Review by Madden1013

Reviewed: 09/27/07

Finish the fight in less then 10 hours

Ok I'm sure you looked at my review, and thought " 7/10 z0mg dis gauy iz 0ut of hiz mind!" hear me out though. I want to state this game is great, but not the best.

Here is the rundown:

Graphics: Ever since Gears of War came out everyone has gone Graphics crazy. All the new released games are always being compared to it. I'm sure if you have asked a friend about this games graphics he would respond with this: "They are good... Gears of Wars looks way better!" Well look at it this way they are completely different games, and lets take Gears of War out of the picture. When I started the Halo 3 Campaign I was impressed at how beautiful the game is. I'm a sucker for nice bright games, so this was a soothing experience to my eyes. Now you ask how about the character models? The character models are fantastic! I was impressed how some of the brutes looked. Master Chief is sexier then ever by the way. ;) Oh yes, and this game will give you some third person views on your character, and it really shows off Master Chief, Arbiter, and your multiplayer's appearance. I'll conclude this part saying the weapons look sexy, the character models look sexy, and the environment's are better then ever. Yes I almost forgot! The vehicles are really detailed, in fact I'm sure your mouth will open once you get on a chopper.

Graphics: 9/10

Sound: This is where I felt a little disappointed. Since this is the last Halo expected epic music to be playing a majority of the time. Wrong, in fact I didn't find myself hearing any really satisfying music till the end of the game. Thats not the only drag on sound though... With all these great new weapons comes weak little sounds. It seems as if they didn't bother making new sounds for the guns! Well this doesn't make the game any less fun, but it does make me disappointed.

Sound: 7/10

Campaign: I don't want to spoil the game, so I'm going to give you the rundown on the Campaign mode. Halo is great at having a short single player mode, and with Halo 3 comes another short Campaign. Really this game left so much more desired, but hey I'm sure those reading this know Campaign isn't Halo's best feature. Do yourself a favor when you start this mode, and play on Heroic or Legendary. That way you wont find yourself rushing through levels; and to tell you the truth "Normal" feels like easy mode, and "Easy" feels like Carebear mode. If you haven't heard already there are 9 levels, and the 8th level is horribly deigned. In fact I'm sure that will be the level when you play Co-Op you won't play with your friends unless it's yours or his/her 1st time playing through. All in all Co-Op will add a lot of replay value, finding the skulls will add some as well, and I'm sure you will enjoy playing this campaign.

Campaign: 7/10

Multiplayer: This is Halo 3's meat, and bones. All the modes one can think of are in this game. The new maps, new vehicles, and guns make this one of the funnest games I have played online. Really I don't know what else to say.. You can customize your character's armor now, and you get new pieces armor by collecting the skulls in Campaign. This game will be played online by millions for years on.


Controls: The controls work as you would want them to! No complaints here.
Forge: Played around with forge for an hour, and it's not the best map editor, but hey better then no map editor.

Now if you still feel I have this game an unreasonable score I'm going to let you in on a little info on how my scoring worked out. When I went to the drop down menu 7 popped out at me.

7/10 Good- a few problems, but worth time to play.

I found this fitting for two reasons...

1: Short Campaign
2: Sounds isn't to great

Are these reasons why not to buy the game? Only if you don't own or plan on owning X Box live.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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