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"Halo 3 Lives up to the Hype!"

Halo 3.

Pretty much everyone know's what Halo 3 is, whether its your teacher, boss, or even your parents. Mostly because it is one of the most highly anticipated and hyped game of this gen of gaming.

So did it live up to the hype? YES!

Halo 3 starts off where Halo 2 leaves off. You have crashed at earth. Your job is to finish the fight, pretty easy right?

If your unfamiliar with halo 1 or 2 then you might want to either play them or read up on them on wikipedia so you know the basic storyline. If you don't you will most likely be lost. Many parts are confusing and you might have to play through the games a couple of times before you truly understand.

Halo 3's Graphics were somewhat of a dissappointment. Latest reports are saying that Halo 3 displays at 640p and upscales to 720p, which is REALLY BAD for a game that has this much hype. They are probaly the 3rd or 4th best graphics on the 360 though.

There are a few new vehicles such as the hornet, or mongoose (a few more). They are pretty neat and fun to control. Some of the guns have changed and a few new guns were introduced.

There are also "skulls", a total of 13. You most likely need to look at a guide for these, and one is EXTREMELY difficult to get, but once you get them all you can get a special helmet for matchmaking. Skulls can be enabled before you start playing a campaign and cause different effects such as "Double enemies amount of health"

The ending of Halo 3 when playing legendary is SLIGHTLY different than the others, but really its not that big of a difference. Make sure you watch after the credits also once you beat it.


Now to Online!

This is where the game shines. So many maps, weapons, vehicles, and players make Halo 3 the BEST online experience on the 360. "Sandtrap" is truly amazing. It has 2 huge "scorpions" that you can drive around, very slowly while your team can get on the turrets.

You can unlock different armors as you advance through the campaign, or get different achievements. This is a pretty good incentive to go through the campaign more than once.

Bubbleshields, gravity lifts, and deployable shields are examples of some of the special items you can have which also add a nice twist to online gaming. In the heat of battle about to die? Throw down a bubble shield to protect you!

The ranking system is also neat. You will find yourself playing lots of ranked matches to increase your rank and possibly get more achievements.

If you have played halo 2 then you probaly will know just how halo 3 will be. It is somewhat different but they are very similar.


Halo 3 is what next gen gaming is all about. A great campaign (and co op) and multiplayer will keep you playing this game for probaly the next few years. It is truly a great experience that shouldn't be missed and is honostly a "console seller".

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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