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"Axe, Pipe, DNA Sample, Pipe...didn't I do this?"

For anyone that likes F.E.A.R., you will like this game, but not nearly as much, because F.E.A.R. is much better; I will say that right off the bat.

As topic states, this game is rather very short (can be completed in 4-6 hours) and the highlight includes the semi-realistic graphics. When first launched, it was the TO GET game but has lost some thunder since being exposed as short and linear. At a time where it's used for 25 dollars, it may be worth grabbing for your collection, but beware, it's overhyped.

Stated as one of the 'true' first good games for the Xbox 360, it presents an ideal storyline about an FBI agent who tracks down serial killers. In particular, a serial killer connected to him begins to toy with him, etc, etc. and we find ourselves fighting in the midst of subways and maniacs.

Gameplay (6/10): Although interesting at first, the repetitive 'hack n' slash' combat system requires you to grab a weapon, whether it be a pipe, axe, or conduit, and just furiously whack it at your fellow institutionalized psychos. If that doesn't work, you can either choose to kick or taser him. Woo-wee.

The potential number of weapons you can use is very restricted too. Only within reach, there are no baseball bats, and nothing remotely eye-catching besides a sledgehammer here and there. The variety guns is just as lacking, where you may have a choice throughout the game to wield a whopping 4 different ones.

After about an hour of encountering a handful of enemies and creating a routine to take each down, this will become the downside of the story. Not only will you be bored to death, but dead as well. Your enemies can hit about twice as far as you can with a regular melee weapon, making it hard to gauge when to block and when to fall back. When in possession of a gun, your opponent is a skilled marksman, able to hit you through concrete walls 50 feet away. While you, on the other hand, get MAYBE 3-5 shots per gun, and be wasted in a blink. A shotgun shell to the head of an enemy will sometimes not even damage them, showing off how fake the physics system really is. Only if I could have them as my partners in other FPS's.

If you're not hacking at a third world zombie child that climbed out of the sewer, you are taking DNA samples, or photographs to send to some woman at an intelligence agency. The game does not allow you to have fun with these tools, as when you need them, it will assist you in telling you where, when, and how to use them - just what I wanted, an idiot guide for a potentially scary game.

Sound (6/10): The occasional grunting, footsteps, and weapon swings are a bright spot in this rather bleak attempt-at-horror game but as with the gameplay, it gets extremely repetitive. There is no music, and the voice acting would be better off nonexistant.

Controls (9/10): Pretty simple game; you can only do so much, and even that is limited. There's not much to the control system, so basically anyone can pick up and play, although I'm not sure if you'd like to. One button blocks, one attacks, one kicks, one runs, one tasers, and one shuts it off. Please hit that last button now.

+ Graphics
+ Scary surroundings
+ I always wanted to wield an axe

- Sound
- Gameplay
- Predictability
- Lack of variety
- I don't want to wield an axe anymore
- AI is severely stupid
- Range of enemies attacks

Verdict: RENT: To me, it's really not even worth used at $25 because it can be beat unfortunately in one sitting. But it's not really the length that ruins it - it's the gameplay itself. If you're looking for some scares on a lonely Friday night, be my guest, but otherwise, you'd be Condemned to buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/17/07

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