Where do I sleep in the game and how do I make money in the game?

  1. I don't have enough money to buy a house, so where can I sleep without the guards chasing me when I wake up? Also, how do I make money besides quests?

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    ManOfGod75 - 3 years ago

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  1. Sleep in taverns on the second floor. When you start out, go to the nearest vendor, buy ALL of his apple pies (especially if he has over one hundred), switch to sell and sell them all back to him. The commerce system in the game dictates that, if a vendor is out of certain items, he pays extra for them. Rinse and repeat until your reach around 10,000 - 20,000 and upgrade to diamonds. Diamonds will get you more money than you can ever spend.

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  1. One method for sleeping and not having guards attack you can find various beds in different areas that you can sleep, and while the screen is turning black quickly run out of the structure. (One in bowerstone south).

    As far as making money, try and complete the boasts that come with the quests...also easy one is to repeatedly escort the trader to orchard farms. These are just a few early game methods(which seeing as though you can't buy a house im assuming you just started

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  2. Alternatively pay money at any of the inns to use a bed..

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  3. Seeing how you are close to the beginning, the best place to sleep is at the witches shack in Bowerstone quay. There are no guards there so you won't get any fines. As for money, the fist fighters gang gives you a net total of 250 gold if you win (I know if you win you get 300 gold, but you lose 50 if you enter). You can also try to save up enough money to purchase a house and upgrade it till you get a plaque so you can do the trophy trick (where you place a valuable trophy in the house raising its value, busting down the door, selling the house, take back the trophy, and then buying the house back).

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  4. Also, if they didn't fixed it, if you have your Guile up high enough find some Emeralds and sell them to a merchant then buy them back. You should buy them for cheaper than you sell them. Just make sure that you sell them all at once and not one at a time.

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  5. Sell between traders. Buy low, sell high. By the time you reach oakvale you should be able to do the gems trick.

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