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Reload your's time to go back to the field

This game has set up a high standard for Xbox 360 games. Everything you see in this game is an example of what you should be seeing in a next generation console game. Not only did Halo 3 show that this is the power of the console, but it reveals to us the ending, and a new hope. If you hear this consoles name out in public, the immediate reaction you should get to it is "Halo 3" because it is the stepping stone for the rest of the consoles games.

Civil war has shaken foundations and bonds. New friendships have arisen from the dirt and some have fallen beneath the friendships. The Arbiter and some of his Elites have joined the Humans fight for survival. After Halo 2 the Arbiter has discovered that the Prophets have lied to them and he rebelled. He then caused a civil war between the Brutes and the Elites. Some of the lower ranking grunts and jackals have sided with the Brutes while the Elites have taken the Humans side. Master Chief is finishing this fight on Earth with the Arbiter. After he has crash landed in a forest he is ready to lock and load for a new adventure, or for most of us, a very old game waiting for its end.

The new generation console calls for new controls. Some people have or had a difficult time re-adjusting to these controls. I, for one, do not blame them. This is the last in the series and we have been using the same controls for two games now and this game is pretty big on it's online capability. So re-adjusting causes a lot of mistakes on our behalf while playing. For example, the reload button is no longer "x", and now it is the Right Bumper or if you're dual-wielding then it is both bumpers. Other than that most of the controls are pretty basic and they maintain the same way they do in the last two games. So you won't have to worry for long if you are a quick learner. If you are good at adapating to a new feel then this set-up is actually a lot better than the other two.

A new feature they have added into the game is the ability to wield and use items. Some of these items have no good use in the Campaign mode and are more than likely to be used in an online/multi-player match. Utilizing all these weapons to your advantage is the main point of these items. The bubble shield is a great addition to the item stocks, it will lure the enemy to you and it will cover you from their fire. You can set up perfect traps and lay down mines with your friends! Another great addition was the item capable of rendering your shields and your vehicles to a mixture of laughter and hopeless belief's. This item will suck your shields dry and it will stop your vehicle in its tracks. There is only two items that can counter this item and it is the shield regeneration and invincibility items. They will both keep you alive. In my opinion all these items are great and you can use them to your advantage to beat the opposition easier. Who else doesn't want to render a vehicle and the Spartan hopeless? Anyone?

Besides those great new features there is also the addition of two new grenades. What most love to call the "spikey-nade" is actually a good addition to the game. It sticks a lot better than the plasma does and the reverberating noises are excellent. Some say that the Plasma Grenade has lost it's ability to stick because of the Spikey being a lot better at sticking to the enemy. The fragmentation grenade hasn't lost its touch. It still looks the same and it still bounces the same, the blast radius looks a bit wider, however. Also, a very un-common grenade to find is the one that bursts into flames when it meets any contact! This grenade isn't very dependable and since it only covers a small area with flames it isn't great for a big fire-fight. Don't get your hopes up, you can't hold more than two of one type of grenade now. This was a big disappointment to me, but it adds realism to the game. Where would Master Chief hold all those grenades? Where does he hold the grenades he holds now? A mystery yet to be solved by some players.

What would a new generation of grenades and items be without a new generation of weapons? Well, we haven't found out yet, so figure it out for yourself. A new arsenal is available for the Chief and he is ready to hold every single one of those weapons. The Brutes have their own weapons now and the Humans have created new weapons to finish the war. The Spartan Laser is a definite "must-try" and some of the other weapons have lost their touch. The rocket launcher has lost it's ability to lock onto vehicles. Why would the Human's decide to downgrade such an awesome weapon? Well they did one thing right, they brought back the most dependable weapon from the first game. It doesn't hold as many rounds as it did in the first game, maybe they lost the product blueprints? The plasma pistol lost its touch also, once you charge it you start to lose ammo. Maybe the Elites made it extra special and when they left they didn't know how to make it anymore. A lot of "fixes" in the game aren't really good and they don't provide any explanation why they have defeated the weapon.

ATV's? Scorpions? Warthogs? I guess this is the end of the war! The Brutes have their own vehicles, but they aren't as cool as the ATV's. This vehicle is really fast, it is small and it can get through any tight space. This adds to the car-chases, instead of seeing warthogs blasting at each other you get to see a warthog blasting a guy in the back who doesn't have the ability to blast you back! Isn't that a dream job? As much as I hate to say it, we don't have the ability to fly the Pelican. After three games of hoping, we don't get to. Yes it IS VERY disappointing. A multi-player game would be so much cooler with flying Pelicans.

Those graphics are so great. They are worthy of being drooled over. The beginning and the loading screen has you glued to the screen. They are matched with the great sound effects. As I have said before, this is the stepping stone for many other games, it gives an example to the other games. Game developers should pay attention to how they made this game, we don’t want a game that doesn’t meet up to the power of the Xbox. The sound effects are the same as the graphics. The graphics are a change from the original Xbox, but the music should’ve had a change. It sounds the same and it really doesn’t draw the viewer in. A lot of things make up for the music and sound effects, however. So don’t worry about the sound effects ruining the game for you.

The new maps are amazing. You can really see that they didn’t take an old design and just slap it around until they found a new one. A real effort can be seen when you look at all the level’s and their interacting ability. In most games that have these sort of maps you have horrible glitches that have been over-looked by lazy editors. Well, when I take a look at this game I not only see the map isn’t horrible, but I see effort and most people should see it also.

Storylines are very important to the game, this is what set this game lower also. It is the same thing, hit and run. You point and shoot. You run to your objective. It gets repetitive just like someone using “you” at the beginning of the sentence and they can’t find the right words to begin a sentence with. If you have played the first Halo, then you already know the storyline and it dulls out the need for the storyline and you just want to shoot through. For some the storyline was exciting because this is the end. It all ends here. For me I just wanted to shoot and see the ending I didn’t care about the storyline. That drew my attention to the fact that this game is based off of “what the fans want” and not “what the story is”. It is important that they drew the fans in though. So it was a win-lose situation. Even with the storyline being dull and the sound effects being dull also, a lot of the other features in the game picked up the slack.

The gameplay has changed. It really has. Instead of hitting “x” to pick up weapons you have to hit the right bumper. Instead of hitting “y” to dual-wield you have to hit the left bumper. If you aren’t dual-wielding then you can change grenades with the left bumper. This tends to confuse people in the beginning, it sure did confuse me. Also you have to hit the appropriate bumper when you want to re-load. If you have a weapon in Master Chief’s left-hand then you need to hit the left bumper. If you have a weapon in Master Chief’s right-hand then you need to hit the right bumper. In this game you can choose when to re-load each dual-wielded weapon! This doesn’t leave you defenseless like it did in the last series. Another thing that had shaken users was the ability to use the head-light. Until you got to the certain mission it was hard to see through the dark, unless you read the manual, but who wants to read the manual when you have Halo 3 right in front of you?

If you are a real hardcore gamer, then this game is for you. Even if you aren’t a hardcore gamer, go to a nearby store and by this game. You need this game. This is a definite buy. You will have fun for weeks, maybe months, years if you have online. This game is great, have a ball! As you can tell, the reason the game should get an eight is because of the dulled down storyline and sound effects. Sorry, but they both got old, just like we all will eventually. As an ending remark, wake me up when you need me.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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