How do I beat the scrab tank?

  1. I cant destroy it i hite it forever

    User Info: holytj1

    holytj1 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    The missiles shooter are called a rocket launcher or a missle pod

    User Info: SnowShotz

    SnowShotz - 8 years ago

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  1. There are several ways to take down a Scarab.

    #1 way for me is to do it from a distance, most of the time when you are fighting a scarab you get a weapon that can take on down from a distance, for example Scorpion Tank, Missile Pod, or a Gauss Warthog.

    So basically you get your weapon, tank, missile pod whatever and you need to target either its legs or joints ,or you could shoot directly at its back. If:

    If you decide to shoot its legs or joints, all it does is make the scarab go into a temporary emergency mode which makes it lower so u can either jump on and destroy the core or you go to the bak of the scarab ad blast the back plating off, leaving the core exposed to attack.

    NOTE: You don't have to shoot the legs/joints before you destroy the core. Shooting the legs/joints just slows the scarab down giving you time to destroy it.

    User Info: ConTejas

    ConTejas - 8 years ago 4 0


  1. You have to shot with a strong weapon, such as ghosts (those purple vehicles), warthogs or missiles shooters (I don't know their exact name) and then the scarab thank will fall to the ground and you jump into it and destroy a blue glowing thing in the other side.

    User Info: Nemazus

    Nemazus - 8 years ago 2 1
  2. I have jumped onto the Scarab tank and checked all over it but can not find the blue glowing thing, Where on the Scarab is it located?

    User Info: RNICHOLES3

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  3. You just have to get a roket Launcher and shoot the joints ntil you bring it down low enough to get on and look for the core in the back

    User Info: dramirez0135

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  4. If its ur first scarab, there is an elevator where you r raised up and u can jump onto the scarab. once on the scarab go to the back, forget about the entry way on front. when on the back find a blue force field, shoot it until it dissapears. then plant a grenade on the light where the forcefield used to be. if no grenades, shoot the light until it turns red and starts flashing. run away then watch the thing blow up. i think your second is destroyed with the scorpion, shoot one of its legs and go to the back and repeat the process from when u entered the other scarab.

    User Info: Haloquestioner

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  5. Assuming you mean the first Scarab, a little before the fight, you should have gotten a Mongoose with a rocket launcher wielding Marine. Keep him (or her) alive throughout the initial skirmish and wait for the Scarab tank. When the Scarab lands, drive around right under its main body and let your passenger fire rockets at the joints. The Scarab's legs will eventually weaken and it will begin to collapse.

    Quickly drive out from under it and jump into the garage in its behind. Climb up from the garage onto its main body and fight through the troops on top. Locate the glowing shield thing, melee it and fire at the button behind it. The Scarab is now deactivated, jump off of it and run away to escape the explosion,

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  6. For all scarab you'll need to shoot and destroy all four of its legs with a strong destructive weapon. Once that's done the scarab will kneel down and that's when you jump on the platform from the back and go up until you find a blue force field. Keep shooting that until it turns red and breaks.
    At certain level like the one with the hornets. You can fly and drop yourself on top of the scarab to skip the whole ordeal of damaging it. A bit risky, but whatever that gets the job done.

    User Info: crimson2knight

    crimson2knight - 8 years ago 0 0

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