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"Why is this getting such high scores?"

I must confess, I have had this game a long time and finally sat down for a few hours and beat it. With all these good reviews I must have missed something. Let me tell you about this game for real.

Story = In due time you finally give up trying to understand what is going on. For the first part of the game the story is very interesting. Hunt down a serial killer, that is fine. It has some interesting twists and turns and then wham! You are thrown into Hellraiser meets F.E.A.R with ninja demons. No I am not kidding. It seems to fall within the lines of F.E.A.R without any thought as to how it got to be that way. People going crazy humans that look like zombies and wall crawly guys, it's all to much for a game supposedly set near reality. In the end the game makes no sense, really it doesn't.

Game Play = Your guy is slow, painfully so. Walking around seems hindered somehow. Like he broke something. As for you "investigation" techniques, well I will say it a fun part of the game sort of. All you do is fumble around and take pictures follow trails and you can't miss anything or the game will not progress, so it's more of chore and time waster. As you poke around with your gadgets you will progress the storyline and that part of the story is the only part of the story that makes sense. So that is a plus.

Combat = Here is where we fall apart, the combat system. It is horrendously broken, your guy is not smart enough to pick up ammunition for firearms he finds. He seems content to bash bad guys brains in with sticks and various metal objects. If he does run out of ammunition he will begin to pistol whip everyone in sight. Then you break your gun. Its not exciting combat it is a frustrating clicking seizure of try and block the bad guy and play whack a mole. Ether your weapon is too weak or too slow, enemies seem to have a enormous amount of hit points. Only saving grace of the games combat system is the tazer. I like the funny sound they make.

The only real good part of the game is the atmosphere. It does have that spooky feeling to it. The sound is great. If you have surround sound, this game makes good use of it. you can hear stuff above, below, echoes. It's all good. This game does throw in the F.E.A.R settings as well. Things disappear, move on their own, spooky shadows. Mostly cheap thrills but it suits the lack of cohesion within the game I guess.
As for the looks, it looks okay. More could have been done of course, but I have no complaints with the visuals. Dark and dreary, that's how it looks.

Bottom line, for the money I spent on it. I got my 14$ worth I guess. It's not really a great or even a good game. This one is not going to stand the test of time, nor will it be remembered for anything. If you want to play it, you may enjoy it. I know I wound up disappointed. But for few who think it's CSI meets a FPS think again.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/28/09

Game Release: Condemned: Criminal Origins (US, 11/16/05)

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