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    Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a brand new adventure based on the Far Cry 3 engine.
    Meet the new protagonist and experience brand new missions! And I will be here 
    to guide you along the way.
    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
    Copyright 2013 CheatMasters.com
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    E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Walkthrough
    Mission 1
    Mission 2
    Mission 3
    Mission 4
    Mission 5
    Mission 6
    Mission 7
    3. Conclusion
    Sergeant Rex "Power" Colt is a Mark IV Cyber Commando that must defeat the 
    Omega Force! His 80s-style adventure spans across a violent island filled with 
    enemies and freaky cyborg-animals!
    RT - Shoot
    RB - Grenade
    LT - Aim
    LB - Weapon Wheel
    Left Stick - Move
    D-pad (up) - Cyber Eye
    D-pad (right) - D20
    D-pad (left) - Cyber Hearts
    Y - Switch Weapon
    X - Reload
    B - Crouch
    A - Jump
    Select - Map
    Start - Pause
    The game kicks off with an on-rails helicopter sequence, very fitting of the 
    80s. Just kill all the enemies and blow up as many helicopters and explosive 
    tanks as you can. When that's finished, you'll land and have to go through a 
    series of basic tutorial instructions. Complete the actions as they are said 
    on the screen, and then you can finally move forward.
    Notice the objective marker pointing at the hanging wires off the cliffside. 
    Hanging wires basically replace vines from the core Far Cry 3 game. Hold in 
    the left stick to get a running start and then leap across the gap. Crouch and 
    go through the small cave system with the purple lights inside.
    Silently take out the guard with a melee attack by pushing in the right stick. 
    Now push "up" on the d-pad to use your Cyber Eye. Use it to tag the enemies 
    walking around. There's one enemy standing by the boulders nearby, and three 
    over by a campfire not too far from you. Throw your D20 to distract the closest
    guard, then run up and kill him quietly.
    Now turn your attention to the other three guards. Throw the D20 over their 
    head to get them all looking the other way. Kill the first one, and then tilt 
    the left analog stick in the direction of the next guard to start a chain kill.
    Tilt it again in the direction of the third guard to kill him as well.
    Climb up the cliff and at the front of the base, a bunch of tutorial windows 
    will flood the screen. They basically go through all the minor details of the 
    game. If you're playing this, I assume you've already been through Far Cry 3, 
    plus there's the tutorials right there in-game, so I'm not going to waste a 
    whole lot of time retreading that territory.
    Kill the guard in the subsequent hallway in whichever manner that you wish. I 
    personally threw a grenade in there, but if you want to remain stealthy, then 
    do so by all means. Remember to loot dead bodies for supplies as you move 
    across the level.
    Your goal right now is to clear the area of enemies. The most entertaining 
    way of doing it is going through guns-blazing. Stay behind cover and go for 
    headshots as much as possible. You'll encounter a "heavy" with a gatling gun 
    that he's carrying around, so shoot him from a distance and lob grenades his 
    way as well.
    In the first open area, kill the nearest enemies, and then hang a right. Kill 
    the enemy operating the turret on the vehicle, and climb up on the crates. 
    This will give you a fantastic view of the battleground. Cook a grenade and 
    throw it at one of the vehicles to cause a huge explosion that should get rid 
    of most of the enemies.
    Kill the stragglers and then climb the ladders in the center hangar. There will
    be a couple of enemies still left to kill from up here. Get rid of them and 
    then follow the new objective marker to a zipline point. Ride the zipline down 
    to the door and you'll be reunited with Spider.
    Follow Spider throughout the complex, protecting him from enemies. After he 
    hacks into the first door, you'll be taught how to jump on enemies from above 
    and simultaneously perform an execution. Basically, you just jump on them and 
    it all does it automatically. Use the catwalk to reach pipes that will be 
    right above a nearby enemy, and then do this just to get it out of the way.
    A new enemy type will be in here. These guys crazily chuck Molotov cocktails at
    you, so take them out before they can do damage. Go around the room and kill 
    everyone, and then you can follow Spider to the next door. In my game, Spider 
    glitched and refused to go to the keypad. I solved this by throwing a grenade 
    at his feet, which caused him to run toward the door.
    Run to the control panel and as Spider goes to work, you have to protect him. 
    The consoles make great cover. Just hang tight and kill the enemies as they 
    funnel into the room. Following a cut-scene, make a mad dash to the elevator. 
    Take a right and get to higher ground to bypass most of the enemies. Throw a 
    couple of grenades at the heavies, and then jump down to the center area and 
    get to the elevator.
    Upon regaining control, you won't have any of your weapons or supplies, and 
    there are Blood Dragons everywhere. Crouch and move slowly through the field 
    to get by them. Keep an eye for glowing dead bodies on the ground to harvest 
    their hearts.
    Chuck the heart through the green forcefield to get the Blood Dragon to kill 
    all the enemies there. When that's done, you can loot the building to find the 
    crossbow. Grab it, and then move outside the door. There are numerous options 
    to go about taking over this next Garrison. I recommend testing out your new 
    bow and trying to go the stealth route. Alternatively, you could simply chuck 
    more hearts into the Garrison to make the Blood Dragon do most of the work.
    If there is a Blood Dragon in there when all the other enemies have been 
    defeated, you'll have to get rid of it either by killing it or making it leave 
    the Garrison by tossing hearts outside of the area. Once the Garrison is 
    overtaken, go to the Adventure Board as instructed.
    Now go save the nerd. This will usually be a side-quest for the rest of the 
    game, but it just wants to teach you how side-quests go work. Go to the 
    location of the nerd, and save him from the enemies. When that's done, return 
    to the Garrison and go to the vending machine. Buy a silencer for the pistol as
    the game instructs you to do, showing that once you complete side quests you 
    unlock attachments and the like for your weapons.
    Go speak with Darling. Now head to the dam. If you want your objective marker 
    to point to it, you'll have to manually make it your objective by going to your
    map. It's the caution sign icon. You'll probably want to take a jeep to the 
    This dam part of the mission is pretty long, but basically, you will go to a 
    cave and get C4000. Then you will have to fight your way to the side of the 
    dam and place the explosives on the designated areas. Retreat up the cliffside 
    and try to detonate the bombs. You'll fail to do much damage, so head inside 
    the dam proper.
    You'll have to deal with new threats, such as enemies with flamethrowers and 
    cyborg dogs. The trick to dealing with the flamethrower enemies is to 
    constantly back up so you can avoid being caught on fire and constantly shoot 
    at them. The dogs can be killed with two knife strikes. Also, while traveling 
    around the world of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, it's a good idea to kill any 
    animals that you see (probably have seen ostriches and pigs at least by this 
    point, plus the dogs and Blood Dragons) as one of the goals in the game is to 
    kill every animal type available.
    Eventually, you will fight your way to an engineer. Protect him and escort 
    him to the nuclear device powering the dam. Jump into the water and swim to the
    three different locks. Approach them and interact with them to release them. 
    There will be sharks down here, but don't worry about them. You can swim very 
    fast, so it's not hard to escape from them.
    Return to the engineer and grab the large machinegun off the wall. Step outside
    the door and use it to kill the enemies that will drive by on the speedboat, 
    and then hold your position and continue to kill the enemies as they appear. 
    Just let them come to you. When the shield is down, go punch the device to 
    complete the mission.
    Your next objective will surrounded by a lot of red area on the map, so I 
    recommend overtaking a couple of Garrisons and upgrading your weapons before 
    proceeding. Make sure you have full ammo before going into this mission as 
    well, because you're definitely going to need it.
    When ready, make your way to the facility in which this next mission takes 
    place. Your goal will be to sabotage a few devices that they are putting on 
    the Blood Dragons to control them. Either silently make your way through the 
    base or kill everyone in sight, it doesn't matter to me. There will be numerous
    Heavies, so use C4000 or your other powerful guns to take them out easier.
    There will be a button next to each of the Blood Dragon helmets. Press the 
    buttons to destroy them. You'll also come across a caged Blood Dragon, and you 
    can kill it by pressing the button in front of its cage, which will in turn 
    cause it to blow up.
    After that's taken care of, make your way to the next area. You'll find a 
    button that you have to press again, and this will open up the floor. Drop down
    and take out the enemies. You'll come across a flamethrower, so grab it, and 
    then continue to the room with the eggs.
    There are three egg patches, and two Blood Dragons roaming around this area. 
    Run around the nests in a circle while constantly shooting the flamethrower to 
    destroy them all. You can even trick the Blood Dragons into crushing their own 
    eggs if you sprint around fast enough.
    Small purple tunnel areas are dotted all around here, and these are too narrow 
    for the Blood Dragons to get through. If you need a quick escape, keep those in
    mind. Just look for the purple goo. Once all three of the nests have been 
    destroyed, make your way to the elevator, press the button, and hang tight.
    A Blood Dragon will show up, and you have to survive the encounter with it long
    enough so that the elevator can arrive. If you want to fight it, go ahead, but 
    otherwise you can just hide behind the crate right in front of you and the 
    Blood Dragon may never even go into combat mode.
    Initially, I encountered a glitch at this part that caused the jeep that comes 
    down with the elevator to be floating in air. If this happens, you will have 
    no choice but to return to the last checkpoint, either by re-loading or dying 
    on purpose. If the jeep is on the ground and in the center of the elevator as 
    it is supposed to be, get control of the turret and smart firing at the Blood 
    Dragon as the elevator rises.
    Keep shooting at it until it can't be seen. Then turn your attention to the 
    enemies that are in this area as well. You can shoot the explosive tanks here 
    to take out multiple enemies with a single blast. At the top of the elevator, 
    drive through the halls and get out before the timer hits zero to complete the 
    Go to the glider and then fly it through the objective markers. If you crash, 
    don't worry about it, because you can easily swim or use a jet-ski to reach the
    base. Once there, fight your way inside. This base is much like previous ones 
    that you've encountered, so just use the skills you've learned in the previous 
    missions to blow through it. You will first drop down a shaft, and then have to
    climb out of it before proceeding.
    Vending machines are plentiful in this mission, so don't worry too much about 
    wasting ammo. A new element added to this mission are the cases of crazy 
    scientists that you can free and watch them attack the other enemies, kind of 
    like releasing caged animals in the Garrisons and such. You can choose to do 
    this or not, it doesn't matter.
    You will eventually reach a door that you can't open. Hold your ground. Use 
    the gatling gun if you have ammo. Once the timer runs out, the door will open. 
    Go through and step on the pad to be launched through the ceiling and landing 
    outside with multiple scientists and a couple of Blood Dragons.
    This part is a huge pain. There's nowhere to hide from the Blood Dragons, but 
    there are two little bases that have plenty of ammo and explosives to resupply 
    yourself. Plus, there are two medical kits here that you can use to fully 
    replenish your health. Use explosives on the Blood Dragons. C4000 is 
    particularly effective, but cooking and tossing grenades at them as you run 
    away is not a bad idea either.
    Once the first Blood Dragon is dead, you can probably use regular guns against 
    the other one and do a good job. Enemy soldiers will be inserted into the 
    fighting eventually as well, but the Blood Dragon will take them out for you, 
    for the most part.
    Once the two Blood Dragons are dead, a door opens up. A few dogs come out of it
    as well as a flamethrower guy. Kill them all and then run through and go up the
    stairs to finish the mission.
    Go to the temple. Don't go through the portal unless you're ready to complete 
    the next two missions. Mission 6 is a series of three rooms in which you have 
    to call hordes of the "Running Dead", which are running zombies equipped with 
    knives and firearms. The first room will have you using a pistol against these 
    guys, and you can only kill them with headshots. You will go through a lot of 
    ammo, but the game generously rewards you with infinite ammo for this part.
    Once that first round is done, you will go through to the next round and be 
    given a shotgun. You will want to run around a lot more during this round 
    because the zombies will swarm you and there are way more of them. Plus, there 
    will be some with guns. The third round you will have a sniper rifle that 
    fires explosive rounds.
    At the end of this one, the gate to the final weapon will open up. A bunch of 
    the Running Dead will come sprinting down at you. You can try to jump over 
    them, but sometimes this will make you perform an assassinatino, which can 
    prove costly. It's better to get a distance between you and them and then 
    start pelting them with the sniper rifle.
    You'll then be able to get the gatling gun. Use it to fight your way up the 
    stairs to the Killstar. Pick up the Killstar to proceed on to the final mission
    of the game.
    Walk forward. If you explore the building to the left, you will find a chest 
    that you can loot, plus a useless mounted gun. Loot that place and then 
    approach the gate. Shoot the lock on the gate with the Killstar to open it. 
    Then use the Killstar to kill everyone on the other side, but keep an eye on 
    your health meter, because the Killstar will drain your health in order to 
    power itself.
    Then just push forward, killing everything in sight (preferrably with a 
    different weapon now), and then you will find yourself face to face with a 
    ridable Blood Dragon. This is an on-rails sequence in which you can just blow 
    the hell out of everything. And then the game concludes. Ta-da.
    I hope this guide helped you beat Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon!
    Please feel free to check out all my other content on GameFAQs and 

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