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"The epic trilogy closes with the third -and best- installment of Halo"

If you don't already know Halo, let me fill you in on that. Halo is a First Person Shooter that was released by Bungie for the Xbox. It instantly became a huge hit and was awarded the Game of the Year title, achieving a place in the Best Games of All Time. Now, most of you think of Halo 2 when you hear somebody saying Halo. Well, Halo 2 was the sequel to Halo and while not as amazing as its predessor (but still outstanding), it became more popular with the addition of Online Gaming, letting you have a blast with fellow Halo fanboys all over the globe. It may sound little, but a deathmatch round online with more than 4 players would change anyone's mind to the best. And thus, Halo became a top-notch franchise and Halo 3 comes to finish the trilogy with the best possible way.

Halo 3's storyline doesn't differ much from the previous Halo games. The war between humans and Convenants (the aliens) is still going on. Earth has been almost taken by the Convenants and Master Chief, a Spartan 117 soldier, is one of the last hopes to bring an end on the Convenants once and for all. By your side you have Miranda Keyes and Avery Jonson. The main enemy here is the leader of the Convenants, the "Prophet of Truth".

I won't tell anything more about the story because you will find the rest of it. It's typical Halo, but it's atmosphairic nonetheless. Anyway, moving over to the sound, Halo 3 has easily the best music than any Xbox360 so far. It's as epic as the trailer music and the spectacular sound effects add up on the score. Bungie has done a really good job in this section.

Sadly, on the other side the graphics are not what I expected. Gears of War has better graphics. The graphics here are good too, but it sometimes feel a little fake in some parts and the game, while looking astonishing in still frame, loses a bit when you are moving. So, this is probably the worst aspect of the game.But “worse” in the languange of Halo means “above passable” so it's still fun to watch.

Now, the gameplay is simply fantastic. There's Campaign Mode, there's Multiplayer Mode and so on, but Bungie has also done a really great job in this section too! The campaign of Halo 3 is much better than Halo 2's and playing it together with a friend is really fun. The controls don't dissapoint either. Master Chief moves smoothly and it's pretty easy to shoot somebody in the face. The game's still challenging though, and Legendary Difficulty takes a solid 20+ hours to finish! So, even veterans can have a hard time in here, without getting discouraged of course.

I guess most of you will skip all the above stuff and run straight to Multiplayer. New areas mean more fun, so I have to agree with you. All the modes from Deathmatch to King of the Hill are back and as fun as ever. Taking it to online is still a bliss, but the ones who have played Halo 2 won't find many differences.

All in all, Halo 3 does a really good job in almost everything. It feels fresh and new, yet somewhat familiar. It simply boils down to this: if you have the 360, get it. It's the best 360 game (along with GoW) until now, and missing it is just like knowing half about the X360.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/26/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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