Review by Mooytheman

Reviewed: 11/25/05

Condemned should be as it says

Maybe it’s just not my type of game, but this is a game I would THINK about buying for 9.99$ in the used games bin if I had every other game on the planet.

Graphics: 7
Yes its way better then Xbox and PS2, BUT relative to some other games (like Kameo) this one isn’t THAT good. Its ok, but a lot of repeated textures and repeated bad guys are used.

Story: 5
Its OK, I have seen better but much worse too. You’re a cop and without giving anything away some bad stuff with the law happens and you’re out to find your innocence and little something more…Cheers to the voice acting though, very nice clean and crisp.

Gameplay (Tiny SPOILER**): 2
Boooooring....Ya we get it, you unrealistically (because your backup doesn’t go with you and at one point *SPOILER* you lose your gun and your “partner” throws you an AXE from outside. Why not give me your gun if you not coming with me huh? You’ll walk around in dingy drug addict infested areas and fight with whatever you can find on the ground or rip off the wall. Pretty dull after level one, this games play value does not push any limits.

The basic premise of this game is walking around and beating up bad guys. The forensic evidence portion of the game is linear and brainless. Press X when it says and press trigger when it says…Yup….great work detective.

The beating up bad guys is pretty awesome…for the first time you fight one, then it’s the same thing over and over. Picture an Elder scrolls battler with a hammer against a ghoul and you’ll have an idea. Save in Elder scrolls you did more than just walk in a linear path, there was actually other elements at play.

Music: -1
It sets the horror mood yes….but that doesn’t last because if you hear the same 10 second tune over and over, and hearing it after the 10 hours or so it will take you to beat this game, you won’t be so horrified with the music.

Sound: 8
This is the best thing about the game sadly, but I will give it that the sounds CAN create the illusion of creepiness. Guys running by…pattering footsteps…bottle drops….TIGGER (swing weapon) TRIGGER (swing weapon)….end scene.

Overall: 3
This is the Xbox 360 people, and Condemned does not push it to the max. The decent graphics with repetitive game play just won’t cut it. This game gets very boring very fast in my opinion. However, if you’re in for the late night scares, try renting it first, since you could beat in a weekend easily (even if you have a weekend job). For a brand new title this birdie is not worth the do... With all the launch titles though there wasn’t much to choose from, however I would recommend NBA 2k6, that game is serious fun and multiplayer.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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