the most difficult 5th weapons to obtain, so read carefully!

    You can play the stage at a casual pace until you're required to enter the main Jianye castle in the north. You'll need to defeat both Sun Shangxiang and Huang Gai (ambush) to enter the castle. Perform an interim save afterwards to be safe.

    When the castle doors open, proceed forward and deal enough damage to Xue Zong to force his defection. Now this is the important part. If you head west and cross the next gate, Lu Xun will lock you inside and advance towards your main camp. You don't want this to happen YET. Therefore, after Xue Zong's defection, stay near the castle's entrance and eliminate the remaining peons. Afterwards, just stand there, and WAIT for your allies to head west. When they cross the gate, they'll force Zhang Wen's defection and group up near the castle's west entrance. This is your cue to head west and trigger Lu Xun's advance south. As soon as you see Lu Xun's message on the screen, backtrack and take out Daqiao ASAP. While you're busy dealing with Daqiao, your allies will have defeated Xiaoqiao (since Zhang Wen defected and they were all camping at Xiaoqiao's location). The defeat of both sisters opens the front entrance of the castle. You will now be able to leave and intercept Lu Xun and Lu Meng well before they can reach your main camp.

    In case you're curious, if you head west immediately after Xue Zong's defection and trigger Lu Xun's advance, you'll need to defeat both Xiaoqiao and Daqiao, since your allies won't be able to defeat Xiaoqiao. This makes getting the 5th weapon ten times harder and nearly impossible with the Harp. Using my strategy above, I was able to do it using a 3rd weapon Harp with all crappy attributes.

    The weapon box will appear on the west side of the castle by Lu Su.

    Update (v1.3): If you're still having trouble with this, here is an alternate strategy submitted by Ver00. Play until Xue Zong's defection, then try the following:

    You will need to use Guo Jia to distract Lu Xun and Lu Meng so you will have extra time to unlock the gates. To do this, go all the way to the southwest corner of Cao Cao's main camp and wait for Guo Jia to get there, now take the top path to get to the castle and if you have a fast enough horse, Guo Jia will be in the perfect spot to intercept Lu Xun and Lu Meng as they trigger the ambush.

    Heavenly Sickle
    Chain & Sickle36HeavenFlash 10Spurt 9Chain 9Fury

    Battle of Xiapi - Defeat Chen Gong while preventing the defeats of all allied officers.

    Although there isn't a time limit for this one, you'll want to be fast anyway to ensure the survival of all your allies. Whether you're trying to defeat Chen Gong or keep your allies alive, the goal is the same: defeat Zhang Liao to initiate the flood attack. Doing so will shift the morale bar heavily towards your side, and this basically guarantees that your allies will survive the battle. The flood attack will also pressure Lu Bu to open the gates to Xiapi Castle, allowing you access to Chen Gong.

    You can reach the floodgates (northeast corner of map) by traveling along the edges of the map. Start by advancing east towards the nearest base with Hou Cheng. A messenger will spot you and attempt to alert Zhang Liao. If you're fast, you can intercept this messenger before he reaches the southeast corner of the map. You don't have to kill this messenger at all, but every time the messenger crosses a gate, that gate will close, which serves to slow you down. It's not a big deal though since your allies can survive for quite a while at the start. Even if the messenger reaches Zhang Liao, all this does is buff up Zhang Liao's stats.

    As you make your way towards the floodgates, you'll need to defeat several generic officers and gatekeepers (and hopefully a messenger) to progress. Once Zhang Liao is defeated, remember to activate the switch by attacking it. This initiates the flood attack and opens the gates to Xiapi Castle. Now that you have access to Chen Gong, you can pay him a visit and ask him how his day was.

    If you have kept everyone alive up until now, then from Chen Gong's location, cross the gate to your west and make a left turn to spot the weapon box.