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Pac & Pal Cheats

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden message

    Enter Service Mode and input left once, right nine times, down five times, and up six times to reveal a hidden message.

    Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.

Pac-Attack Cheats


  • Level Passwords

    STRLevel 1
    SRYLevel 10
    LSTLevel 100
    YSKLevel 11
    RCFLevel 12
    HSMLevel 13
    PWWLevel 14
    MTNLevel 15
    TKYLevel 16
    RGHLevel 17
    TNSLevel 18
    YKMLevel 19
    HNMLevel 2
    MWSLevel 20
    KTYLevel 21
    TYKLevel 22
    SMNLevel 23
    NFLLevel 24
    SRTLevel 25
    KKTLevel 26
    MDDLevel 27
    CWDLevel 28
    DRCLevel 29
    KSTLevel 3
    WHTLevel 30
    FLTLevel 31
    SKMLevel 32
    QTNLevel 33
    SMNLevel 34
    TGRLevel 35
    WKRLevel 36
    YYPLevel 37
    SLSLevel 38
    THDLevel 39
    TRTLevel 4
    RMNLevel 40
    CNKLevel 41
    FRBLevel 42
    MLRLevel 43
    FRPLevel 44
    SDBLevel 45
    BQJLevel 46
    VSMLevel 47
    RDYLevel 48
    XPLLevel 49
    MYXLevel 5
    WLCLevel 50
    TMFLevel 51
    QNSLevel 52
    GWRLevel 53
    PLTLevel 54
    KRWLevel 55
    HRCLevel 56
    RPNLevel 57
    CNTLevel 58
    BTTLevel 59
    KHLLevel 6
    TMPLevel 60
    MNSLevel 61
    SWDLevel 62
    LDMLevel 63
    YSTLevel 64
    QTMLevel 65
    BRPLevel 66
    MRSLevel 67
    PPYLevel 68
    SWTLevel 69
    RTSLevel 7
    WTMLevel 70
    FSTLevel 71
    SLWLevel 72
    XWFLevel 73
    RGJLevel 74
    SNCLevel 75
    BKPLevel 76
    CRNLevel 77
    XNTLevel 78
    RNTLevel 79
    SKBLevel 8
    BSKLevel 80
    JWKLevel 81
    GSNLevel 82
    MMTLevel 83
    DNKLevel 84
    HPNLevel 85
    DCRLevel 86
    BNSLevel 87
    SDCLevel 88
    MRHLevel 89
    HNTLevel 9
    BTFLevel 90
    NSMLevel 91
    QYZLevel 92
    KTTLevel 93
    FGSLevel 94
    RRCLevel 95
    YLWLevel 96
    PNNLevel 97
    SPRLevel 98
    CHBLevel 99
    JFKYou get the game ending as well as the credits

    Contributed By: Moochthemonkey.

  • Sound Test

    This password will allow you to use a music test and some other options in the game.

    SNDSends you to a "Sound Test" mode.

    Contributed By: WhiteLen.

Pac-Land Cheats


  • Hidden warp

    First, make sure you're in Round 2. Move a tree stump (There's only one in the level that you can move) and you will warp to Trip 3 Round 9, and earn an additional 80,000 points (Arcade and Atari Lynx versions only).

    Contributed By: Mega Man 5.

Pac-Man Cheats

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden message

    Enter service mode, then quickly turn it off and on once so that an alignment grid appears on the screen, hold down both start buttons and toggle service mode on and off quickly again so that grid remains on the screen. Next move the stick up, left, down, and right four times each to make a hidden message appear onscreen.

    Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.


  • Pac Man's parking space

    At the beginning of every level/life, Pac-Man is just underneath a T-shape. The right-hand corner of that T is a parking space. If the ghosts aren't chasing you closely, you can pull into that space and the ghost will not find you. You can leave it sit for hours and they won't find you. It gives you a chance to grab a sandwich, take a bathroom break, etc.

    Contributed By: Smaggy.

Pac-Mania Cheats


  • Level select

    Press the Start Button while holding the Jump Button to access a hidden level select.

    Start button while holding Jump ButtonLevel Select

    Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.

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