Review by therater13

Reviewed: 10/29/08

Good melee combat and a great atmosphere win this one.

Condemned, criminal origins, this is a very unique and fun game that’s not without its own problems. Overall though this is a fun game and it is worth playing for any person who is a fan of first person shooters and horror style games. I did not find this game to scary but it was very immersive.

Graphics: Amazing, the character models are not anything to rave about but they are good enough, where this game really shines is the textures, the enemies look pretty good but they are re used. The places your In look just amazing, and the lighting in this game is perfect in all area’s. I haven’t seen a lighting system this good since stalker. The shadows are the real prize in this game though.

Audio and sound: There isn’t much music other then the crappy menu music, but the sound effects in this game are great, it really helps build the immersive environment, the sound makes it sound like there are enemies all around you, it is very frantic and exiting.

Story: I actually liked the story in this game, It doesn’t make the game but it is good enough. You’re a cop then you get framed and end up chasing this serial killer through all these messed up area’s. It is cool enough and it gets the job done to set a good tone for the story. There is also some back story about what is happening to the world so it adds interest.

Game play: Here is where the game really shines in some area’s, and is a bit dull in others. The game is more about melee combat and exploration, following clue’s. The melee combat is very fun and is done very well, the guns in this game are kind of average, but that’s not the main factor about the combat. Your character moves very realistic which is a good thing in my opinion, I just think that the forensic tools were kind of half baked and they could have been a bit better.

Replay ability: Since this game is actually rather short there is not much point to go back and play it again once you’ve beaten it. It does get a bit repetitive towards the end of the game so, that is another area where the game takes a bit of a hit, with lasting value.

My Overall score: 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Condemned: Criminal Origins (US, 11/16/05)

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