Review by Dawgz525

Reviewed: 10/01/07

Finally...It better be good!

Finally the long awaited Halo 3; Bungie's (in my opinion) masterpiece of game. The conclusion to the Halo series, and the long long long awaited time consuming black hole, known as Halo multiplayer. Forgive me if I sound a bit fanboyish, but this game delivers big time in every aspect. So lets get started...

Gameplay: Its Halo what did you expect. Its an FPS, so basically the game is point and shoot. One big difference however is the use of equipment in this game. Now you can pick up things like grav lifts, bubble sheilds, cloaking, regenerators, flares, you name it; and hit X to drop them in battle. Some help you others hurt your enemy but they all serve a usefull purpose, and make Halo combat different from every other circle strafing, jumping up and down FPS out there. The controls are a tad different from Halo 2. Dual weilding and reloading is now on the bumpers instead of X and Y, but thats the only major change in buttons from Halo 2. Bungie improved the Single player levels vastly by making levels more like they were in Halo CE. Big....very big, levels are huge and open ended to a degree. There really is never an area in the game where to pass an objective you have to do it one set way (i.e. the vehicles or weapons you choose). Four player co-op is in this game making campaign extraordinarily fun. Final decision on gameplay 9/10

Story: The final Halo game is supported by a dynamic story. The story line is epic to say the least. If you've been reading the books like I have been. The story helps a lot of things click into place. But the beginning of the game puts MC back on earth, and thats really all I wanna say at this point, the game has a great conclusion so play single player first, you wont regret it. You'll be playing it forever and ever hunting down those damn skulls. story 10/10

Graphics and sound I'm not really a good judge of how graphics look great or good or poor, all I can say is its pretty and the levels are BEAUTIFUL. The graphics are alot better then was suspected from the beta. The sound is Halo sounds....gunshots, explosions, and marines yelling. The musical score is great, Marty O'Dnnell really out did himself. graphics and sound 10/10

Multiplayer I know what guys have been waiting for and here it is...Its fun, very fun. I played the Beta so its hard for me too be re-excited, but its fun plain and simple, great maps and gametypes, Halo strikes again. The part I am excited about in Multi is two things Films and Forge. First off saved films...they're sweet. You can record, make clips, take screenshots, see that slo-mo headshot again and again and again. Forge though is the reason Halo 3 will survive as the top multiplayer game fro years to come. Its a map editor, that you can play in real time and have a all out battle spawn weapons as a moniter then switch to your player and go crazy. Its wicked fun. BUT theres more, you can save these maps edit spawn points do whatever. I'm not very creative but picture this, your playing a game of lets say territories, and you dont like the way the map is set up, go into forge and make the map how you want it to be. Add spawn points cover fusion cores vehicles anything, then save that map and go play your new territories. Also bungie has a thing called "Bungie Favorites" basically directly fromBungie you can get new maps videos and other stuff, its sweet. Multi 10/10

FINAL DECISION Buy it. Its great and fun...only if you hate FPS will you not enjoy this game, because it is after all an FPS. I loved it and and I'm not even near done with it yet. Buy it now. Just stop reading and GO GO GO!!!!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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