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"Condemned---Scary, freaky, a great game!!!"


Welcome to the next generation of gaming. This launch game for the X-Box 360 begins to highlight what the next generation of gaming could and will be.

You play as an FBI agent framed for a couple of murders that you did not commit. Your job is to clear your name by apprehending the demented serial killer that is out to destroy you. This seems simple, but in the twisted world of Condemned, it is not.

Story 10/10

The story that is presented in this game is grasping, thrilling, and addictive. The story itself will render you unable to put the controller down. Its plot is full of twists, turns, and mysteries that will entertain you for many hours.

Game Play 7/10

This game is presented in first player mode (FPS) and can make things a little difficult. Enemy's that attack from behind are hard to defend against and when your being shot at from an unknown assailant it can be more than a little aggravating trying to locate him. In a different light, the FPS mode is strength for this game, as I will explain in the graphics section of my review.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics are beautiful and very detailed. In the FPS mode you can see every expression on peoples faces during cut scenes. Most of the background is very detailed as well. The major downfall that I can see right away while playing is that there is a lot of blurriness while in actual game play. Enemies are very blurred especially when they attack you from close up, and when you are searching for items the immediate surroundings become blurred. It becomes somewhat disorienting. I expected a little bit better for a next generation game, even for a launch title.

Sound 8/10

The sound is crisp and clear. The background noises are precise and flow very nicely. The voice acting in parts could use some work. Sometimes it is excellent and sometimes it is horrible. It depends on the situation and the character.

Rent or Buy

If you are like me and are not sure about FPS games then I very strongly suggest renting this game first. In addition, if you do not know if you like this genre I also suggest renting this game. Buy it if you think you'll totally love it but I'm hesitant on telling you to fork out 60 beans for it. I would wait to buy it used or a price drop.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/26/05

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