• Achievements

    Angel's ChampionDefeated Avacyn5
    AngelbaneDestroyed an opponent's Angel using Shadowborn Demon15
    Apt PupilFinished the tutorial5
    Battle MasteryWon 100 Multiplayer Duels50
    Death from AboveDealt 20 damage to a single opponent in a single duel using creatures with flying15
    Defensive LineDealt 20 damage with Vent Sentinel in a single duel10
    Deft DuelistWon a Multiplayer Duel5
    Devout DiscipleHad a devotion to green of 10 or more when Nylea's Disciple entered the battlefield10
    Divine ChoiceControlled a 20/20 Seraph of the Masses10
    Five-Creature DiscountCast a spell without paying any mana for it15
    Grateful DeadWon a duel with twenty or more creature cards in your graveyard10
    Hat TrickControlled a creature with three Auras attached to it15
    Hedron CollectorDefeated Ob Nixilis5
    IngenuityWon a duel without an opponent losing life15
    Inherit the EarthDrew three cards with Mentor of the Meek in a single turn20
    Insult to InjurySacrificed a creature you didn't own10
    It Must be MineCollected all cards from the main campaign30
    Mental MagicDefeated Jace5
    Necropolis NowDefeated Tymaret5
    Not AgainCast the same spell five times in a single duel15
    Out of the GutterDealt 10 noncombat damage to opponents with a single Guttersnipe in a single duel10
    Pincer MovementPut twenty cards into graveyards with Hedron Crab in a single duel15
    Rampant GrowthHad seven lands on the battlefield before the end of your fourth turn10
    Savior of ShandalarDefeated Garruk20
    Second LifeGained 20 life in a single duel15
    Spellbook CrafterBuilt a New Deck5
    SpellstormCast five spells in a single turn10
    Tomb RaiderDefeated the Onakke Shaman5
    Veteran ExplorerDefeated all Explore Nodes30
    Why Did It Have to be Snakes?Paid only two green mana to activate the monstrosity ability of Nemesis of Mortals10

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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