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    Multiplayer Guide by sk8terguyjake

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/10/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    	Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for Xbox 360 Multiplayer Guide
    	Table of Contents
    I.	Introduction
    II.	Version History
    III.	General Strategies
    IV.	Class Strategies
    V.	Game type Strategies
    VI.	Map Strategies
    VII.	Vehicles Strategies
    VIII.	Acknowledgements and contact info
    IX.   Legal Stuff
    I.	Introduction
    	Hi there, this is sk8erguyjake.  This is my second guide, the
    other one I wrote was Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Multiplayer
    Guide.  This is another multiplayer guide, that will give you the
    player, tips on how to become a better online player.  I will give tips
    for each map, but most of them are going to give tips for conquest, the
    main multiplayer game mode.  This guide will also include general tips,
    and Class Strategies.  The hard thing about writing a guide for this
    kind of game is, that there are so many different ways to play it,
    there is so much going on, that now I have to bring some method to the
    madness.  I hope you enjoy this guide, I have put a lot of hard work
    into writing this up, but have really enjoyed it.
    	II      Version History
    Version .05	  April 16, 2006
    I just started my guide, I wrote up the introduction and general tips
    section of the guide.
    Version  .06 April 17,  2006
    I added the class strategies, of assault and special ops.
    Version  .07 April 18, 2006
    Finished up the general tips, and game type tips and then did backstab
    and bridge too far.
    Version  .1  April 19, 2006
    Wrote The hidden gold and deadly pass.
    Version  .15 April 20,  2006
    Wrote up frostbite and Littlebigeye maps, as well as the stop drop and
    shoot section of my general tips.
    Version  .2 April 21, 2006
    Wrote up honor map.
    Version  .25 April 22, 2006
    Wrote up Full frontal map part.
    Version   .3 April 23, 2006
    Wrote up Dammage
    Version  .35 April 24, 2006
    Wrote up Coldfront.
    Version  .4  April 25
    Wrote up missile crisis.
    Version  .5  April 26, 2007
    Got a lot done today, wrote up Russian border, harbor edge and Hidden.
    Version  .6  April 27, 2006
    Wrote up The Nest and SpecialOp
    Version  .7  April 28, 2006
     Just finished up my guide, wrote up the Vehicle parts,
    Acknowledgements, and
    Legal info.
    Version  .8  May 5, 2006
    Added some to the strategize and work with your teammates bit.
    Version  .9  May 16, 2006
    Added a part to the humvee section and acknowledgements part.
    Version  1.0 May 26, 2006
    Changed acknowledgements and contact info a bit, as well as some
    Version 1.1, June 5, 2006
    Added fgbgames.com to my list of sites where It's legal to hold this
    Version 1.2
    Changed some little stuff, just a couple of mistakes I made.
    	III      General Strategies
    1.	Strategize and work with your teammates
    	This is extremely important, because the team that works
    together, is usually going to  beat the team that doesn't.  Having everyone work
    together on capturing certain spawn locations, or going to capture the flag,
    that kind of thing, is extremely important.  If it be having tanks surround a
    spawn location, or if it be taking out an enemy sniper, teamwork is of the
    utmost importance. With so many vehicles, and things to do, it's really
    important to coordinate the attack, instead of turning it into a chaotic,
    explosive filled uncoordinated free-for-all.
    	To any of those who have played this game much online, often
    it's really hard to actually coordinate attack plans.  Most people just run
    around and think their going to get more points because their not really working
    together.  Often though when you're playing you'll actually get more points as
    you work together because your team can help you get points.   When your
    playing in a game and your teammates are active and doing a lot, it makes your
    opponents teams job that much harder.  All of a sudden they've got to think,
    should we go get that flag back or this one, and then they'll sort of be split,
    and if they don't work together, their just going to wander around and it will
    be easy for you to capture flags and rack up kills.
    2.	Know where everything is on the Map
    	Knowing where everything is on the map, is very, very
    important.  Knowing where all the vehicles, flags, GTAMs and the artillery
    strike computer is very helpful.  Knowing little nooks and crannies, and little
    areas to hide in just gives you a competitive edge over your opponents.  When
    your opponents don't know as much as you do, it makes their job much harder.
    When you know where everything is, you can better react to the many situations
    that you'll be faced with in this game.
    3.	Choose the right Class, to fit your situation.
    	The Battlefield Franchise has always been based upon class
    combat.  Choosing the right class is of the utmost importance, and always has
    been.  From battlefield 1942, to Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (BF: MC), it's
    still basically the same system.  Being the right class can put you in either a
    terrible, or great way to handle a situation.  Lets say you're an assault, and
    you get killed by a tank near your base.  The best person to spawn as is an
    engineer, because he has a bazooka, making him extremely effective against
    4.	Learn and Master your Vehicles
    	One of the things that the Battlefield series has always
    prided itself up is the use of vehicles.  The use of vehicles is extremely
    important.  If it be just getting to another part of the map, or defending an
    area, the use of vehicles is what makes Battlefield the game it is.  Tanks,
    Helicopters, humvees and go carts are just a part of the arsenal at your
    disposal.  If you can master your vehicles, that will give you a huge advantage
    over your competitors, better preparing you for the situations that you'll have
    to handle.
    	Whenever you are driving a tank, or something like that, always
    be careful of barrels, and fences and stuff, because that just kills your
    5.	Get Creative with your Weapons
    	BF: MC is famous for the arsenal of weapons that they give you.
    Get creative with your C4, Bazookas and grenade launchers.  These weapons
    are here for you to use.  An example of good use of C4, is to sneak into a base
    and just plant C4 charges on tanks or helicopters, and have them get blown up.
    Always try and use what you've been given and make the best of what you got.
    If you're a spec ops and you see a tank coming at you, the best thing to do is
    plant some C4, if you're an engineer the answer is pretty obvious (bazooka).  If
    you're a support, try and mortar strike, and if you're a assault, the best thing
    to do is hide and call for some backup.  You have to get creative with all of
    the things you've been given, because BF: MC is an ever changing game, so you
    have to be ready for anything that's thrown at you.
    6.	Try and think of what your opponents going to do next
    	Try and think of what your opponent s are going to do when they
    capture a flag, what areas their going to head towards, because if you know what
    their going to do, you can beat them to it and make the right preparations.
    If you know their going to go to a certain flag, you can do something to
    counter that, or if the artillery strike has become available, and you're in a
    helicopter, it's not a bad idea to head to the strike and kill anyone going to
    it, while you or an ally activate it.
    7.	Stop Drop, and Shoot!
    	Often, when I see an enemy the smart thing to do is just tap
    the left trigger twice, putting you in a prone position.  What this does, is
    make you much more accurate, and it lowers your profile, making you a lot harder
    to hit.  It also makes you a little harder to see, but mainly you become much
    moreaccurate, and harder to hit.
    8.	Early 'chuting, causes sniper shooting!
    	Wheneveryour in a helicopter, and you've decided to bail for
    Whatever reasons if it be GTAMs or lasers, or your just jumping out to get to a
    Sniping spot, never open your parachute toouickly.  If you do that, you're a
    black dot against the blue sky.  Your parachute just stands out against the sky,
    and if any of your enemies are a good shot, you'll plummet to your death.
    Often I wait until I'm only maybe 10, 15 feet off of the ground until I decide
    to open my chute.
    	IV      Class Strategies
    	Assault are your multipurpose soldier, who are proficient
    Against infantry, and are good on maps without too many vehicles, such as
    Little Big Eye.  They have hand grenades, a grenade launcher, Assault rifle,
    smoke Grenades and a pistol.
    		UP Smoke Grenades
    	Whenever you need to be hidden my something, this is the thing
    to do.  Lets say your trying to capture a flag, but you know there's a sniper.
    Chuck some smoke into the flag area, run in and capture it, making it
    impossible for the Sniper to get a good shot at you.
    		RIGHT Hand grenades
    	These are useful for finessing into tight little corners, or
    trying to throw them over some walls or something.  If you can't quite see your
    enemy, these are better to use than the launcher, but when your enemy is in
    sight, use the launcher.  The one thing you can do with this though that you
    can't  with the launcher is "cook" it.  By holding the trigger, and then
    releasing it will blow up quicker.
    		DOWN   Pistol
    	I'm not really sure on why you would use this, other than if
    you run out of ammo, or if you have snuck up on a sniper, and want to just cap
    him  once in the head.  Other than that, this isn't really all that useful.
    		LEFT  Grenade Launchers
    	These are extremely effective against humvees, and if theres a
    couple of enemy soldiers close together.  They can go pretty far, but you should
    pretty much use them like you would use regular grenades.  The difference with
    these is that they explode on impact.  Where as grenades explode within a couple
    of seconds, these things blow up as soon as they hit something, making
    them effective against humvees, and even infantry.
    		Special Ops
    	This is by far my favorite class.  They have a silenced scoped
    SMG, C4 flasbangs, a silenced pistol, and a knife.
    		UP Knife
    	These are almost useless, unless you've ran out of all of your
    ammo, which is highly unlikely
    When I sneak up on a sniper, it's a lot more fun to get the knife kill, but
    other than that, there really isn't a whole lot of use for these.
    		RIGHT Flashbangs
    	These are good for just stunning your opponents, because as
    soon as you walk into a flashbang, everything goes white, and you are pretty
    much blinded for several seconds.  I don't use these much, because whenever
    there's a pack of
    enemies, and I'm a spec ops.  I pull out my C4 and make the whole place go BOOM!
    		DOWN Silenced Pistol
    	This pistol is the same as the others except it's silenced, but
    That doesn't really matter.
    		LEFT C4
    	This is probably my favorite weapon, you can do so much with
    it.  You can use it to sabotage the enemy base.  One of the cool thibgs about C4
    is that C4 can explode through a level of a building.  An example, your playing
    on backstab as an American.  Your heading towards flag 4, and when you get
    in the building, you can stick some C4 on the top, blow it up, and if any
    enemies were above it, they'd be dead.  The C4 can go through walls and stuff,
    making it very very useful.  Another thing I do, is when I'm capturing a spawn
    location, I'll plant some C4 next to the doorway and wait for someone to come
    through, if they do, well, you can probably guess what happens.
    	This is, well, the sniper class.  Extremely effective at long
    range, but terrible at close.  The problem is that if you're a sniper, and an
    assault or spec ops is anywhere near to you, your just going to end up with your
    face in the ground.  They have a laser targeter, sniper rifle, GPS, and smoke
    		UP GPS
    	This little thing brings up all of the enemies on the map, for
    a second or two.  Tell all of your allies before you do it, so that they can
    know  where everyone is.  It's extremely useful for planning what flags you'll
    be taking and stuff like that.
    		RIGHT Smoke grenades
    	This is the same as the assault ones, and can be used to cover
    Yourself when your being under fire from another sniper.
    		DOWN Silenced Pistol
    	It's the same pistol, but more important, because at close
    range, your sniper rifle is practically unusable.
    		LEFT Laser Targeter
    	This is an extremely useful weapon, unique to the sniper.  It
    works like a GTAM where you have to lock on to whatever your firing at.  It can
    fire at choppers, or tanks, any armored unit.  Often a strategy I use is laser
    target the guy halfway, he'll start hearing the beeping sound, and then he'll
    get out of the tank, or humvee what have you, and then you cap him.
    	These engineers are armed with a shotgun, bazooka, land mines,
    pistol and a blowtorch which can heal vehicles.  Thee are extremely effective
    against armored units, including tanks, humvees, and the such.  The shotgun is
    effective at close, but bad at longer ranges.
    		UP Blowtorch
    	The blowtorch has the ability to heal allied vehicles, there's
    not really any strategy to using this, just use it on a vehicle.
    		RIGHT Land mines
    	These are very useful, because if a vehicle or infantry goes
    over it, it blows them up and kills them.  Laying these on bridges and choke
    points, makes it a lot harder for them to get tanks, and humvees inside your
    zone.  They can be taken out just by shooting them.  Lay these on choke points,
    and bridges,such as Bridge too far, is a perfect example of where mines could be
    very useful.  You could place them on the bridges, and in the narrow spots.
    		DOWN Pistol
    	It's the same pistol you have always have, no different, the
    Same bstrategy.
    		LEFT Bazooka
    	The bazooka is a vital part of the engineers kit.  It will take
    Out humvees, and other small armored units in one hit, and tanks in two.
    It's also good against copters, but it's pretty hard to hit them.
    	The support gunner is very good at defending positions, they
    have a heavy machine gun that they walk around with.  They're armed with a
    machine gun, a mortar strike, a pistol, a auto injector and frag grenades.
    Everyone loves a medic and that's what these guys have.  The have an auto
    injector giving them the ability to heal allies three times.
    		UP Auto injector
    	I love this thing, it gives you the ability to heal allies, and
    Heal yourself.  The animation is great, when they show him injecting
    himself.  It gradually heals the person all the way up.  Everyone loves a
    medic, and you'll become the favorite man on the team walking around with this
    		RIGHT Frag Grenades
    	These are the same grenades you always have, no different.
    		DOWN Pistol
    	It's the same pistol that you have had the whole time.
    		LEFT Mortar strike
    	The mortar strike is really useful.  What it is is a mini
    Artillery strike.  You stand still, aim it at the place you want it to land on
    and it will send a small mortar strike.  Their really good when you have a few
    guys hanging out in a small area, ie a few guys waiting for the helicopter to
    spawn, have the mortar land right in the middle of them, having death just rain
    down upon them.
    		V. Game type strategies
    A.	Conquest
    	This is the main mode of BF:MC.  The way it works is that each
    team starts out with a certain amount of ticket, or points.  The more flags you
    hold, the more you cause their tickets to drain down.  The team with the most
    tickets at the end of the limit is declared the winner.
    	Have everyone working together on certain flags, and try and
    think of what the other team is going to do when they capture a certain flag.
    Often it's hard to capture certain flags because that's where the enemy is
    spawning.  So what I will often do is swing all the way around and capture one
    of the flags that are sort of out of the way.  Those will be easy to capture
    because no one will be spawning there.  Then your allies can spawn at your
    newly acquired spawn point, and you can surround the spawn point your trying to
    	Often when I'm writing the FAQ's up for each guide, I'll
    identify the"swing point", the point that is key to winning the game, if there
    is one point that is key to holding.
    B.	Capture the Flag
    	This is the other game mode, and I'm sure it's very familiar to
    those who have played first person shooter.  Usually when you play capture the
    flag, the maps are made a lot smaller.  Use vehicles to go back and forth
    scoring really quick.  When someone has the flag, try and cover him as he's
    coming back, so send someone to go and help him get back safely.  Often I will
    set land mines or C4 by my flag and whoever gets near gets blown up.  Having a
    couple of people defending the flag is not a bad idea either.
    		VI Map Strategies
    	If there's one map you want to be familiar with, it's this one.
    This map seems to be a favorite with the community.  There are 7 flags, but the
    Ones inside the village are the ones that are really get all of the action.
    3, 4 and 5 are the flags with the most action and if you can hold these, you'll
    do fine.
    	A nice little tip that I have on flag 4, is if your below the
    balcony that the flag post is on, you can put C4, and blow it up and if anyone
    is above it they'll be dead.  That's a nice way of taking out anyone who was
    capturing or defending the flag.
    	If you're the American, your at a distinct disadvantage.  You
    don't have helicopters, where as the MEC have two.  TThe thing is that if
    you're a American, make sure that those 30mm's are being used, because those
    things can take out choppers very effectively.  Having a couple of snipers
    isn't a  bad idea either considering that they'll be able to take out the
    choppers with their laser targeting.
    	If you're the MEC have some people get in the choppers and drop
    out and capture spawn points 4 and 5.  The guys in the humvees can get 2 and 3
    easily.  Then have everyone start spawning at flags 4 and 5.  As an MEC, only
    you have helicopters, so take advantage of that.  Have some people be engineers
    so that they can take out the 30 mm's because that's the only mechanized unit
    that will really be able to take the chopper out, other than the GTAM.
    		Bridge too Far
    	If you're a sniper, then this is your map.  All of the
    skyscrapers you can land on and snipe, so you can really be effective.  My
    favorite sniping spot is the building with all of the red Chinese writing on
    it.  The writing provides cover, and it's especially effective at covering
    flags 3 and 2, because the writing provides shade, and it makes it really hard
    to see snipers up there.
    	If you're a helicopter pilot, get ready to dodge some GTAMS,
    Because there's one in each base and one out by flag three, and another out by
    flag 4.
    	On this map the key is holding flag three.  Flag three is
    really the "swing point", because  America will usually be able to hold flag 2,
    and the Chinese will usually be able to hold flag 4, so that leaves flag three
    in the middle, that's really the area you have to focus on.  There are plenty
    of tanks and humvees, so being an engineer isn't a bad idea, because this map
    has a lot of vehicular action.
    I recently got an email from a guy, gamertag is eovnu87435ds.  He told me
    about this great spot on this map, and he was even awesome enough to attach
    pictures to help explain.  I'll just quote him straight  from his email.
    "in bridge too far if you are the chinese faction there is a major unguarded
    shortcut to the american base.  At the main chinese base directly in front of
    the helipad there is a building with a ramp to walk up top.  It is the perfect
    size for a jeep to fit through.  Take the jeep and go fast enough to fly over
    the wall and onto the grass behind it.  Most people think that this area is
    "out of bounds" but it isn't.  Drive along the river, all the way past the
    middle set of buildings until you see the three buildings next to the american
    base.  Go in between the 2nd and 3rd and park your jeep behind the crates.  If
    you're a sniper you can pick off people from behind the fence, and if you're a
    special ops or engineer you can sabotage their vehicles with C4 or landmines.
    Even when I get killed sniping at their base, the other team never learns to
    guard that way even when I do it 8 or 9 times a round."
    Now this guy even gave me pictures to help explain which I am hosting on
    photobucket.com.  The link to these pictures are:
    This is the slideshow showing you where to go.  Again thanks to this guy, this
    guy is just awesome for explainging this to me.
    		Deadly Pass
    	This map was made for the assault.  It's extremely similar to
    Backstab, in the sense that all of the fighting, is going on inside of the city.
    There really isn't much action outside.  Flag 2 is just sort of hanging out
    in the middle there, no one really ever goes to get that flag, so you can
    probably capture it and then just leave it and forget about it.
    	It's really difficult to get vehicles inside of the city, so
    this isn't a good engineer map.  The vehicles on this map really don't play a
    part on this map, because some of the streets get really narrow making it hard
    to get your tanks in there.  Even when you do get It in the city, engineers can
    just pop out of a corner and drill you, so vehicles just don't make a big
    	All of the fighting is really for flags 3, 5, and 6.  The MEC
    will be able to hold flag 4, Americans will usually be able to hold flag 2, but
    the other 3 are up for grabs.
    		The Black Gold
    	If you can, be the MEC.  The MEC have control of half of the
    oil tanker by the time the Americans can even make a push at anything.  If the
    MEC are smart,they'll hop on the GTAMs and just shoot down the choppers before
    they can do anything.  Their aren't any ground vehicles at all in this level,
    and really the only way the Americans are going to win are if they can just
    rush one of the flags and get it, but even then, their surrounded by 4 other
    MEC flags.  The only advantage that the Americans have is that they have lots of
    choppers, so they could do an areail attack, but the GTAMs will put a stop to
    	Another strategy I use as an American is to have a chopper drop
    him off in the rear, behind the flags where all the fighting is, for instance,
    flag two. You should be able to capture it easily, then all of the Americans
    will start spawning there, then you can put up a real fight, because if your
    first rush fails, your team will lose.
    	This map has a somewhat crazy name, and the combat is just as
    crazy. There are 8 flags, but pretty much each flag is within 100 meters of
    the next.  There really aren't any vehicles in this map, except for the humvees
    and the Chinese go kart things.  There aren't any tanks or helos so being an
    engineer isn't really a good idea.  It's just mainly infantry combat, so if your
    good as an assault, you'll fit right in here.  Often one of the strategies I
    use on thismap is to take my humvee up around the top and capture one of the
    flags in the very back, for instance, If I'm Chinese, I'll swing all the way
    around and getflag 7 or six.
    	When you are driving your humvees around, be careful of falling
    into the ditch where the plane wreckage is.  Once you get it stuck in there,
    it's really hard to get it out.
    	This is an extremely linear map.  There are 30 mm's spawning at
    Chinese flags 1 and 2.  It's smart to have another guy riding along in the 30
    mm's because the rocket launcher on the top is really powerful, and
    effective against armored units.  This is also one of the maps that features
    the new snow mobile. It has a machine gun on it, but it's really hard to
    actually get a kill with it, considering that to aim it, you have to steer the
    whole snow mobile.
    	If the main road becomes too clogged with tanks and enemy
    soldiers, you can actually go through the trees and around the back way on your
    snow mobiles. Often on this map, all of the fighting is going on around in two
    flags, so the smart thing to do is swing all the way around and capture one of
    the flags behind it.  The thing on this map, unlike in a map like deadly pass,
    or backstab, is the fact that all of the flags are pretty much in a line,
    so where as in backstab, all of the fighting is in flags 3,4 and 5, but in
    frostbite, it's usually only one flag for each team that's really getting any
    action. That's why it's so good to flank them, but especially on this map.
    	The way this map is designed is that there are 3 flags on one
    island and too on the other.  Again, for this map, I'm going to identify the
    "swing point".
    For me, flag 3 and flag 4 are really the "swing points", because flag 2
    Is really near the American base.  The Chinese might be able to hold on
    for a bit, but not for long.  Same thing goes for flag 5, because it's just
    right next to the Chinese base.  Flag's 3 and 4 are really the only areas that
    are switching sides every 5 minutes.
    	Often on this map when I'm American, and everyone's just
    fighting over flags 3 and 4, I'll swim across the river and go retake flag 5
    from the Chinese.  Now bear in mind, 3 minutes later, it's under Chinese rule
    again, but what it does is (A) give me points, and (B) cause a little
    diversion.  Then some of the guys might come back to get flag 5, enabling my
    team to get flag 3 and or flag 4.  The same strategy can be used against the
    Chinese to get flag 2, but it's a little harder because lots of guys are
    spawning at flag 2, especially if they don't have flag 3.
    	Full Frontal
    	This is a pretty small map, with only 5 spawn points, and only
    3 of those
    can be captured.  Really, the key is just holding 2 out of those 3.
    Each base spawns with a couple tanks and humvees, but the tanks can actually
    make a difference on this level, because the roads are wide enough that you
    can actually get them in there and fight.  There are plenty of bombed out
    buildings and stuff to take cover in, so if you are driving a tank in there, be
    careful of engineers ambushing you.
    	The swing point on this map is flag 3, because flag 4 will
    usually be held by the Americans, and flag 2 will normally be held by the MEC,
    so if you can hold flag 3 the whole game, that will go a long way towards you
    winning the game.
    	Since the map is so small, often something that I'll do is go
    And infiltrate the enemies base, steal a tank and then go capture a flag,
    or help my teammates capture one.
    	Owning the other team, to the point that they are trapped in
    their base, you can set C4 or landmines, and when the come in their tanks, you
    blow them up!!!
    	This has 5 flags, and I think all of them can be captured.
    There are 2 on the dry Island, and 3 on the flooded out city.  Often during the
    flooded out city, when your trying to capture maybe flag 2 or 3, it's really
    hard because the main road is just too clogged with infantry and 30 mm's.  Lets
    say that everyone's fighting over flag 3.  Often I'll hop in a boat and swing
    around and either capture some of the flags on the mainland, or swing around and
    get flag 2.  That's the thing is that since there is water and since you have
    boats, it really gives you freedom to strategize, because you don't have to
    worry about tanks going in the water and taking you out.
    	Another smart strategy to do is set land mines on the bridge,
    because if you do that it will pretty much make it impossible to really get
    their vehicles over the bridge and onto your side.
    	This map favors the EU to the highest.  At the beginning of the
    game, they're holding all of the flags except for the Chinese base.  There is
    also a GTAM at flag 2, so anyone trying to do some helicopter attacks won't
    last long. Each base has some armored units, 120s, and 30 mm's.
    	If are unfortunate enough to be Chinese, don't even go for flag
    2.  That's pretty much where all of the guys are spawning.  Try and capture
    flag 4, or maybe flag 3.  Their expecting you to go for flag 2, so that's where
    their all going to be.
    	The landscape is really mountainous, riddled with trees and
    stuff like that to take cover in.  Often what I do is spawn as a sniper and go
    to the top of a hill and cover one of the bases.  Even if I don't shoot
    anybody, I can still provide valuable information.  Plus, on this map when you
    do get
    a kill and the camera goes towards where you are.  He's going to have a really
    hard time seeing where you were with all of the trees and stuff.  He may
    have a vague idea of where you are, but nothing more than that.  Take advantage
    of the trees,because if you move through them, it's going to be really hard for
    anyone to see you, where as if your just strolling along the main road, you
    won't last a minute.
    	Missile Crisis
    	This map really favors the Chinese because at the beginning of
    the game, they hold all of the flags except the EU base.  You can make their
    tanks and vehicles virtually useless by closing the bridge up, and then planting
    mines in front so that if they do get through, well if their careless, they'll
    get blown up.
    	Often when playing as an EU, all of your enemies are spawning
    at flag 2, so try and sneak around and get flag 4 or 3 because those will be
    easy  to get. This map plays a lot like coldfront, in the sense that one team
    has only one flag, and the other has 3 or 4.  When you're the EU and your
    trying to get flag 2, make sure to send up an infantry to open the gate, so
    that your
    tanks can come in and wield destruction!!
    	Russian Border
    	This is an urban map, but unlike backstab and deadly pass you
    can actuallyget vehicles in the city and use them effectively.  There are
    plenty of flags and their all close together and accessible.  It is an urban
    environment but not too close together.
    	The main strategy on this map, is use the vehicles as much as
    possible. Although that sounds like a "well yeah thanks a lot captain obvious"
    it really makes  a bigger difference than a lot of other levels.  Make sure to
    use the humvees because you can pretty much get to anywhere on the level in one
    of those and it's much quicker and all of that.  Again, on backstab or deadly
    pass, you really cant do that, but in this map you can, so take advantage of
    	For these reasons, this isn't a bad engineer map, because there
    are so many vehicles and you'll be seeing a lot of them for the above stated
    reasons. Having a bazooka and laying some landmines in choke points wouldn't
    	There really isn't a swing point, or a specific strategy I can
    really give you on this map, because it's just urban fighting with lots of
    vehicular combat.
    	Harbor Edge
    	This is definitely another map that the sniper can play a huge
    part in. It's dark, and there are some choke points, namely the bridge and the
    Area surrounding it.  Placing some landmines on the bridge wouldn't be a bad
    idea. The best sniping spot for an American is by flag 2, inside that
    building because you can cover the whole bridge where all of the fighting is.
    	You can use your tanks and stuff, but it's a tighter squeeze to
    get it in, and since it's dark and there is tons of rubbish laying around, be
    really careful of people trying to bazooka you or c4 you.
    	The swing point on this map is flag 3.  It's near the bridge,
    where all of the fighting is, where as flag 4 and 5 are kind of tucked back in
    the corner. If your team can hold flag 3, you will under most circumstances win
    the game.
    	Another thing to remember on this map is that this is one of
    the few maps in the game where all of the flags can be captured, so if your just
    killing the other team, have some people defend the flags so that you can just
    kill of the whole team.
    	This is a very similar map to black gold in the sense that the
    Chinese have control of the whole island.  The one thing that the US does have
    over the Chinese is the "minibird" or the small helicopter.  That thing can
    really dip and dive and dodge GTAMS and lasers much easier than a Blackhawk or
    other big chopper can.  It also spawns quicker so make sure to get good use out
    of that.  In total, the US has 3 choppers, the minibird, and two blackhawks.
    	The problem is, that since were on an island there isn't much
    cover for the chopper to dodge GTAMS or lasers, so you may not last long.  Use
    the chopper to drop guys out over the flags, because that's their best use.  IF
    you hang up there for too long, your just going to get GTAMed. (is that a
    	Snipers can play a big part in this map, because of all of the
    foliage, and the view they can get covering flag 2 and other parts of the
    beaches and all of that.
    	On this map try and trap the other team down by flag 5.  It
    takes a long time to get out of that flag and out on the battlefield, so if you
    can  pin the other team there, to the point that that's there only flag, they
    won't be able to get out or capture any flag.  Again, try to avoid having your
    team get stuckin there at all costs, because if you that is your last flag,
    your team will lose.  Also, like harbor edge, you can capture all of the flags,
    so try and trap the other team in flag 5 and then just rush them.
    	The Nest
    	This is an interesting map in the sense that it's similar to
    Russian border, because you can get vehicles in the city, but you have to lower
    the bridge.  There are choppers on each side, so their will be air warfare,
    but like hidden there's not much cover for you to dodge around at.
    	If you don't go through the bridge you can get in the city area
    by going by flag 4, but try getting the bridge lowered so you can bring in the
    heavy stuff.
    	On this map all of the fighting is in the city, but it's like
    Russian border, because it's more of an open urban environment.  The vehicles
    can't capture, but you can help your allies capture by covering their back.
    	The way to look at this map is like a sand castle, with a moat,
    Because you can have one other way of getting in other than the bridge, but to
    really win you have to have that bridge down so you can bring in the tanks.
    	Special OP
    	This map is very similar to frostbite, in the sense that all of
    the flags are lined up, but the main difference is that there are two flags on
    the American side, and the rest are on the Chinese.
    	Now by the looks of it the map strongly favors the Chinese, but
    I think it really helps the Americans is that they have boats, and choppers so
    they can just rush out and capture the first flags.
    	If you're playing as an American, you MUST get flag 3 as quickly
    As possible.  This map is very similar to Omaha beach in battlefield 1942,
    in the sense that you have to get a foothold, so that you can advance up the
    	What will often happen on this map is that all of the fighting
    will be by flag 3 and 4, so don't forget, on this map you can capture all of the
    flags, so try and swing around and maybe get flag 5 or 6 if you're an American,
    or flag 1or 2 if your Chinese.
    	If your playing as Chinese the smart thing to do is just rush
    out and get flag 3 as fast as possible, because if you hold that, you can keep
    them off of your island for good.
    			VII Vehicle Strategies
    	In this section, I will give tips on each of the vehicles in
    the game, how to use them, and the best way to take them out.  I will also
    cover any differences between the vehicles, such as the Chinese and American
    Hummers and the such.
    			The Humvee
    	This is one of your most basic vehicles in the game, because it
    gives you the ability to travel from place to place extremely quickly, and is
    outfitted with a 50 Cal, and in the Chinese Case, a grenade launcher.
    	How to Use Them: Well, there's not much strategy here, you just
    Drive around to places, but having someone on the fifty Cal isn't a bad idea.
    Even against tanks the fifty cal can do something, actually it can take out
    tanks, without a whole of of effort, just make sure that whoever is driving
    keeps the car moving AT ALL TIMES, because if you don't, that tank will put a
    hole in that Humvee.
    	Another thing that is often smart is that before you drive off,
    set some C4 to the humvee.  Then if your rolling towards an infantry you can
    just hop right off and blow the whole thing up.  Thanks to Walker Chance for
    this tip.
    	How to take them out:The Grenade Launcher is effective against
    infantry and other Humvees, but be careful to not shoot the ground, or you'll
    seriously damage your Humvee or if you hit something really close to you it will
    really hurt.
    	How to take them out: Well, pretty much any explosive will
    destroy these things.  If it be C4, a Rocket Launcher, Grenade launchers, or
    chopper rockets, one hit and your dead.  Actually just about any gun,
    especially a 50 CAL or a support gunners machine gun can really put this thing
    out of commission.
    			The 120 mm tank
    	This is another extremely important vehicle, because it has the
    ability to pretty much just shoot and blow up anything.  It's somewhat slow, but
    it makes up for that with heavy armor.
    	How to Use Them: One of the things that you have to remember
    about these things are is that the shell doesn't drop at all when shot over a
    distance.  If you played Battlefield 1942 and remembered the old tanks they
    had, you really had to compensate for the distance, because it would drop, but
    that's all gone. It's pretty much instant too, so you can actually shoot
    choppers out of the sky.  The only problem is that the reloading mechanism is
    slow, and in a tank battle, whoever hits the shot first on the enemy, 99% of
    the time, will come out on top. Also, always be careful of barrels, and fences
    and stuff, because that will just destroy the tank.
    	How to Take them out: Well, a bazooka is good for distance, and
    50 Cals can take them out, but one of my favorite ways of taking them out is to
    sneak up with a little packet of C4 and have the tank go boom-boom.  One thing
    to remember is that depending on how much health is left, it may take two
    C4 Packets.  When you do plant that first C4 on the tank, one of two
    things will happen.  Either he'll jump out because he'll hear the beeping
    noise, or he'll stay in the tank, which you should probably plant a second one,
    unless there is smoke coming out of the tank, in which one will do the trick.
    another tank or chopper will work as well.
    			The 30mm Tank
    	This is similar to the 120,  but has weaker firepower, but has
    a greater rate of fire.  Some of them are outfitted with big rockets on the
    top, or a locking device, much like a GTAM.  They're a little faster than the
    120s, but weaker firepower
    	How to Use Them:
    	These are very good against lightly armored units, because they
    have a much higher rate of fire, so a couple of shots and that humvee is gone,
    where as with a 120 if you miss, that humvee has time to turn a corner and
    escape.  Often they are outfitted with rockets and GTAM lockerslike I said
    earlier, but if a 120 and a 30 mm meet, 120 should come out on top.  The best
    thing to do as a 30 mm is just keep moving, because if that tank driver is any
    good, he'll put a hole through you.
    	How to take them out: Well, it's pretty much the same as the
    120 mm, C4 and bazooka's will do the trick.  Only thing is be careful if your
    flying a chopper over one because he may lock onto you and take you out.
    			The Helicopter or FFAR
    	This might be my favorite vehicle overall, it's so much fun to
    fly, and it's so fun to just pull up behind an enemy humvee and drill it.
    	How to Use Them: First thing to do is to try both of the
    control settings.I use the alternate helicopter controls, whereas some use the
    default ones. There are two differences between choppers.  The American chopper
    fires twice as quickly as the Chinese and MEC, but would take only one rocket
    from a chopper, where as the Chinese and MEC chopper fires twice as slowly but
    could take two chopper rockets.
    	Often when I'm tracking down a ground unit I drop altitude and
    go forward, what that does is point the aiming sight to the ground so that you
    can shoot whatever is on the ground.
    	Be careful of GTAMs and Laser Targeters because they will be a
    hassle and depending on how good you are, can take you out.  When you're
    getting targeted it will start beeping, so if you want to bail, do it then.  I
    usually try to dodge it, which isn't crazy hard, because all you have to do is
    just try to have the missile hit the ground or crash into a building.  Like on
    bridge too
    far, it's easy to have it hi a building.
    	How to Take Them Out: Well, the number one way to take them out
    is by GTAMing them or laser targeting.  You can also bazooka them, which is
    Really hard, or take them down with a 30, 120, or 23 mm.  50 Cals work as
    well, but GTAMs and Laser targeters are the best way to.  One of the really hard
    ways to do it is to snipe the pilot out.  On each chopper he'll be on the left
    side, that is, the snipers right side of the chopper, the pilots left.  It's
    really hard, and if you can, lasering or GTAMs are much more advisable.
    			23 mm Anti Air
    	This thing appears on very few maps and appears on the MEC
    side.  This thing is outfitted with big machine guns that can take out infantry
    and choppers very good.  It will get killed against tanks though, because the
    machine guns don't do as much damage as a 120 shell would.
    	How to use them: Well, it's pretty much the same thing as the
    tanks, but is effective against infantry and choppers, it's pretty much just an
    armored unit with big heavy machine guns, it's not really a tank.
    	How to tank them out: C4, Bazookas, landmines and other
    vehicles all apply, it's the same as the other tanks.
    			LV Patrol boat
    	This thing is your only water vehicle in the game, and is
    useful in the sense that often the enemy is covering a bridge or choke points,
    when you can just go across the river, because then they won't be able to cover
    you as well.
    	How to Use Them: The controls are a little sluggish and can be
    hard to control, but whenever you see another boat, hop on that grenade
    launcher, or 50 CAL because it won't take much.  There isn't much strategy,
    other than try to use it to sneak around your enemies base.
    	How to take them out: These things don't have much stamina so a
    grenade, tank shell, bazooka, or chopper rocket will take them out of commission
    			The Skimobile or Skidoo
    	This thing can go really fast and is good at weaving through
    trees and stuff.  It has a 5.56 mm machine gun fitted onto it, but it's really
    hard to actually kill people with it.  It is actually new to the 360 version,
    because this wasn't in the original Xbox version.
    	How to Use them: These things are really fast, you just have to
    use them to as transportation.  The one thing though that is good is that since
    it's so quick and small, it can weave through trees when going down the main
    road would have been suicide.  Can anyone say FrostBite?!!
    	How to take them out: It's going to be near impossible to
    actually hit one of these things with a bazooka, but the  snowmobile provides
    no cover so if often the best way to take the guy out is just shoot him off the
    snowmobile. Then after he's dead, the snow mobile will still be there, so you
    can hop right on it.  Of course 120 mm and 30 mm's wouldn't be bad against them
    			VIII.    Acknowledgements and Contact Info
    	I want to thank EA for coming out with a very fun title, that
    will keep me interested for a while, I want to thank you the reader,
    for sitting through this, and for all of the support I've gotten from
    my family and all of that.  I really want to thank gamefaqs for letting
    me get this thing posted.  I look forward to adding to this guide as
    I'm sure maps will come along for download, also as I play I'll
    probably add more to this guide.  If you have anything you want to tell
    me about, any tips, compliments, constructive criticism, whatever, I
    check my email just about every day, so I'll try and get right back to
    you., I'll give you credit for any tips you want toput in, you can
    email me at boardslide30@yahoo.com
    	Thanks to the following people for submitting tips to my guide
    		Walker Chance, for the Humvee/C4 trick
    		Eovnu87435ds for the bridge too far spot and the photos.
    			IX     Legal Info
    	You cannot reproduce, copy or post my guide anywhere without
    previous written consent, except for personal use.  If you do these
    things without my consent I will take legal action.  To get consent
    email me at the above email address.  The websites that are allowed to
    post this FAQ are gamefaqs.com,neoseekers.com, aol.com,supercheats.com,
    gamespot.com and 360box.co.uk.
    					Copyright 2006 sk8erguyjake

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