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"Well Bungie did it again.(There are some spoilers.)"

Well after about two years of Halo 3 being announced I was pumped then. Halo 2 was one of the greatest FPS games I have ever played, and now it was taken to the next level, to Halo 3. If you are new to the Halo series I will sort of explain it. So Bungie created the Halo series. The game is basically based in the future, and some in space, some on Halo, and some done on Earth. So you go all over the place in this game. The main character is Master Chief, a very highly trained Spartan selected to be Master Chief by Cortana, a computerized system that is actually like a human. You fight The Covenant in the Halo series, and you always have been. That's basically the main parts of Halo. Except one thing that Halo beats everything in, is the multi player. I also think that this is the best Halo in the whole trilogy.

Graphics 10/10

Well first of all Halo 3's graphics are great, especially compared to the previous Halo's (although those were very good for that time period.) How ever this games graphics are very well, now I'm not talking about how good or realistic things look but I'm talking about detail and just how the lighting effects are done. Now for the other type of graphics of how good realistic something looks, it looks really good, just to how sun shines on Master Chiefs armor, or how rain hits the ground and makes things look wet. Also in snow missions your feet actually make footprints in the snow. So overall the graphics were really stepped up a notch and I think Bungie really worked hard the graphics with just the detail on everything from terrain to the armor on Master Chief. So the graphics are really well done in this game.

Sound 10/10

Sound is not really a huge factor in games, but Halo 3 does not need to worry about that because I think the sound is really great in this game to. The guns sound pretty life like of just how they shoot, and how they look looks like how they would sound so I think that's pretty realistic. The vehicles also make pretty life like sounds to. I think the best sound in this game is the explosions of grenades are rocket launchers blowing up a wart hog or ghost or any other vehicle. It just sounds life like. So again sound is also very well done in this game.

Controls 10/10

In my opinion controls is the least important factor in a review, but it is still important. There is not much to say about it though, so everything seems good to handle, good to drive, to jump, shoot, and reload. Everything is fine with the controls and very easy to handle. I actually think that this game has some of the best controls in a game I have played in a while surprisingly.

Story 10/10

Well the stories in Halo 1 and 2 were excellent. In Halo 3 they were also excellent. I mean it's not the most detailed story ever, but it keeps you with the game and lets you understand everything. However I suggest you play Halo 2 before you play this one because you won't really know what will be happening. So I think everything makes sense in this game like with The Flood and how it happens. You won't really know though what exactly happens in this game because Master Chiefs mission is to find Cortana because she left herself behind in the end of Halo 2. So again Halo 3 wins again in another factor for this review. The story rocks in the game too!

Multi player 10/10

The Halo series biggest part is by far the multi player. I mean there is so much to do in the multi player. There are a lot of game modes to play in and they are all very fun. It also has already over 400,000 players on line playing the game. There is every thing you could think of leader boards, over 10 different game modes, co-op, vehicles, extremely fun maps to play in. There is much more to do there are new ranks as well. There also may be clan support later in the fall. The multi player is by far the best part of Halo 3 and it is the best multi player I have ever played.


Well in my opinion this Halo is the best of the series and highly suggest to go buy this game after you are done reading this review. It's a great game, got high value and will keep you busy for a long long time. I think there actually may be a Halo 4 because of the ending in it. Bungie you rock!


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (US, 09/25/07)

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