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"I'm glad I rented this...."

This game is very, very good, but highly overrated. If you played Halo 2, you played Halo 3, except now it's next gen... well, sort of. The graphics are just shiny now. Sure, they look better, but this does not scream next-gen to me. The water looks good, but every game has good water. The spartan looks good, but he still looks the same. The arbiter changed for the better, but that's about it. The humans look very poor in this game compared to other next-gen titles. I won't say which ones, but they are out there.

Multi games are a different genre to themselves, and are fun, but can be very, very, very, repetitive. Like a bag of marbles, they are mostly the same, but they have a different color sometimes, but when it all boils down to all you have are marbles. The multi could have been special if we could somehow search for a game we choose? Would that be possible in this day and age to be able to do that? Why not? It would be great if I could choose territories all the time because I like that game mode, but for some reason you can't. You get one veto chance then you are off to that game type, or if you vetoed the first one, you must go with the second one. In this day and age, that should not be the case. Huge letdown Bungie.

Huge gripes about the matchmaking and lack of public co-op single player games. The single player campaign was way too short, but if I could play it with 3 other people, I'd enjoy it, but no, you can't just make a public single player game. Why? Makes no sense to me.

Still, the melee attack is way too powerful. Riding around in Warthogs and banshees if fun, but we already did that. We already played a thousand multi games in Halo 2 and now we are supposed to enjoy it all over again exactly the same? Now we have a forge? Wee! What does that mean? The guns will be in different spots? Oh my goodness, how did we ever live without that? We can share videos and photos? Wow! I absolutely love it when my Aunt shows me videos and photos of her vacation to New Jersey.

Bottom line, I rented it from blockbuster and I'm glad I did. I'll never go back to the single player and the multi-player is just like Halo 2. Sorry Bungie, you could have done better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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