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"Halo 3: Campaign Review Evolved"

So this is it the game EVERYONE has been anticipating since it's E3 2006 debut. Well it is final here and I am here to tell you if it is worth the $60.00-130.00 price tag.

Graphics (3/5): I will start with the most disappointing thing about this game and it is the graphics. THe game suffers from an overabundance of jaggies and the game looks like a minor upgrade from H2. Sure every once in awhile you will run upon something that will make you go WOW but those moments are few and far between. HD does not help much since the game runs at 640p and not 720p. There is one thing I can say about this game it is the lighting which is the best I have ever seen in any game. All I can say is don't buy this game based on graphics because you will be disappointed.

Gameplay(4/5): Not much has changed in this game's gameplay from the last two installments. The X button is no longer used for reloading, the bumpers handle that. The X button handles the new and very cool equipment. The unfortunate thing is that unless you play on Heroic or Legendary you never really need them. The reason this category got a 4 is because besides the changes above nothing has really changed. I am not saying that Bungie should have found a way to mix it up. I was just hoping for something more and ended up getting disappointed.

Sound(5/5): The music in this game is the one thing that never disappoints. Always flaring up at the right moment it send a chill down my spine when it plays. Great voice acting and solid sound round out this category.

Story(4/5): The story is the meat of the game no matter what anyone says and it delivers...somewhat. The story ends perfectly and is thrilling to the very end and is like H2's horrible ending (note: watch the movie after the credits for the real ending). The game is somewhat short, but it just depends on the difficultly Easy (4 hrs) - Heroic/Legendary(10-15 hrs) .

So there you have it the game is worth every penny even it has some flaws it make up for it with great gameplay and story.

Overall Score: 4/5

The Good: Music, Story, Equipment, Realistic lighting, Voice Acting.

The Bad: Graphics--jaggies anyone, No evolution in gameplay, Short campaign, Those postcampaign blues.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/04/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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