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"Its time to finish this fight"

Halo 3, what comes to mind when most people even hear the word halo? Amazing, unbelievable, orgasmic?....well for some atleast. For thousands, the word halo brings back countless memories of endless nights of frags, and developing rivalries that will last a life time. All that I can say is this time we get to finish the fight.

Story: 10/10

I don't want to go into too much detail of the story, but I will say this, when it is all said and done, when the dust clears and the moment is over, you will be sitting there possible in tears and loving every moment of it.

Gameplay: 10/10

So you complained about Halo 2's gameplay at times? You wished you could get the Halo 1 feeling back after all that time? Guess what, its all there baby. From shooting, to meleeing, to sniping, to sticking people with plasmas, to running over people with vehicles. Whatever you wish to do in this game, its is completely flawless, it is a masterpiece. The physics are great, the multiplayer is amazing.

Matchmaking makes a return with even some new playlists, the Forge system is something that will keep you coming back for more. Don't like how a map looks/feels, you change it then!! You say you want an all Flamethrower map, make it then. Just want all grav lifts to jump from on sandtrap, do it! The possibilities are endless with the new Forge system.

So you claim you got the sickest snipe in the history of halo? You say you played against some pros? You say someone just cheated? Well now you have evidence, with the new films system in the game, which lets you not only watch your previous games (which saves up to 25 of the most recent games you played) but you can record clips and take snapshots and send it to your friends.

Audio: 10/10

The music that you all love from the halo series is back, the sounds of guns shots in the distant are back, everything that you remember from Halo whether it be the hissing of a plasma flying by, or the music that gets you ready for the game. Its all improved, and more crisp.

Graphics: 10/10

The big debate that went on for months, the graphics of Halo look just like the ones from Halo 2. Well newsflash people, the graphics are amazing. They have come a long way since we last say it in the beta. Infact the graphics for Halo 3, could possible be the most beautiful graphics, most realistic (in terms of the future) graphics on any console to date

Overall: 10/10

We have been waiting for this now for 3 years, we have been teased with limited material from the beta, and now, after all this time, we get to finish the fight.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/26/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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