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"Being Condemned Has Never Been This Fun."

Condemned: Criminal Origins is probably the second best game I've played all year and the fourth best ever. Here is why:

Gorgeous. B-E-A-Utiful. This is what separates the next-gen, with the current-gen. Well, one of the things. There are two beefs I have with the game. One, is that (and this is similar to a problem with Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory) it's pretty d*mn dark most of the time, and a lot of time you can't see the beautiful graphics except for the little area your pitiful flashlight illuminates. While that isn't that big of a problem, the fact that your head looks like a regular octagon in the shadows sort of bugged me. Still, very very very beautiful game.

The least... good part of the game. Very repetitive. It does set a mood (which is what it is suppose to do) but a lot of times it's just a bunch of odd sounds. Kinda like... nails across chalkboards sounds... ouch.

This is the area of the game that really really excels at putting the fear of god into you. You'll hear a bad guy go around a corner, a paint can fall over, you'll hear them yell something incoherent and scream. The sounds are well recorded and well used to make you quiver. Also, the voice acting is superb. Very nice. There is some repetition though.

Intriguing and odd. Sometimes doesn't make sense though. Still very good.

The gameplay is definitely not what you will be expecting unless you have already played the game. It's a first person shooter, without guns (not completely without guns, but mostly). You'll have to find what you can on the walls to beat down the enemies, but they can use the same things as you. The artificial intelligence is unpredictable and can serve up some scary scenarios. And scripted things in the gameplay can deliver a few cheap fun house scares. At one point, I screamed like a little girl because of an unexpected surprise (SPOILER) having to do with an escalator. The only bad thing is there is some repetition and some collision detection errors (climbing a ladder when not holding it, snapping a guys neck when your hands aren't even near his head).

Overall 8 out of 10, which (on my verbal ranking system) translates to "pretty damn good, pick this up" if you have an Xbox 360. If not... then... play Resident Evil 4. If you don't have a Gamecube/PS2, then... do... uhh... I guess... I dunno, get an Xbox 360?


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/05

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