Shooting Love, 200X Achievements

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    *There are 41 secret achievements. show

    8bit Master (secret)This is a nice track, isn't it? (Reach level 99 on 8 Bit level in Shmups Skills Test)20
    A-1 Rescue (secret)Wham! You caught it. (Find the secret in Stage 4 of Exzeal)20
    All Games unlocked (secret)Now the real game begins!20
    Ball Dodge Master (secret)Bloop-bloop-bloop balls (Reach level 99 in Ball Dodge minigame in Shmups Skills Test)20
    BGM Love. (secret)Game music is great, isn't it? (Set music volume to max and sound effects to 0 then play a game)20
    Blue Block (secret)Well carried (Find the secret in Stage 3 of Exzeal)20
    Bomb Disposal Squad (secret)Perfect time-limit bombing (Shoot off all bombs off the rocket in Shmups Skills Test)20
    Breakout!TRIZEAL stage 1 breakout success20
    Breakout!TRIZEAL stage 4 breakout success20
    Building Dodge Master (secret)In addition to flying cars, there are birds and balloons that fly, too..(Level 99 in Building Dodge in Shmups Skills Test)20
    Bullet Bullet Bullet A Master (secret)Bullet hell is nothing (Reach level 99 in Bullet Bullet Bullet A)20
    Bullet Bullet Bullet B Master (secret)Perfect foresight (Level 99 in Bullet Bullet Bullet B)20
    Cheers To Me! (secret)You saved the earth (Clear the 100 cans recycling Challenge Mode)20
    Don't Let It Get Away! (secret)Break them all, without letting them get away! Reach Level 99! That board is nothing. (Shmups Skills test Boards level)20
    EXZEAL BombDon't accept death, use a bomb when you're in trouble!20
    EXZEAL UNIT-1 All Clear!All Clear in EXZEAL UNIT-120
    EXZEAL UNIT-2 All Clear!All Clear in EXZEAL UNIT-220
    EXZEAL UNIT-3 All Clear!All Clear in EXZEAL UNIT-320
    EXZEAL UNIT-3e All Clear! (secret)EXZEAL UNIT-3e all clear20
    EXZEAL UNIT-4 All Clear!All Clear in EXZEAL UNIT-420
    Flying Turtle (secret)Real turtles don't fly (Trizeal Stage 3 secret)20
    Game Over (secret)These things happen (Let the bomb item drop or die before using it during the Nice Bomb round in Shmups Skills Test)20
    Get the Red Master (secret)When you abbreviate Item Master... (Clear the Get the Red Challenge Mode)20
    Got it! (secret)Got a bomb! (Trizeal stage 6 secret)20
    Great! (secret)I know your secret. It's that you're great. (Reach level 99 in the Meteors minigame in Shmups Skills Test)20
    Hold Out! Master (secret)That's what Hold Out is all about (Complete the Hold Out section in Shmups Skills test without dying)20
    Lifting King (secret)Impressive! (Trizeal stage 2 secret)20
    MINUS ZERO Max Level (secret)Reached the maximum level, but that's not the end. Actually, it's just the beginning. (Survive far enough into level 5 of Minus Zero)20
    Nice Bomb! (secret)Nice bombing (Bomb when an enemy or bullet is about to hit you in the Nice Bomb minigame in Shmups Skills Test)20
    Rare Game (secret)You got quizzed (Find the quiz minigame in Shmups Skills Test)20
    Red Sports Car (secret)sports car you'd like to drive just once20
    Salute! (secret)Good job so far. Keep it up! (Exzeal stage 6 secret)20
    Saw It Through! (secret)You saw it through! (Don't die and destroy all tanks in the See it Through Challenge)20
    Screw-Up (secret)You really screwed up...20
    Shooting Love. (secret)I haven't given up on love yet!20
    Side-Scrolling Love. (secret)Side-scrolling shooters in horizontal mode! (Rotate the screen in options then play a game)20
    Sitting Robot (secret)Get it to sit down! (Exzeal stage 3 secret)20
    Space Battleship Tomato (secret)How many days does the earth have left? (Exzeal stage 5 secret)20
    Spaceship (secret)I hope20
    Surprisingly Impressive! (secret)That's actually the harder option. (Medal collecting minigame in Shmups Skill Test, do not collect any medals)20
    Tank A Master (secret)Vroom vroom rumble rumble (Reach level 99 in Tank A Challenge in Shmups Skills test)20
    Tank B Master (secret)A miraculous tank series.(Reach level 99 in Tank B Challenge)20
    Three-Headed Dragon (secret)It's a mecha20
    Train (secret)The side-tunnels go on forever (Trizeal stage 5 secret)20
    TRIZEAL Clear!TRIZEAL all clear20
    TRIZEAL UFO (secret)Da-dadada, da-dadada... dah-dah, dah-dah, dah-dah, UFO! (Trizeal Stage 1 secret)20
    UFO (secret)This ain't my dish (Find the UFO secret in Stage 1 of Exzeal)20
    White Bird (secret)Cluck-oo (Trizeal stage 2 secret)20
    You're Young (secret)Thank you very young! (Get a teenage age rating in Shmups Skills Test)20

    Contributed By: Guard Master, EnigmaGamer, and MLBloomy.

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