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"More like Modern Crap..."

With the lack of quality Xbox 360 titles as of late, I was forced to try out Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Honestly, I didn't really know what to expect from the game, but what I got from it was one of the worst games I have ever played in my life. It's sad that the seventh generation is being pulled down by extremely lackluster titles like this.

When I first picked up the controller, I was already unimpressed simply with the game's design, but I wasn't going to let that alter my opinion on what very well could have been a good gaming experience. However, when I actually began playing the game, I found out that this game does pretty badly anyway, with or without considering the design flaws and annoyances.

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat you can switch between your teammates at will. This is all fine and good, but it doesn't really offer anything really entertainingly significant to the gameplay. The only real difference I found with switching people was that they had different weapons. This feature also drained the life from the single-player campaign because there was never really one main character which makes it almost impossible to get into the game.

From the very first time I parachuted out of a helicopter, I had to fight myself just to keep playing the game. I kept thinking that maybe it would get better. Sadly, it didn't. Even parts that sound remotely cool like parachuting out of a helicopter were lame, especially since it was easy for enemies to shoot you right out of the sky, causing you to re-spawn as a different soldier…again…and again…and again.

Battling your enemy has never been more annoying or frustrating in any other video game yet! Everybody looks exactly the same and it's somewhat difficult to pick-out your teammates from your enemies. This is especially a pain in the ass in a big fire fight because you might accidentally shoot at your teammate a few times. Oops! Also, there really aren't enough enemies to duke it out with, making the fun factor in this game drop greatly. It's like playing a game that you don't actually get to fight things. Most of the time, your teammates kill all of the enemies. Unless the enemies are on a roof, in which case your teammates are incapable of doing anything and you have to shoot the idiots off the roof…which is basically the high-point of the game.

There were major chances to make this game actually enjoyable, but the developers didn't test-out these situations at all. Some major fire-fights are cut down by the fact that your enemy mostly runs at you head-on, lies on his stomach, and then continues firing. This makes making a strategy pointless because this game is basically an arcade-shooter. You see enemies. You shoot. Simple. Disappointingly simple.

Vehicles are available for use, but there was rarely a use for any vehicle whatsoever. There was even one example where I was controlling a turret on the back of a jeep, expecting to see some enemies come out or something, but five minutes later the jeep stopped. Literally. I didn't shoot one freaking thing.

Poor controls? You bet! What would a terrible game be without bad controls? It's literally impossible to get used to the control scheme in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat simply because the button-mapping is extremely poor. Seriously, it's so hard to get used to the control scheme that most gamers will probably give up on this title not even an hour into it.

One of the saddest things about Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is that it actually tries to somewhat have a story-line. This is just plain annoying since there aren't really any characters and the “story” is simply told through small news bulletins. You know, if games have no chance of having any story, then they shouldn't even try because it just makes the game feel cheesy and tacked on.

The biggest disappointment of all? The graphics were Playstation 2-esque. Seriously, I've probably played prettier games on my Playstation 2. There is no excuse for that especially since it is a game on the Xbox 360, a seventh generation graphics-powerhouse.

The little warnings that your teammates yell back-and-forth are stupid, especially when you don't have any teammates left to say those things but the things are said regardless! All of the in-game dialogue was poorly done and the voice-actors were utterly horrible. It was like someone just flipped a coin and picked someone to write and read.

Since Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a very short, broken and boring game; I wouldn't even bother wasting a rental on it. Honestly, this game should just start collecting dusts on all the shelves it's sitting on right now.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/05/07

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