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Mediocrity, Thy Name is Halo 310/25/07briantw
A very worthy way to finish the fight, and the best Xbox Live game. Period.03/21/08Computerdude1032
Halo 3: Epic Dissapointment10/13/08sexysexysexy7
This game is an absolute beast and a blast to play!10/02/07thesampleman
At Times, A Maddeningly Frustrating Experience10/19/07verdantabyss
Halo 3 brings nothing new to the gaming front10/04/07wolverinefan
A decent ending to a revolutionary trilogy.06/25/08aleeock157
It didn't "finish the fight" very well but the multiplayer is great.04/21/14bbears
Halo 3: Just Another Shooter (Single-Player Campaign Review)07/06/10BloodGod65
It takes more than luck to make a great game01/28/08brutusmuktuk
While it's one of the best shooters out there right now it has a lot of problems.10/06/08Calamity
Short, very... short. Fine game, otherwise.02/07/08Crofty
The Most Hyped Game Ever12/25/07Cyndaquil2
Can't Get Cortana Outta My Head05/09/08DandyQuackShot
Halo 3: The Game That Just Keeps Giving and Giving.01/05/09Dima110
"Halo 3, Lives Up To the Expectations of All"11/12/07Disturbedgamer
Finish the fight, then start another one.11/02/07DrKlaric
Simply put, Halo 3 is more of what's made the Halo series so special over the past few years.10/10/07Evil Dave
Finishing the fight has meaning.11/02/07Galactus21
With the fight finished, Halo 3 goes out on top05/28/08Gruel
Halo 3, Lives Up To the Expectations of Most10/22/07hockeystealth13
Amazing Multiplayer, Terrible Campaign04/02/08horror_spooky
The Halo series goes out with all guns blazing10/15/07Kiriyama_X
Hate Campaign? Love Online Play? This Game is for You.08/25/09leesoer
It's Halo. No effin way.10/17/07lopp3
Halo 3: Where slaying Brutes, Grunts, and preteen brats is all part of the daily grind10/02/07oneshotskye
Avid Fans, Beware - This Ain't Pretty11/24/10punkducky
Reload your's time to go back to the field10/02/07RoxasANobody
Finish the fight. You know you want to.01/03/08ShadowGuardian9
Halo 3 is one of the best games of 200711/26/07TheKoolAidShoto
"Send me out... with a bang..."06/08/09TheRedneck14
More of the same to an extreme10/08/07xcamel24
Fun, but not the "Descending Savior" that Microsoft wanted us to believe01/14/08zeshin_reloaded
There are great games -- and then there is Halo.01/17/08ZFS

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Solo Campaign Review09/26/07Booji_Boy93
As incredible as the hype would lead you to believe? I think not.09/26/07Dr_Mowinckel
Halo 2.5?10/22/07TheOpposeable
A Good Addition to a Great Series02/04/083Shot
Halo 3: Regression11/26/07Bloatedcow7014
Good Stuff, Bad Stuff, Okay Stuff11/03/08Bloom
Does Halo live up to the hype? It certainly does.09/28/07BobSmith937
Halo 309/25/08canada644
A Halo Fans Review of Halo 302/19/08Chosen2
I'm glad I rented this....10/01/07civilmatt
Feel the pull01/05/09Croabadrin
I was completely unhyped for this, but after playing it... wow.09/27/07Cuzit
Did you choose to finish the fight?10/03/07Dads_Ahoy
Well, this got kinda old after a while...06/16/08darkflames14
Finally...It better be good!10/01/07Dawgz525
HALO - H.ow A.bout L.ost O.riginality?06/23/08DerkaJeehod
Great game, it has some flaws. The reason it got a 10 then?09/28/07Dinoken2
Third time around is still a lot of fun10/10/07Emprex
A fun game with a satisfactory ending to a series.12/26/08fillup0
Halo 3. God worthy of worship? Or peasent dreaming in the streets?02/14/08FREDMANVONKARMA
Why don't you own this game yet?01/28/08im_a_whale
Pretty much met my expectations10/08/07imouttammo
Nothing Short of Perfection12/17/07Jacks_on_Crack
The epic trilogy closes with the third -and best- installment of Halo09/26/07Jason_IX
Perhaps The Most Over-Rated Game of All Time10/05/07jasonethos
Is it perfect? No. Is it worth while? Bet on your life it is.11/09/07Jetski10
A Great Finish, To An Amazing Fight09/26/07jobz006
Halo 3 - Great game, recommended to play!06/15/09johna1978
Halo 3 - Review from someone who was not hyped very much. (No Spoilers)09/26/07Jon_God
Halo 3, for better or for worse?06/10/09Journey55
Bungie has taken the best elements of the genre, and has created a masterpiece.09/27/07Lebbin
You'll be playing this for a while09/27/07LeeTerriermon
Worth the wait.10/23/07leveledclassic
"Finish the Fight"...In a Short, But Impressive Kind of Way.06/30/08LrdofArmageddon
Finish the fight in less then 10 hours09/27/07Madden1013
An unfortunate letdown.09/26/07MAX PAIN
A moving series-ender with a few flaws.09/27/07Mechsaurian
One of the best games of 200702/04/08mirzod101
"Is it better than GoW?!" Oh wait, you were looking for an honest Halo 3 review.09/27/07MistaStevens
Fight worth finishing? Duh.09/27/07mythical_guy
The Fight Is Finished10/16/07Necoji
Its time to finish this fight09/26/07Orange_Apple
All Great Things Come to An End, Even Halo12/13/07pianoMAN12
Halo 3 Lives up to the Hype!10/01/07PoKeR360
This game won't ever cease to amaze me.11/05/08puffinslaughter
Just Another FPS.12/29/07RammItDowwn
A Fitting End to the Trilogy09/28/07Rasnarok
Did not expect much but did not expect that07/09/09return
An epic finish to one fo the best trilogies ever02/08/10rombus_legend
A Great Follow-up to Halo 210/30/07RSVP the ASAP
Meh, fell short of my expectations08/11/08SantaIsTheOne
One of the best games so far on the 360!10/17/07sidstarter
The greatest game of all time... Since Halo 2.09/26/07SnoopNoobyNoob
Halo's got it all!03/23/09Sour
It's short but great!!!10/29/07Souske721
Average at best03/03/08ssmoh
A fun and exciting way to finish the fight.11/21/07TCxSpartan
Sir, Finishing This Fight.10/08/07TehMeatboy
Halo 3: Campaign Review Evolved10/04/07TheGamr101
It isn't halo 2, but its still a decent shooter with very poor on line10/29/08therater13
Meets up to and more than my expectations (no spoilers)10/09/07thetuxedo
The best game in one of the greatest trilogies in entertainment history09/27/07wisdom_cube
No improvement over the last installment10/10/07Wman02
What the... this is Halo 3?!01/03/08xboxrox2731
Great Way To Finish Fight10/25/07XxTnT3CKxX
A great ending to a great series, but not quite perfect.09/27/07XxXEliteZeroXxX
The chief is back in green!!!10/09/07Zaibro

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