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    Metal/Bird/TV Locations by DarkS0urce

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Condemned: Criminal Origins
    Walkthrough for birds, metals, and TV's. 
    Version 1.01
    Compiled and Written by
    Daemon Santonne
    username: Dark S0urce 
    gamertag: Dark S0urce
    email: darks0urce@hotmail.com
    username: shinrou78 
    gamertag: Ryuke
    (Chapter 9 is credited to Roadside Carver, who wrote it much
    better that I could have.)
    If you have any contributions to make or feedback just toss me and 
    e-mail or leave a message with my gamertag.
    This FAQ is written in the order that you will find each item, so
    you're not running around in circles. Every level has 6 birds 
    and 3 metals, and some levels have televisions as well.
    ---CHAPTER 1---
    1. BIRD - Right after the cops flashlight dies go into the room on the 
    right. The bird is on the shelving unit in the back.
    2. METAL - After the first fight go up the stairs, through the door 
    and continue straight forward. Turn left then take an immediate right. 
    You should be facing some walls with the pink insulation exposed. Go 
    into the room on the right and on the far back left corner is the metal.
    (Eyes are drawn on the wall).
    3. BIRD - When you fight the second guy in this level the bird is on one
    of the four windowsills in the same room. 
    4. BIRD - After your gun gets taken you have to move the desk to continue.
    From here go into the left room, then right. The bird is on the floor 
    in front of the red medkit container. 
    5. BIRD - You will enter a room and you will get the prompt to use one of 
    your CSI gizmos. Use the gas spectrometer to find the dead bird.
    5. METAL - After the guy throws a chair through the wall that allows you 
    to continue (you have to fight him and his buddy) you enter a 
    flashback-crazy eyed mode. At the end of this hallway there is a hole 
    in the wall. The metal piece is just beside the hole. 
    (Eyes are drawn around the hole).
    6. BIRD - On the floor in the room that the other cop tosses you 
    the fire axe.
    7. TV - Once you get the fire axe that the cop throws too you back 
    track a little bit. You should have passed a door that required a 
    fire axe to get through. TV's in there. 
    8. BIRD - In the last area (a construction zone, lots of unfinished 
    walls, furniture, ect.) you will get attack by two guys. The bird is
    located in the left part of this area. You will see a piece of plywood 
    resting on too saw horses with a 2x4 across it. The bird is resting here.
    9. METAL - In the right side of the last area. You will see some cupboards
    (one has a sledge hammer), go right and look for the large column in the 
    center. The metal piece is hanging off it. (Eyes are all over the column).
    ---CHAPTER 2---
    1. BIRD - After you open the panel with the crowbar to open the bay door, 
    go forward until you find a white door in the back. The bird is in this 
    small room on the floor.
    2. METAL - Behind the file cabinets in room 209 - Archives. When you 
    pick the sledge hammer off the floor turn right. (The eyes are drawn 
    on the wall).
    3. BIRD - When you get to the train station you will whip out your gas 
    spectrometer. The bird is by the rear left ATM. 
    4. BIRD - Just after you get through with the thugs go through the door 
    on the end. To your right are an ATM machine and Health case. At the double
    door dead end our two long trays, underneath the right one is your dead bird
    (listen for the flies). That's how I caught it.
    5. T.V. SET - When you get the fingerprint off the elevator call button turn
    right. There is a room there that requires a fire axe to get through.
    6. METAL - While trying to find an axe to turn on the elevator power 
    (and get to #4) you will find 2 spots where you can jump down into a 
    underground area. Look between 2 large horizontal pipes down there to 
    find the metal. (The eyes are drawn between the pipes). 
    7. BIRD - On the floor after you get off the elevator and continue forward
     a bit. It is squawking on the ground.
    8. BIRD - In the toilet found in the men's bathroom.
    9. METAL - After the flash back of the guy moving the cabinet in front of 
    the door, turn right. The metal is in this small room on the left wall. 
    (Eyes are drawn on the wall).
    10. BIRD - When you are going after the man in the orange overalls (SKX)
    you will come to a balcony over looking the train station. 
    The bird is on the balcony's rail.
    ---CHAPTER 3---
    1. BIRD - As you walk in to the right should be an ATM machine and newspaper
    stands. 'The Informer' <green> is the one with the decaying bird right on top.
    2. BIRD - Lying right next the the hobo with the fire axe, just after you 
    finish chasing X to the gate, in which he pulls down. (Listen for flies).
    3. METAL - When you reach the 2nd door that needs to be fire axed go back 
    into the ticket booth right before it. The metal is under the cash register.
    (Eyes are on the rear walls of the booth).
    4. BIRD - 2nd room there is two black cabinets, the second one contains the
     decayed bird. (Also listen for flies).
    5. BIRD - Right after the 2nd door that needs to be axed open, on the TV.
    6. BIRD - On the ground right before you have to climb over the chain and
    get knocked down the escalator.
    7. METAL - After you are done dealing with the guys at the escalator go 
    forward into the intersection. The metal is on the wall just right of 
    the wooden bench. (Eyes are on the wall behind the bench).
    8. BIRD - Right after you get #5 you go down some stairs. Halfway down those
     stairs there is a bird on the ground on the landing.
    9. METAL - You have to jump down to the tracks to get on the train for the
    mission. Before you get on the train look back at the wall to the right. 
    The metal piece is on the subway tunnel wall. 
    (Eyes are on the subway tunnel wall). 
    ---Chapter 4---
    1. BIRD - Use the gas spectrometer to find it as soon as you start the level.
    2. STATIC TV - After you jump down and take out the 3 crawling dudes you 
    will see a large red metal container farther back in the corner. Go behind
    this and move the plywood blocking your way. 
    3. METAL - After you get #2 go back out and go straight across to the
     large group of barrels. Turn left and continue down to the end. 
    (The eyes are on the brick wall on the corner, hard too see).
    4. BIRD - After you kick out the fan (after collecting the evidence about
     the train routes) go right and into the door on the right. Bird is on the
    floor by the sink.
    5. BIRD - Before you get to the large areas with the subway car generators
    (look like jet engines to me) you have to go through this little labyrinth. 
    In on of the larger rooms down here you can use your gas spectrometer 
    to find the bird.
    6. BIRD - After you fight the 2 firemen with shovels, you go up a ladder. 
    When you get off the ladder there is a red medkit wall box in front of 
    you. Go right and look by the cardboard on the ground.
    7. BIRD - After the chick jumps out of the cupboard you go down some stairs.
    The bird in on the ground on the stairs landing. 
    8. BIRD - After you exit the steam room (you have to turn 2 valves off)
    you fight a fireman again. There is a table farther back that prompts 
    you to use your tools. On that table there is a bird. 
    9 METAL - After you get #8 go left and down some stairs to the subway
    tracks. On the wooden barricade blocking the subway tunnel is the metal piece.
    (Eyes are on the wooden barricade). 
    10. METAL - You will go up a ladder, fight a chick, and then hear gunshots.
    Continue forward but do not go through the chain link gate. Go left instead 
    and follow the path all the way to the left. The metal is on the wall between
    the 2 cardboard boxes. (Eyes are on the wall). 
    ---Chapter 5---
    1. BIRD - As soon as you start the level walk forwards till you come to 
    a green package with red ribbon. The bird is right beside it on the ground.
    2. METAL - After you move the clothing rack to continue forward head 
    right and follow it all the way (You should spot SKX on the way). 
    Look at the column at the end. Eyes are on the back side of it so 
    look down to locate metal piece here. 
    <After guy gets shot thru glass giving you an entrance>
    3. BIRD - Next room over has a show cabinet w/ mannequin heads
    and a decaying bird. Smash to get it.
    4. METAL - After trailing blood to a gate, find an alternate route which
    leads to two payphones with eyes surrounding them. Piece is near second 
    5. BIRD - After #3 come up stairs head towards grating in front of you
     and then turn left. One of the three display shelves has the decaying
    bird. (last display case)
    6. METAL - When you come to the end of the bloody trail at the flooded area go
    into the water. Go all the way to your left. The metal piece is on the wall. 
    7. BIRD - After following blood trail to flooded area, enter area where addict 
    hobo came crashing through. Come around the wall and up the steps, passed 
    the metal shelf to the first door. On a metal shelf in first room has another
    decaying bird with a addict playing dead behind it <be careful>.
    8. BIRD - In the room that whispers "Hey" when you enter. <go right when 
    you reach the shutter door with a mannequin hand holding it open>
    9. BIRD - After smashing down the Fire Axe door labeled 'Exit' your back
    in the department store. Search the second changing room to find your 5th.
    ---Chapter 6---
    1. BIRD - Right in front of you when you start.
    2. BIRD - Right in front of you when you start.
    3. BIRD - To the left of birds 1 and 2. Move the plywood in the corner.
    4. TV - Go down the left hall (right beside bird#3). It's in the little room
    5. METAL - Same room as the tv. Look on the wall just left of the tv.
    6. BIRD - A guy with a shotgun with burst through the wall on your right.
    On the left you will see two file cabinets, move one to get the bird.
    7. METAL - Rosa will call you and tell you that they are getting reports of
    "violent outbreaks" near your location. If you look at the wall in front of you
    you'll see the eyes. The metal is on the wall, left of the desk.  
    8. BIRD - After you jump through the window (but not off the roof) 
    look at the ground to the right in the corner.
    9. BIRD - Follow the chain link fence all the way around to the right.
    At the end you will see a bird lying on some cardboard.  
    10. METAL -  Right after you collect #9, jump down and turn right immediately. 
    Just go straight and you will see the final metal piece. 
    ---CHAPTER 7---
    1. BIRD BATH TV - Directly to your right when you start the level. It's 
    behind bar doors, so you need to wait till you get the crowbar later on. 
    2. BIRD - In the Main lobby (the next room). It is on the main desk 
    in the center. 
    3. BIRD - After Rosa is kidnapped follow the path through the double 
    doors. There will be a few book carts along the left wall. The second 
    one has the bird.
    4. METAL - The metal is farther down the hall after you collect the 
    blood in front of the server door. Move the wrapped pallet of books 
    to find the metal behind. (Eyes on the wall).
    5. BIRD - In the second room after the guy axes through the door. As 
    soon as you enter this room a guy will start shooting at you with a 
    .45 cal. Move the small filling drawers under the right desk to get the 
    6. BIRD - When you enter the rare reading room you are prompted to use 
    your gas spectrometer. Use it to find the bird at the end of the room by 
    the sledge hammer.
    7. BIRD - After you move and climb up the ladder, you will find a bird 
    up here with you on top of the bookcase.
    8. METAL - As you are following Rosa to the basement you will go through 
    a narrow area with bars on the right side. Through these bars you can see 
    the entrance to the rare books room. There will be a few pallets of wrapped 
    books to your left as you work your way through this narrow area. Move on 
    of the pallets to get to the metal. (Eyes are on the wall around the pallet).
    9. BIRD - On the table when the guy comes out of the ceiling. You can't 
    miss it the bird is on the table right beside where he lands. 
    10. METAL - In the last area of the fire damaged basement you will fight 
    2 guys with a .45 cal and a shotgun. There is a small room to the side
    with double doors. In the back you can move one of the reading cubicles
    to get the metal pieces. (You can see the eyes on the wall from outside
    the room.)
    ---CHAPTER 8---
    1. BIRD - The 3rd door on the right has a crowing bird, it's behind the 
    two desks, one turned over on the other.
    2. METAL - This one is in next room. The desk against a wall with eyes
    covering it, the metal is to the right of the desk.
    3. BIRD - Men's bathroom <yellow> decaying bird in there. <listen for 
    the flies>. This needs to be done BEFORE the addict scratching on the 
    chalkboard, otherwise it's inaccessible. (you'll figure out why if 
    you haven't already).
    4. BIRD - Dead end after jumping from half damaged staircase. It's the 
    one where the addict comes from underneath to hit you. Shadow on the 
    wall, just behind the bird.
    5. METAL - After jumping down hole made by basketball hoop, search 
    next to the desk. You should see eyes covering the wall behind the desk.
    6. PATTERN TV - after climbing up on stage (behind gym curtain) go 
    downstairs first, instead of up and you'll find a T.V. next to a 
    cardboard home...
    7. BIRD - Next to that cardboard home is a decaying bird 
    <listen for flies>.
    8. BIRD - your 5th one is after the flashback. Go in room with boarded
    up windows (3 I believe) <where noise is coming from> At the dead end
    is a 'crowing' bird, with a damaged ceiling where the addict went.
    9. BIRD - your final feathered friend is at the end of a table after 
    you pass the bloody showers w/ creepy childlike laughter. <.<;
    10. METAL - located in the very last locker room(not shower room) which
    is sealed by a fence-door with a sledgehammer lock. When you first
    enter the locker room, go straight down, the fence-door will be on
    your right. Across from there, you'll find a sledge hammer.
    #10 credited to Roadside Carver.
    ---CHAPTER 9---
    <credit: Roadside Carver>
    There is no specific order to get any of these birds & metal plates. 
    I like to get the scary stuff out of the way first, that's why I go 
    into the basement first.
    ---Bird #1:
    From the start, make a left towards a room, bird is on the table.
    ---Metal Plate #1: 
    Go through double doors and go straight down and make a left into 
    the very last room in the hallway. Move small cabinet.
    ---Bird #2:
    In the kitchen area. Open the Refrigerator, bird is inside.
    ---Metal Plate #2:
    After getting Bird #2, enter the door that brings you into the basement. 
    At the end of the stairs, make a right into a short hallway. There will 
    be an entrance in front of you, but you will want to make a quick right 
    (you'll see a short stack of boxes. Metal plate is by the door laying on 
    its side against the wall.
    If you don't want to read all of that, just go under the basement stairs.
    ---Bird #3:
    In front of the large mirror in the basement.
    ---TV Pattern:
    In the basement behind the only rusted oven down there. Move the oven.
    ---Bird #4:
    At the edge of the stairs upstairs, head into the opposite hallway. 
    Enter the 2nd door to your left. The bird is underneath the flipped-over 
    bathtub, lift it up & grab sledgehammer in the closet.
    ---Bird #5: Same hallway, enter room on the right, bird is on the bed.
    Metal Plate #3: Same room, open closet and nab the metal plate.
    ---Bird #6:
    In the same room, break the lock on the door with the sledgehammer and
    go upstairs into the attic. Make a right and you should see a black 
    bird lying on the floor before the entrance into the back room. Keep 
    your sledgehammer because you can take out Mr.. twinsticks with one hit.
    ---CHAPTER 10---
    1. BIRD - walk to the dead end and grab the 2x4 on fire. The blockage
    comes down to reveal a 'crowing' bird behind it. <crawl through>
    2. METAL - keep heading straight after the creepy shadow movement 
    blows out the archway's side. And follow the fire in front of you, 
    pass through the opening in the fence and turn right. You should 
    see a white building with eyes covering the bottom half. Your piece 
    is located there.
    3. BIRD - After you dispose of the fat thug with a 2x4 on fire, pass
    through hole he made and stop right next to the blue horse trailer.
    Move it to obtain your second bird.
    4. BIRD - follow tire track through the barn to find a red tractor 
    on the left. On the hood of it lies a 'decaying' bird.
    5. METAL - When you jump the gate you get ambushed. After killing
    all the crawlies look up and witness eyes all about the ceiling.
    Five feet from where you jumped the gate on the right side is the 
    piece posted on the pole.
    6. BIRD - when you come to the little house on the hill <where you 
    flip the switch for the crates blocking your path> check behind one 
    of the four green trash bins, a 'decaying' bird is behind the second
    7. BIRD - the long white building in which 4-5 fat thugs ambush you 
    in <the one with the 2 sub machine guns and 4 health packs!!> As you 
    enter look on the table beside the first gun and health packs for 
    the 'flapping' bird.
    8. METAL - Just after you down the second fighting stick guy <the 
    'Hate' in which I like to call them> look at the entrance to the next
    white building. There are eyes along the door jams and the right side
    of the wall. On the table is your last metal piece.
    9. BIRD - final bird is a given. Just before the end boss, there is a 
    bird stabbed to the door with eyes crawling all over it. Grab the stick
    to acquire the bird... *swooosh* and your gone....
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