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"Hitting a drug addictic with a pipe never felt so good."

Condemned is a must have game for all horror fans that are bored with resident evil 4. And it does take a twist from standard first person shooters, by mainly using melee weapons through out the game. Here are the reasons Condemned blew my mind on what the 360 can do.

Graphics 10/10

One of the finest looking games for the 360 right know, and its a launch title. Characters in the game look stunningly real. You can see cuts in their face to blood on their pants, everything on them is extremely detailed. The weapons in the game look as if the developers spent a great deal of time making them. I am very impressed about how this game looks.

Story 10/10

I haven't seen many games that have a truly amazing story such as Condemned. You play as FBI agent Ethan Thomas. You work in the serial crimes unit, and are hunting a fellow called the match maker. While looking into a case involving the match maker one of the police officers your working with smells cigarette smoke and you find out he's up on the next floor. Eventually you lose your gun to some guy you believe is the match maker. Later in the level the man that stole your gun kills the two police officers working with you, and you are blamed for their deaths. I won't tell you the end of the story but it has a HUGE cliff hanger ending.

AI 10/10

For crazy drug addicts these guys are really smart! The enemies in Condemned use cover very well moving when they know you can't see them, and charging when the know the time is right. If you have a good weapon say a fire axe they will run back to find something better. They also know how to block and counter attack. Also the enemies get harder as the game progresses.

Game play 9/10

You would think using mainly melee weapons in a game would get boring. But it doesn't really. All of the weapons in Condemned have their own stats. Pipes are faster than crowbars, but crowbars have better damage. You need to think about what weapons to use in different situations. Don't worry there is a good amount of fire arms to. And Condemned isn't all about fighting though. Though out the game there are little forensic science parts where you use some pretty cool tools to find clues to the mysteries. Although these segments break up the fighting a bit they were very dull, it forced you to use certain tools and helped you way to much.

Environments 10/10

Condemned knows where the scariest parts of town are. A old office building, a burned library, a farm house, a old mall, a subway, AND even a school. The environments are very well done, and have a incredible amount of objects in them. Everything in the environments is very realistic.

Overall 10/10

I am amazed at Condemned. This game gave me shivers down my spine, while at the same time showing me it's true beauty.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/26/05

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