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"Got it? Good! Don't Got it? GET IT!!!!!! (Possible Spoilers)"

Introduction – This game is the final chapter in the current story of the Halo series. It is the third game about a future war hero and the things he does to bring the war to an end and save the human race, always a good action story.

Gameplay – The gameplay for Halo 3 was a lot more enjoyable than the gameplay of Halo 2. You could jump higher, you could move faster, and as always you were the badass that the other two games made you out to be. There was a big drawback to the gameplay, they changed the reload button for the control scheme. On Halo and Halo 2 the X button was the reload button and now it is the Right Bumper. For the players like me who got used to playing the other two games it took a long time to get used to using another button and because of that I wasted a ton of the equipment when I would hit the wrong button trying to reload. They also fixed a big hole with how quickly you can pull out another weapon, making it harder to do the noob combo. They also used the bumpers to reload each weapon, if you are dual wielding, making the reload of a weapon independent of hand so you are not undefended if you are being attacked. The grenade system is good, but they took away from the amount of one type of grenades you can carry at one time. They made the frag grenade stronger, and they made the throwing of grenades better. You can throw a lot straighter and more accurately. People are using grenades a lot more now than they did in Halo or Halo 2. It is also very interesting that the Left Bumper reloads the left hand weapon, or it changes the type of grenade that you are throwing. That was an interesting change, but it makes sense since the Black and White buttons are now gone. The AI was also improved, which was great, it made you think more of strategy as a player. For example when a brute would come up with a grunt squad he would tell them what to do. Therefore making the brute a priority kill target because if you take out the brute the grunts are not organized. On the subject of the AI the ODST's and Marine's are snipers with a rocket launcher on or off of a vehicle, making it top priority to give them the rocket launcher if you are low on the ammunition. They also added a neat feature called the meta-game. It keeps track of your points across a level, and some of the achievements are to get a certain meta-game score on each level. It does seem however, that the only way to get the meta-game score is to not die in a level, play with four players, and to collect all the skulls in each level. Many of the weapons were downgraded in power, while other weapons were upgraded in power. The rocket launcher can no longer home onto targets, the pistol and the human sniper rifle fires slower, the covenant sniper rifle fires less before overheat. The battle rifle is not nearly as accurate. Most of these changes, I personally think is for the better. The Multiplayer is a bit better too. However, there still are those times where the damage done seems to change per weapon, and the amount of shots fired and so on. Sometimes people will unload entire clips and you won't die, and there will be other times where people will unload three shots with the same gun into you and you'll drop like a rock. There does not seem to be a set method for figuring out how to inflict the most damage.

Story – The story was pretty good, it gave closure to almost every single aspect of the stories. All of the prophets are dead, the flood is wiped out, the covenant return home for the first time, and the humans start to rebuild the destruction. The only major drawback that I foresaw was the fact that they basically turned the Master Chief into John Wayne. The Hero that was frozen until he is needed again, kind of cliché. Not to mention it was a really evil doing of the programmers to make a player watch until the end of the credits to see what happens, because if you don't, you will think that the Master Chief is dead. They also, had no hesitation killing off main characters. But other than that it was a solid ending to long and closely followed story.

Graphics/Sound – The graphics were amazing, you looked at your partner that was playing with you on co-op and they looked like they were in a cinematic, but you were still in gameplay. Not to mention, if you look closely the articulation in your character's hands and legs and armor, and the marines is amazing. The soundtrack is the dramatic greatness that the other two games were. Not to mention, the sound was so good, it worked like sound is supposed to in war. You hear something in one direction and it gives you foreshadowing that something is probably over in that direction, whether good or bad.

Play time/Replayability – The playtime on this game varies. Heroic with just two very experienced players for the first time takes about seven hours give or take some time. On Legendary it will take significantly longer even with another person. Heroic and Legendary alone will take a lot longer than the foretold seven plus hours. If you are playing any difficulty with three other people on any difficulty, it will be a lot quicker and easier. Replayability is amazing, there are so many achievements to get that I have gone through the game a dozen times at least now, and with the great multiplayer I will be going through the game several times more.

Final Recommendation – Find this game, go buy this game, it is worth it. New, used, under priced, get it. If over priced go somewhere else, it is only worth it to pay the normal prices or less. It is a game with a big enough following you can find someone to play with at any time anywhere. Also the helmet is amazing and in limited supply if you can find one do so.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/03/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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