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    Weapon/Vehicle FAQ by popcan3

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/02/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Weapons & Vehicles FAQ
    Version 1.0
    Last updated 1st Nov. 2007
    By: Livio A (AkA Popcan3)
    E-mail: www.uannarilli@rogers.com
    Table of Contents
    	1. Introduction
    	2. Version History
    	3. Weapons & Vehicles FAQ
    	3.1   - Human Weapons -
    	      - Battle Rifle 
    	      - SMG
    	      - Assault Rifle
    	      - Pistol
    	      - Shotgun
       	      - Sniper Rifle
    	      - Rocket Launcher
    	      - Spartan Laser (AkA the "Splazer")
    	3.2   - Covenant Weapons -
    	      - Plasma Pistol
    	      - Plasma Rifle
    	      - Carbine
    	      - Needler
    	      - Beam Rifle
    	      - Fuel Rod Cannon
    	      - Energy Sword
      	3.3   - Brute Weapons -
    	      - Spiker
    	      - Brute Shot
    	      - Mauler
    	      - Gravity Hammer
    	3.4   - Forerunner Weapons -
    	      - Sentinel Beam
    	3.5   - Support Weapons -
    	3.6   - Grenades -
    	3.6.5 - Equipment -
    	3.7   - Covenant Vehicles -
    	      - Banshee
    	      - Ghost
    	      - Wraith / AA Wraith
            3.8   - Human Vehicles -
    	      - Warthog
    	      - Transport Hog
    	      - Gauss Warthog
    	      - Mongoose
    	      - Hornet
    	      - Scorpion
    	      - Elephant
    	3.9   - Brute Vehicles -
    	      - Chopper
    	      - Prowler
    	4. Copyright Information
    	5. Credits
    	6. Contact Info
    1.0  Introduction
    This is the first FAQ i've ever done on GameFAQ's ( i did make a TP faq for
    another site) So if there are any errors or anything to point out contact me.
    This FAQ was created to display all of the available weapons and vehicles in
    the game and to provide strategies for players to use them more effectively.
    Some weapons and vehicles are rather difficult to use, whether it's because
    of a slow fire rate, inaccuracy, weak power, or short range, but can be used
    with great results if you know how to use them.
    As you know, Halo 3 introduces several new weapons, including more brute 
    weapons and the new "support weapons" class. Both humans and covenant now have
    some new vehicles as well, and some existing vehicles have been remodeled and
    have new features.
    2.0   Version History
    (11/01/2007) - Version 1.0 - First released version of this FAQ.
    (04/02/2008) - Version 1.2 - Added some stuff and fixed some errors.
    3.0   Weapons & Vehicles FAQ
    3.1   Human Weapons
    - Battle Rifle
    Power: Medium
    Accuracy: High
    Range: Medium
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    The BR55HB SR Battle rifle is a standard UNSC weapon, and a good one at that.
    It is one of the best all-rounded weapons in the entire game, and can easily
    be one of your most important guns in a firefight. It sports a 36-round clip
    and has a good amount of power, coupled with good range (and a x2 scope) as
    well as a great accuracy, thanks to it's 3-round burst.
    The Battle rifle in Halo 3 hasn't changed much from it's predecessors, 
    although the design has changed slightly. The stats from the previous rifles
    are about the same as well. It does have faster firing rate than the Halo 2
    Battle rifle however.
    To use the Battle rifle effectively, follow the same rule as you would for
    any other weapon: Aim for the Head! Headshots will do a large amount of
    damage with this weapon, and will quickly rid of any enemies in your path,
    lest they be carrying a much more powerful weapon. in that case, you're 
    in trouble.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Carbine
    - SMG (Sub - Machine Gun)
    power: Very Low
    Accuracy: Low - Medium
    Range: Low - Medium
    Rate of Fire: Very High
    Ah the SMG. It is a light weapon, with one of, if not the fastest, firing 
    speeds in the game. This makes it effective for close quarters combat mostly,
    because the spread fire is HUGE. A good strategy would be to Fire in bursts, 
    to maintain accuracy while keeping the offensive power higher. It isn't
    exactly a bad weapon, just that there are better ones out there, and if,
    you can find them, take them instead. It can be more effective, however,
    when paired with another weapon, such as the plasma rifle. It has a 60
    round clip, which makes up for it's low accuracy however.
    the SMG has had an attack upgrade in the new Halo, although it hasn't
    changed it's stats by much. It is still a weak weapon, and for a close
    quarters weapon, is actually quite weak. Although, i must say the new
    sound the SMG makes is way cooler than in Halo 2.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Battle Rifle, Carbine
    - Assault Rifle
    Power: Low - Medium
    Accuracy: Dependent
    Range: Low - Medium
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    The MA5C Assault Rifle makes a comeback in Halo 3, and it's better than 
    ever. Being the follow-up to Halo CE's MA5B, it has a variety of 
    improvements over it's other version. Chief among them, an increased
    range, increased power, and better accuracy, as the bullets now have less
    of a spread. However, it has a smaller clip, forcing you to rely on melee
    attacks and using grenades to destroy your enemy. But, it can actually
    kill people now! (how cool is that?)
    One flaw has been found in the Assault rifle: it can't make headshots.
    Due to the spread-fire of the gun, the gun cannot make any single shots
    on a person in order to headshot someone. Also, the accuracy is 
    "dependent" because it differs with range and usage. it is more accurate
    at close range (obviously) and also when you fire in controlled bursts,
    rather than full-auto. Use it only if you have nothing more powerful.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Battle Rifle, Carbine, Energy Sword
    - Pistol
    Power: High
    Accuracy: Medium - High
    Range: Low - Medium
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    Once again, another weapon has come back, with improvements of course,
    and has a redesign as well. The New M6G pistol (dual-wieldable of course)
    is another fairly balanced weapon that is handy to have in a fight. It's
    all-around good stats make it suitable for any enemy, although you may 
    want to use an alternate weapon in multiplayer, as it fires too slow and
    unless you dual-wield or headshot, may be killed pretty quickly.
    The new version of the pistol has increased accuracy and damage over
    the Halo 2 pistol, but doesn't have a scope or is as powerful like the
    one M6D from Halo CE.
    A great weapon to have. Not the best, but it stands up there with some 
    of the best in the game. Although, as i said, it may prove more useful
    in the campaign than in the multiplayer.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Carbine, Battle Rifle
    - Shotgun
    Power: High - Very High
    Accuracy: Low - Medium
    Range: Low
    Rate of Fire: Low
    Arguably one of, if not the best, close range weapons of the game, and
    one of the coolest to boot. Just wielding one makes you feel like you
    can take on any challenger. Although, long shootouts with this weapon
    are not recommended, due to it's quite smaller, and should i say,
    realistic, clip capacity. It now holds just 6 shells, but is even more
    powerful than previous shotguns. Also, the iron sights have now been
    changed to blue again. The flashlight is also mounted on the side of
    the weapon rather than underneath.
    The shotgun is invaluable in multiplayer and single player, where
    small corridors and buildings make a perfect environment to use this
    weapon. Headshots at point-blank range are fatal.
    Counter With: Pistol, Carbine, Battle Rifle, Sniper
    - Sniper Rifle
    Power: Very High
    Accuracy: Very High
    Range: Very High
    Rate of Fire: Low
    Quite possibly the best weapon in the game, the sniper is a weapon to
    be feared. With deadly accuracy, high power, and a range larger than
    most maps, this baby can take you out before you even blink. Of
    course, getting good at using it actually takes some skill and 
    The new SRS99C Sniper rifle has some changes as well: a slower rate
    of fire, and increased recoil, which means you will need to readjust 
    your aim after each shot ( although this isn't too much of a problem)
    Remember: Headshots are an instant kill, so aim for the head!
    Note: In order to compensate for recoil, aim for the neck area of your victim.
    Counter With: Beam Rifle, Battle Rifle, Carbine, Spartan Laser
    - Rocket Launcher
    Power: VERY High
    Accuracy: Perfect (It goes straight)
    Range: Low - Medium
    Rate of Fire: Very Low
    The rocket launcher is a very powerful weapon that can make short 
    work of any enemy. It holds 2 rockets at a time, and takes about 
    2 seconds to fire the next rocket. It may be strong, but it 
    travels fairly slow and is easily dodgeable. Also, remember that
    it has splash damage, so don't go blowing it at a wall right next
    to you, 'cause you WILL die.
    The best strategy you can use with the rocket launcher is to aim
    at an opponent's feet, rather than the body, and, shoot where
    they're going, instead of where they are.
    The new rocket launcher's don't home in, so you will have to rely
    on skill this time around.
    You can also counter the rockets using the gravity Hammer, although you
    shouldn't always count on this as it is sometimes unpredictable and needs
    to be timed right.
    Counter With: Sniper, Flamethrower, Spartan Laser, Gravity Hammer
    - Spartan Laser
    Power: Insanely High
    Accuracy: Very High
    Range: High
    Rate of Fire: Extremely Low
    The New Spartan Laser is the most powerful Human weapon available.
    It fires a pirecing beam of energy that penetrates several targets
    and destroys vehicles.However, it is a double-edged sword. It
    requires a short 3 second charge-up before firing, leaving you
    vulnerable to enemy fire.
    Being one of the strongest weapons in the whole game, it is highly
    sought-after, and it is a decent weapon when you are at a distance
    from your enemy or are in hiding, but it should be left alone in 
    some maps, especially when there isn't enough room to get a clear
    shot. Other than that though, it totally pwns.
    Counter With: Rocket Launcher, Sniper, Beam Rifle, Fuel Rod Cannon
    3.2   Covenant Weapons
    - Plasma Pistol
    Power: Low, Drains shields when charged
    Accuracy: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Rate of Fire: High
    This portable covenant weapon may seem weak, but it can be quite
    useful if used correctly. It can drain shields easily, especially
    when charged, and that makes it especially deadly. In Halo 3, you
    cannot keep the pistol charged long however as this is used to 
    counteract the "n00b combo". It also does not home in on enemies
    when charged either. It does posess the ability, however, to stop
    vehicles for a short time, when it is charged and fired, which is
    quite effective at close range.
    If you can dual wield the pitols, it is better than by itself, as
    it posesses a low attack power and minimal range.
    Counter With: Battle Rifle, Carbine, Pistol, Shotgun, Sword/Hammer
    - Plasma Rifle
    Power: Medium
    Accuracy: Medium
    Range: Low - Medium
    Rate of Fire: High
    Another Plamsma firing weapon, the plasma rifle fires blue bolts
    of plasma at quick speeds. it isn't the most accurate gun, 
    especially if you're going full-auto, but can be used in quick
    bursts to be made more effective. It can be dual-wielded, which
    is even stronger, especially when used with another effective 
    weapon. It is fairly good at taking down shields as well.
    All in all, it isn't a very strong weapon, but can be comboed
    for deadlier results. It is advised to carry a long-range 
    weapon with you as well, for enemies outside it's range. It is
    particularily effective for neutralizing small targets, such
    as flood infection forms and grunts. It also has the fastest
    melee in the game, next to the energy sword of course.
    Counter With: Sniper, Battle Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Carbine
    - Carbine
    Power: Medium
    Accuracy: High
    Range: Medium - High
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    The Covenant Carbine is the covenant counterpart to the UNSC
    Battle Rifle. It fires projectiles, rather than plasma bolts,
    at a medium rate of fire. It fires green projectiles, which
    do a fair amount of damage, and are stronger than in Halo 2.
    These green projectiles, however, may betray your position
    when hiding, as they mark your location to your enemies.
    This gun is rather good for sniping as well, with it's x2
    scope, and good damage-per-shot, it is more effective than
    the BR, but at the cost of being harder to aim at times.
    It makes a great standard weapon in both multi and single
    player play, being good against flood and jackals, and
    effective on opponents when using headshots.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Sword
    - Needler
    Power: Dependant on how many needles are fired
    Accuracy: High (Needles Home in)
    Range: Low - Medium
    Rate of Fire: High
    The Needler. It is a weapon capable of rapid-firing Homing
    projectiles that embed in the target for massive damage.
    Cool, huh? Then again, it does have it's drawbacks. The
    needles move slowly, and are difficult to hit at medium
    ranges, but apart from that it is a fairly good weapon.
    The pink needles it fires will home in on any opponent
    that happens to come within your crosshairs, and will
    explode once they reach your target, for added damage.
    The Needler has been changed for Halo 3, losing it's
    previous ability to dual-wield, but gaining an increase
    in firepower, as well as a x5 increase in the firing rate.
    As well, the new needler will now follow an enemy behind 
    cover and has a longer range, equal to that of the MA5C.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Battle Rifle, Carbine, Pistol
    - Beam Rifle
    Power: High
    Accuracy: Very High
    Range: High
    Rate of Fire: Low
    The Almighty Beam rifle is the faithful equivalent to
    the Sniper Rifle, with it's built-in energy system, 
    there's no need to reload! Caution must be taken to not
    overheat the weapon of course, but it is just as 
    accurate as the sniper rifle. Of course, it also blows
    your cover when fired, just like the sniper rifle.
    Also, just like the SR, a headshot will kill you 
    instantaneously. However, it is slightly less powerful
    (not really noticable, however) and less accurate than
    it's counterpart.
    Remember that this is a long-range weapon, so you will
    need distance to use it effectively. Space yourself 
    away, back towards a wall, and fire. Just remember that
    because it doesn't need to be reloaded, it does overheat
    if fired quickly, so don't go trigger-happy on your
    Counter With: Shotgun, Battle Rifle, Carbine, Sniper
    - Fuel Rod Cannon
    Power: Very High
    Accuracy: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Rate of Fire: Low
    The covenant have their own portable heavy weapon, known 
    as the Fuel rod cannon. It launches green orbs of plasma
    in an arc, which can slightly home in on enemies & 
    vehicles, for MASSIVE DAMAGE! It sports a 5-rod clip
    and a fairly quick reload, at the cost of a lower damage
    than the rocket launcher. However, you can still kill
    enemies within 2-4 shots, depending on their shielding
    and strength.
    The orbs travel relatively slow in the air, so you may 
    want to be closer to targets for an accurate shot. Also,
    remember that it has splash damage, so it will do damage 
    to you if fired close by, and it is horrible in close 
    quarters combat because of this.
    Counter With: Rocket Launcher, Sniper, Spartan Laser
    - Energy Sword
    Power: Very High
    Accuracy: Extremely High
    Range: Close Range Only
    Rate of Fire: N/A
    The Sacred Energy Sword is back! This fantastic melee
    weapon is the ultimate in close-quarters weaponry. with
    it's massive damage and it's sword lunge attack, you can
    make quick work of any enemy in seconds! The new energy
    sword now has a slightly different look, including a 
    cyan color, and a sharp angle near the handle, rather 
    than a curve in previous games. Contrary to it's
    ceremonial uses, the energy sword does make an effective
    Using the energy sword may be difficult at times, due to
    the fact that it's a close range weapon, meaning it can
    easily be dodged by moving away, and you are helpless
    if someone is firing at you from a distance.
    The energy sword can now be 'Parried" in Halo 3, by
    pressing the right trigger as the other player attacks,causing
    both of your swords to clash together and negate the attack.
    This isn't always life-saving exactly though, because
    the enemy could just lunge at you again. It is also
    advised to carry a longer range weapon with you, as you
    do not want to be cornered by someone with, say, a 
    shotgun for instance.
    You could counter the sword using the gravity hammer, however it's attack
    is terribly slow compared to the sword, leaving you open for attack.
    Counter With: Shotgun
    3.3   Brute Weapons 
    - Brute Spiker
    Power: Medium
    Accuracy: Medium
    Range: Low - Medium
    Rate of Fire: High
    The 'Type-25 Spiker Carbine' Aka the Brute Spiker, is a handheld, rapid-firing,
    spike-launching gun that can be dual wielded for maximum damage. It's fast
    firing rate ensures enemies are 'Pinned down' (sorry for pun) under fire and
    it is quite versatile as well. It has a 40 spike clip, and is similar to the
    SMG, however due to it's weight, it has no recoil. It has a very quick reload,
    and can be used as a close- medium ranged weapon without losing too much of 
    it's accuracy. As with the SMG, it can be dual wielded for maximum effect,
    and when coupled with a plasma rifle, can take down an enemy's shields quickly,
    followed by a spray of spikes.
    The spiker can burn through flesh and armor with ease, but when facing a 
    shielded enemy, it is better to go in with a melee strike first. As with
    most brute weapons, it holds a powerful blade underneath, allowing for deadly
    melee attacks. This, in combination with it's fast ROF, makes it an ideal
    close range weapon.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Battle Rifle, Carbine
    - Brute Shot
    Power: Medium - High
    Accuracy: Medium
    Range: Medium 
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    The Brute Shot is the only grenade launcher weapon in the game, and a good one
    at that. It now fires faster, and hold more ammo, thanks to an increased 6
    grenade magazine. The grenades also travel faster and do not arc as much, and
    the melee is even faster, which is good, because it has a large blade useful
    for close encounters. It reloads quite fast, and is a great weapon for taking 
    out hordes of enemies, especially since it has such a high splash damage.
    Due to it's explosive effects, yet it's quick projectile speed and quick 
    reload, it's probably the best explosive weapon in the game. It is 
    relatively easy to use, and you don't need to take time aiming like with the
    rocket launcher, because of it's quick speed and fairly accurate aiming.
    Note: The Brute Shot grenades only have a limited distance before they
    Counter With: Shotgun, Battle Rifle, Carbine, Sniper
    - Brute Mauler
    Power: High
    Accuracy: Low
    Range: Short
    Rate of Fire: Low
    Now this weapon is cool. The Brute Mauler, is a Brute Handgun, which is the
    literal fusion between a sawed-off shotgun and a pistol. It features a
    cylindrical ammo container, holding 5 rounds each. It combines the
    portability and dual-wield ability of the pistol, with the stopping power
    and spread fire of the shotgun. Of course, it isn't as strong as the shotgun,
    but when dual wielding, it's almost equal.
    The mauler isn't as effective as the shotgun either, however, there is a 
    great tactic that can be used when wielding a single mauler. When close-up
    to someone, attack with a shot, and immediately melee right after. If done
    correctly, it should be an instant kill. Dua wielding the mauler with a plasma
    weapon is an effective combo, that can quickly take down foes.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Sword
    - Gravity Hammer
    Power: Extremely High
    Accuracy: High (Large Area of Effect)
    Range: Close Range Only
    Rate of Fire: N/A
    WHOA! Now this weapon is extremely devastating. Being an instant-kill weapon,
    this is the best melee weapon in the game, featuring a large Gravity
    manipulator and a massive blade. It can create Large Gravity shockwaves that
    hits a large area, and sends opponents flying. It can even deflect rockets
    and grenades when timed correctly! The Hammer does not have a large battery,
    and this limits it's use in most instances. It is better to use it as a
    secondary weapon, because of it's limited use and short duration in a combat
    The best strategy, as stated above, is to keep it as your second weapon, and
    quickly whip it out whenever you need to use it. When you have the Hammer,
    even if it is on your back, it makes you a prime target for enemy snipers,
    so beware.
    Counter With: Sniper Rifle, Needler
    3.4   Forerunner Weapons
    - Sentinel Beam
    Power: Medium - High
    Accuracy: Very High
    Range: Medium - High
    Rate of Fire: Very High
    The Sentinel Beam returns in Halo 3, and can be picked up in the campaign from 
    a fallen Sentinel or other areas. Although it is rare than before, it is 
    currently much stronger, and fires a strong orange beam that can destroy
    enemies within seconds, making it invaluable against the flood. It doesn't
    appear in multiplayer normally, but it can be placed in maps via Forge.
    Being a beam weapon, the laser is naturally very accurate. It can be sustained
    for several seconds before overheating, which is more than enough to kill 
    someone if you keep them in your sight. This is easier said than done,
    however, because it is easy to dodge the laser, especially at long range.
    The Sentinel beam does have an infinite range, but it loses it's effectiveness
    and aiming ability after the target is far enough, just as with any weapon.
    Counter With: Sniper Rifle
    3.5   Support Weapons
    - AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun
    Power: Medium - High
    Accuracy: Medium
    Range: Medium - High
    If you ever felt like turrets were so boring, just sitting there, with someone
    waiting to snipe you when you used them, well now it changes. Just go over to
    it, yank it out of the ground, and barrage enemies with heavy gunfire. The 
    turret, of course has limited ammo in this state (200 rounds), but that should
    be more than enough to keep enemies at bay. It has a quick 1-second start up
    time until maximum velocity is reached, then it can defeat enemies in seconds.
    Although, there is a side-effect to wielding this massive weapon - you will
    only travel at 1/2 the normal speed. This marks you as a target to other
    players, while at the same time frightening them. Remember that you cannot 
    throw grenades, melee, or switch weapons while using the turret.
    In my experience, it has been far better to use the dismounted turret for short
    times, and quickly dropping it before i get killed. The slow speed hinders
    your combat ability quite a bit, and it's attack doesn't quite make up for it.
    Counter With: Grenades, Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Sniper
    - Missle Pod
    Power: Medium - High
    Accuracy: High
    Range: Medium - Hgih
    The Missle pod is basically a long-range, rapid firing rocket launcher, with 
    the added ability of homing rockets (an effect that was taken from Halo 2's
    rocket launcher). The rockets are weaker than the rocket launcher, and have
    less splash damage, but what they lack in power, they make up for in travel 
    speed. they travel significantly faster than the other rockets, and are 
    suitable for destroying enemy vehicles, since it's lock-on allows even fast
    vehicles to be tracked.
    The Missle pods each come equipped with 8 rockets, and can't (and don't 
    need to be) reloaded. Due to the fast nature of the rockets, enemies
    may not be able to react in time. However, it's smaller size means it may
    be easily dodged by small targets at moderate distances.
    Counter With: Grenades, Sniper, Spartan Laser
    - Flamethrower
    Power: High
    Accuracy: High
    Range: Low
    The Flamethrower is back, and it's more powerful than ever. The new M7057 
    Defoliant Projector (Flamethrower for short) Can spray 13 meters of white hot
    fire, charring whomever happens to be in the flame. It can kill a fully 
    shielded spartan in about 2 seconds, and maintain a stream of fire for several 
    seconds. It holds 100 units of ammo at a time, But can't be sustained for
    long or it overheats. It is a support weapon, so you will travel slower while 
    using it, but this makes it one of the most lethal weapons at close - medium
    range, Especially in more open areas, where flames will not hurt you also.
    When tactically using the flamethrower, it is important to remember that you
    are quite vulnerable while using it. If you are out in the open, you can
    use it to make a smokescreen to blind enemies and get away. You can also
    spread down a wall of fire so enemies following you will become damaged. It
    is best used while hiding in a base, waiting behind a doorway for someone 
    to come through.
    Counter With: Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Sniper, Spartan Laser
    - Automatic Plasma Cannon
    Power: Medium - High
    Accuracy: Medium
    Range: Medium - High
    The plasma cannon is the covenant's answer to the UNSC machine gun turret. It
    is basically the exact same weapon, except that it looks much different, and 
    it fires blue plasma bolts, rather than bullets. The bolts are very similar 
    to those of the plasma rifle, but probably slightly stronger. The turret can
    be pulled off it's tripod and lugged around the battlefield for mobile use.
    It has the same firing rate as the Machine gun, so it's use just depends on
    the purpose you need it for, because being a plasma weapon, it is much better
    against shielded enemies.
    Counter With: Grenades, Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Sniper
    3.6   Grenades
    - M9 HE-DP Grenade (Fragmentation Grenade)
    Explosive Power: Very High 
    Added Effect: Shorter Fuse, Better Against Non-Shielded enemies
    The good ol' Frag grenades are standard UNSC issue, and are a big help in any
    fight. They do moderate - High damage, and have good splash damage as well.
    They are more effective against enemy flesh, so unshielded enemies are more
    at danger. Like all grenades, you can carry 2 in the game.
    It is a very useful grenade, as it can bounce off walls, be thrown far, and is
    harder to see by your victims. Of course it does have downsides, including that
    it doesn't stick to objects, and that you, may be the one to not notice the 
    small grenade at your feet, but it also has a shorter fuse, so enemies have 
    less of a chance to escape.
    - Plasma Grenades
    Explosive Power: Very High
    Added Effect: Longer Fuse, Better Against Shields
    Once an enemy is stuck with the plasma grenade, it won't come off. That is an
    advantage these grenades have over Frag grenades. They stick to enemies and
    vehicles, but nothing else. Their massive destructive power at close range
    is lethal, as any shielded person will lose their protection, and possibly
    die. Plasma grenades take longer to explode, but are actually slightly 
    stronger than frags, so it balances out.
    When stuck, you cannot do anything except hope that somehow it falls off, or
    to run to the enemy and take them with you. Equally as useful in the same
    uses as the Frag, but although way cooler to watch. They glow alot brighter,
    so enemies will actually see this coming and try to dodge.
    - Spike Grenades
    Explosive Power: Low - High
    Added Effect: Sprays Spikes everywhere, Sticks to all objects
    Bearing resemblance to a medieval mace, the spike grenade is far more deadlier.
    When thrown, it adheres to any surface it comes into contact with, and expels
    sharp shrapnel shortly after. If a stick is accomplished, a spartan will 
    die when it detonates. You can also throw it near an enemy, and let the 
    shrapnel do damage instead, if you can't hit them directly. It is also quite
    effective on vehicles as well.
    Remember that it sticks to anything, whether it be a wall, a warthog, or the 
    back of someone's head, and can inflict serious pain. A good tactic when
    someone is inside a bubble shield, is to throw it inside, and back off,
    which will detonate the grenade inside the shield, sealing everyone's fate.
    It can also be used to deter enemies from following you inside bases, as
    an area denial weapon by throwing it doorways.
    - Firebomb Grenade
    Explosive Power: Medium
    Added Effect: Sustained fire for 4.5 seconds
    Basically the Halo version of the molotov coktail. It looks like a cylindrical
    grenade with caps on each end, and when thrown, will engulf enemies in fire.
    It doesn't explode with intensity like other grenades, but it can lay down
    a fiery patch where enemies will take damage from coming intp contact with it.
    If thrown directly onto an enemy, it usually kills them, both from impact 
    damage and fire damage.
    The grenade can be used to lay down a firewall, to prevent enemies from
    certain areas, and is quite useful as a deterrant. It can still affect you,
    so watch out for the flames that erupt from the grenade.
    3.6.5   Equipment
    - Bubble Shield
    The bubble shield is a UNSC equipment, despite that brutes tend to use it way
    more in the campaign. It is a device that stands on 4 legs, that can be 
    deployed to activate  a shield, protecting anyone within from potential harm.
    The Bubble shield deploys a circular force field once activated, and, as 
    stated above, protects anything inside from weapon fire. It can, however,
    be traveled through, as it only stops objects with a high velocity. The
    shield is invincible, but may fade after a high amount of damage has been 
    done. It can be turned off by destroying the device from within the shield.
    It lasts roughly 30 seconds or so.
    - Portable Gravity Lift
    The portable gravity lift is a mobile device that expands into a small grav
    lift similar to the larger ones the covenant uses. It propels units upward
    a short distance, and items/ equipment can even be sent upward. 
    The Grav Lift can be used as a strategic item, such as by placing it outside
    of a doorway toprevent enemies from entering. Enemies entering it will 
    instantly fly upward, and become airborne. In Campaign, enemies will use the 
    grav lift often and will follow you up one as well.
    - Power Drainer
    The power drainer resembles a small orb, that activates a shield-draining aura
    that deactivates nearby shields. Once thrown and activated, it will open up
    and weaken any nearby players.
    The power drainer is used to weaken enemy players to make them easier to be
    killed, and the orb itself can kill enemies, as it will explode after a short
    period. The orb's draining abilities also work on vehicles, disabling any
    of them in it's proximity.
    - Regenerator
    The Regenerator is the exact opposite of the power drainer, recharging you
    shielding rather than draining it. It looks different than the power drainer,
    instead being mounted on legs, similar to the bubble shield. Once activated,
    it releases a green mist that regerates shields nearby.
    It can be useful in battle, if you stand nearby it you will be quite hard
    to take down. Of course, your enemy could also choose to stande nearby and
    take the effect as well. It is better to use it as a kind of 'Recharge 
    Station' rather than standing near it constantly, to ensure noone else uses
    it but you and your allies.
    - Radar Jammer
    It looks the same as the power drainer, although with a red color scheme. It
    releases a red aura that will mess up everyone's Motion tracker, as long as
    they are close by. It is deployed the same way as the power drainer.
    The power drainer will flood proximity radars with a plethora of red dots,
    all moving in certain directions, which will confuse your foes, in the hope
    that they won't be able to find you. It may not be as useful as it sounds,
    but it can be used strategically, such as when players are invisible or
    by comboing it with the Flare.
    - Flare
    The Flare as well, looks just like the power drainer, albeit yellow in colour.
    It works similarily to a flash-bang grenade, blinding your enemies and causing
    mass chaos (at least in the area you use it, that is).
    When deployed, it releases a blinding light, temporarily knocking out the 
    vision of, once again, nearby units, whether good or bad. This equipment can
    actually have some very good uses, such as being used to blind enemies while
    going in for the kill, to stun opponents while running for the flag. Just watch
    out for the flare yourself.
    - Trip Mine
    The TR/9 Trip Mine is one of the most useful equipments, being one of the only
    ones that actually inflict damage. It stops vehicles in their tracks and can
    be hidden and placed as a booby trap, if you want.
    You throw it out, and it instantly becomes activated. It is a proximity mine,
    so movement nearby will trigger it. It has a larger explosion area than both
    rockets and grenades, but won't kill fully shielded enemies instantly. It can
    even adhere to vehicles, so enemies that attempt to commandeer one will find
    a surprise waiting for them. Also, it cannot be deactivated, except by 
    destroying it by firing at it.
    The Trip mine won't explode if you are crouched when walking near it.
    - Deployable Cover
    When you're under fire and you need protection, the deployable cover shield can
    help you out. It opens up and generates a large force field, protecting your
    frontal area from attack.
    The energy shield can protect you from all kinds of weapons fire, but will
    be more resistant to projectiles rather than plasma. It can be depleted,
    through the use of plasma weapons or explosives. It is most vulnerable at
    the base, And because it only protects your front, you are still in danger
    from the side or back.
    Projectile weapons can be fired through the shield, from the back, but
    not plasma weapons. This can give you an advantage if you're using human
    - Automated Turret (Campaign Only)
    The automated turret resembles a sentinel, although much smaller and weaker. 
    It can be let loose to attack your enemies, although only in the campaign, and 
    even then, it's still quite rare. It will attack all nearby enemies with a 
    weapon similar to the sentinel beam.
    The turret uses a piercing blue beam, that although not that fast, is quite 
    powerful. It does have some targeting issues, such as targeting allies (but
    it won't fire on them because they are allies). It is very effective against
    flood forms as it will lock onto infection forms and destroy them. It can
    often die easily however, if it is exposed to enemy fire.
    - Cloaking (Campaign Only)
    If you need a few moments of stealth, look out for the cloaking powerup. It
    behaves exactly like the active camoflauge, except it doesn't last as long.
    The cloaking powerup looks like a small rod with 3 small bumps, that glows
    when you hold it.
    It will render you invisible to the naked eye, allowing you to slip past 
    enemies undetected. It replaces active camoflauge in the campaign, and is
    often more convienient because you can choose when you want to activate it.
    - Invincibility (Campaign Only)
    It's a pain when brutes go invulnerable on you, and start whalloping you with
    their gravity hammer, but if you're lucky, you can be too. You can find the
    invincibility device near dead brute's bodies.
    While invincible, you are completely free from harm (except for falls off
    the maps) and will glow blue with rings around you character. Enemies will
    try to run away form you while invincible, but don't waste your opportunity
    to show them a good beatin'!
    3.7   Covenant Vehicles
    - Banshee
    Speed: Medium
    Weaponry: Plasma Cannons, Fuel Rod Cannon
    Passengers: None
    The Banshee is the Covenant air assault vehicle. It is effective on ground
    troops and air vehicles, but not ground vehicles. It isn't strong but has 
    a high fire rate and can deplete shields easily. It is purple, with a green
    cockpit area and 2 gravity pods on thin arms to the side.
    The Banshee has 2 attacks: a plasma bolt firing attack, and a fuel rod attack,
    which blasts a fuel rod orb at the target. The fuel rod attack is more 
    effective against vehicles due to it's explosive properties, and is good
    for large groups of enemies.
    The Banshee isn't that fast, but it is good for strafing around the skies.
    You can't move down at an angel lower than 45 degrees, to balance the vehicle.
    You can perform stunts, which are invaluable when trying to dodge missiles
    and rockets. Also, a passenger can stand on top of the banshee for transport,
    but you will have to move slowly while flying.
    Counter With: Spartan Laser, Fuel Rod Cannon, Machine Gun Turret
    - Ghost
    Speed: Fast
    Weaponry: Plasma Cannons
    Passengers: None
    For speedy attacks, the ghost is an effective vehicle. It hovers above the
    ground with mounted antigrav pods. It is faster than the Banshee, but doesn't
    have as much firepower, and is more exposed. It also doesn't hold any 
    passengers, just like the banshee.
    The ghost is more suited for light recon work, rather than an actual fighting
    vehicle. It's light plasma cannons are effective against infantry, but not
    anything else. It makes a suitable "getaway" vehicle. The new ghost has a
    Speed boost ability, allowing for quick boosts of speed, but with low
    Counter With: Shotgun, Gun Turret, Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser
    - Wraith / AA Wraith
    Speed: Slow
    Weaponry: Wraith Mortar, Plasma Turret
    Passengers: 1 Gunner
    Wraith's are the covenant's heavy artillery, and the opposite of Human Tanks.
    They have large heavy purple armor, and have a big frontal cannon that lobs
    energy spheres at far distances. 
    The wraith has been made stronger for Halo 3, and an extra gunner position has 
    been added. Gunners use a mounted plasma turret to ward off enemies while the
    driver fires mortars. Like the ghost, it also features a speed boost ability,
    however it is a smaller increase due to the sheer weight of the wraith.
    In Halo 3 there is also an Anti-Aircraft variant to the wraith, known simply
    as the AA Wraith. Rather than a large mortar cannon, it has 2 mounted fuel
    rod cannons, that can rapid fire stream into the sky, that are very effective
    against aircraft. It is also useful for ground forces, but isn't used for that
    in the game. Through a glitch, it is driveable in Halo 3, and works the
    exact same as the standard Wraith.
    Counter With: Spartan Laser, Rocket Launcher, Grenades, Fuel Rod Cannons
    3.8   Human Vehicles
    - Warthog
    Speed: Medium
    Weaponry: LAAG Turret
    Passengers: 1 Passenger, 1 Gunner
    When you need to get somewhere fast, the M12 Warthog LRV is right for the job.
    It has room for a driver, a passenger and a gunner. It has a mounted LAAG
    machine gun. It is great for transporting team members, or chasing down flag
    The mounted gun has a high fire rate, and although it isn't too strong, it can
    easily kill enemies in mere seconds. Firing full-auto will give you more 
    chances to hit, but is less accurate. The Person in the passenger seat can also
    attack, using whatever weapon they have on hand. The gun is much more effective
    on infantry rather than vehicles.
    Counter With: Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Grenades, Fuel Rod Cannon
    - Transport Hog
    Speed: Medium
    Weaponry: None
    Passengers: 5 Passengers
    The "Transport Hog" is another warthog variant, which substitutes the turret
    for an extra 4 seats, which can be loaded with passengers. Of course, the 
    passengers can fire out, potentially making it a very powerful vehicle. It
    behaves and looks like a regular warthog, save for no turret and and 
    extended back area. It can only be used in the campaign, and only computer
    characters can use the back seats, leaving players to use just the driver
    and passenger seats.
    Counter With: Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Grenades, Fuel Rod Cannon
    - Gauss Warthog
    Speed: Medium
    Weaponry: Gauss Cannon
    Passengers: 1 Passenger, 1 Gunner
    If more firepower than a regualr warthog is needed, you could go for the
    M12G1 Warthog LAAV, AkA, The "Gauss Hog". It has a gauss cannon for massive
    firepower that is very effective against aircraft and vehicles. Other than
    the alternate weapon, it is no different from a standard warthog.
    If using this warthog in the campaign, often it is better to let a computer
    ally use the turret, as they are usually much better shots than players, 
    although they don't drive as well.
    Counter With: Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Grenades, Fuel Rod Cannon
    - Mongoose
    Speed: Very Fast
    Weaponry: None
    Passengers: 1 Passenger
    It's the UNSC ATV, and it's quite fast. It's used for quick attacks and just
    plain getting to where you want to go. Much faster than a warthog, although it
    is powerless, as it has no weapons. Your only form of offense would be the
    vehicle itself, or a backseat driver who can wield any weapon they currently 
    Due to it's light and fast design, it has a low amount of maneuverability.
    Although, when driving full speed, it is nigh impssible to highjack. It's
    speed also makes it highly useful for CTF and Assault. However, both the
    driver and passenger are vulnerable at all times.
    Counter With: Missile Pod, Fuel Rod Cannon, Brute Shot
    - Hornet
    Speed: Medium
    Weaponry: Dual Turret, Missile Pods
    Passengers: 1 Driver, 2 Passenger Rails
    Hornets are UNSC air vehicles, designed for air support in combat. It has a
    cockpit for a driver, and 2 small platforms for players and NPC's to hitch
    a ride on. Passengers can use any weapons they have. The Hornet can also hover
    in the air.
    The Hornet is equipped with 2 missile pods, which fire several missiles each
    at a time, as well as a dual machine gun. It's missiles lock on and are 
    better against vehicles than the banshee's fuel rod cannon. It can take off
    and land verticaly as well, making it great for drop-offs and transport.
    It can't boost or do stunts however, making it an easier target.
    Counter With: Spartan Laser, Missile Pod
    - Scorpion
    Speed: Slow
    Weaponry: Main Turret, Machine Gun
    Passengers: 1 Gunner
    The main Offensive vehicle of the UNSC is the Scorpion M808B Main Battle Tank.
    While it moves slowly, it packs a powerful cannon that is one of the strongest
    attacks in the game. Like the wraith, it too has an optional gunner position
    to protect itself.
    The Scorpion is now Faster in Halo 3, and even stronger as well. In appearance,
    it has a main cannon, with four tread pods, and a turret on top of the cannon.
    The scorpion can be easily highjacked from behind, so backup cover is often 
    needed in enclosed areas. The driver canopy is armored, and can be taken off
    from concentrated weapon fire, rendering the driver vulnerable. It is quite 
    effective on both infantry ground troops, And vehicles. It has a blind spot,
    however because it's turret cannot reach directly behind it.
    Counter With: Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Grenades, Fuel Rod Cannon,
                  Brute Shot
    - Elephant
    Speed: Very Slow
    Weaponry: 1 Light Machine Gun, 1 Heavy Machine Gun
    Passengers: 1 Driver, 2 Gunners, As many extra passengers as can fit
    This 'Mobile Base' is the largest drivable vehicle in the game, and only 
    appears on one map - Sandtrap. Within it's massive hull, are 2 machine guns:
    one LAAG machine gun, and another heavy gun turret. It has a cockpit at the 
    front, and a cargo hold with a mongoose inside.
    The Elephant moves slow, and although it isn't fast or powerful, it really
    is a 'Mobile Base'. It spawns team members inside, and CTF/Assault flags
    will spawn inside as well. If used strategically, it can be very useful in 
    battles and can send troops to fight quickly.
    Counter With: Fuel Rod Cannon
    3.9   Brute Vehicles
    - Brute Chopper
    Speed: Medium
    Weaponry: 4 Autocannons
    Passengers: None
    This totally awesome vehicle is the Brute counterpart to the ghost. It's a
    large, 2-wheeled, antigravity propelled motorbike, with a single back seat
    and 4 side mounted cannons. Now you can pummel the covenant in style.
    It's 4 autocannons launch strong projectiles at enemies, while it's frontal
    wheels have a large blade mounted on it for extra ramming damage. It turns 
    somewhat awkwardly, but it's speed booster more than makes up for it's
    difficult maneuvering. Despite it's flaws, it is quite powerful.
    Counter With: Spartan Laser, Rocket Launcher, Fuel Rod Cannon, Missile Pod
    - Brute Prowler
    Speed: Slow - Medium
    Weaponry: Plasma Turret
    Passengers: 2 Passengers, 1 Gunner
    When it's time for the brutes to bring in reinforcements, this is the vehicle
    they rely on. It could be seen as the Brute counter part to the warthog,
    With the exception that it holds more passengers, and has a plasma cannon,
    not to mention a whole different design.
    Rather than travel on wheels, as with most covenant vehicles, it uses an 
    anti gravity projector to lift it off the ground. The vehicle itself holds
    4 passengers, including a gunner. When all else fails, you can also use it
    to ram your enemies. The gunner can rotate all the way around, like in the
    warthog, to deter enemies and protec passengers. As with other vehicles,
    the passengers can also fire out. When jumping off cliffs and high areas,
    this vehicle also tends to almost always stand upright.
    Counter With: Brute Shot, Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Missile Pod
    4.   Copyright Information
    All The contents of this guide were created by me, Livio Annarilli, so noone
    may take this FAQ and post it or any portion of it, on any site. This Faq was
    Created solely for GameFAQs.com, for their usage only. You may not alter,
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    personal Permission, this Faq may not be changed or re-used or used to make
    a profit. This Faq is only for your own personal use, in aiding you with this
    particualr Game.
    This FAQ is Copyrighted 2007, Livio Annarilli.
    only www.GameFAQs.com is able to use and Post this FAQ.
    5.   Credits
    I would like to thank:
    Me, for creating this guide (yay me)
    Bungie/Microsoft, For creating the Awesome series we know as Halo, and its
                      third installment.
    GameFAQs, For posting this FAQ
    My Friend (FireSt0rm) for helping me discover some strategies and tips
    Wikipedia, For some of the more "technical names" of weapons
    6.   Contact Info
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    complaint, or submit some info, please contact me at:
    E-Mail - Uannarilli@rogers.com
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