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"Great Game, Minor Dissapointments."

Halo 3 is the sequel to the hit game Halo 2, released on September 25 for US and September 26 for Europe. Halo 3 is the long awaited game that now almost everyone wants. But do YOU really want it? You be the judge.

-Graphics, 9/10-
The graphics and physics in Halo 3 are what you call "Next Generation". It has excellent physics if you ask me. Some areas have low textures, but they're hardly noticeable. The world of Halo 3 builds itself, everything has it's own shadow, all objects are movable, and almost everything can be destroyed or damaged. Not much else to say, but this gets a 9/10. Not perfect, not bad.

-Story, 7/10-
The story probably won't make much sense to people who are new to Halo as the ending to Halo 2 is a cliffhanger. The story however, was an unfortunate letdown. The story travels in circles and the player occasionally has the feeling he has no idea what is going on. The ending also disappointed many players as well as me, you can say I was unsatisfied. But this doesn't mean this story is all bad, it has it's conflicts, it's suspense. But overall I give this a score of 7.

-Game play, 10/10-
The way games were meant to be played. Halo 3 offers a wide variety of weapons, explosives, equipment, as well as vehicles. There are a few new weapons and grenades as well as weapons from Halo 2 and the weapons you miss from Halo 1. Some vehicles let you ride more then one player. This is a powerful strategy, but also very dangerous. Halo 3 has new pickups called 'Equipment', which has different effects when used. Fighting Halo's new AI is incredible, but you'll have to use all your skill and your wits to succeed. This game also has a Replay Theater, of which you can view previous games from any point of view, this is an excellent and powerful feature. This gets a 10/10, games don't get much better then this.

-Music/Sound, 8/10-
The Halo trilogy has a brilliant theme song and can be played with dozens of different instruments, which they do. Bungie has taken full advantage of this, and as a result, this game has interesting music. The right music is always played during the right mood. However, it can get pretty boring when the same song is played over and over. As for the sound, it has nice sound effects, briefly. It sort of makes you feel like you're in the game itself, when you're shooting, throwing explosives, all that stuff. In single player, enemies will make remarks at times. Not much else to say about that. I give this 8/10, it's good, but not perfect, this is where the "minor flaws" are.

-Multiplayer, 10/10-
Halo 3 by far exceeds any multiplayer fps. It requires skill, it requires brains, and it requires you to run through every clip you have to it's best. Halo 3 multiplayer runs on a skill and rank system. During multiplayer games, if you gain experience you can increase rank. Certain ranks unlock certain achievements. I never really thought this was a good idea, neither did some of my friends, but then again I never created an FPS. It also runs on a skill system, of which when you win battles your skill increases and you can challenge more skilled players, and if your skill goes down you're stuck fighting less skilled players until your skill goes up. During Campaign multiplayer you can have up to four players on Co-op, all different characters. There will be lower quantities of ammo, but there will be people to work with. On multiplayer online battles some team games require teamwork, and some require you to just fight. And for the score, I give this 10/10. I honestly think this has the best multiplayer.

-Replay Value, 8/10-
Halo 3 has a surprisingly great replay value, but like most games will get boring in a few weeks if you play it over and over. Playing it on higher difficulties means harder challenges, but is rewarding. The feel of a kill in this game is great, and you can get many achievements by playing the game, if you're a fan of getting them. 8/10, great, but gets boring, sadly.

-Final Recommendations-
Halo 3 is by no means perfect but is a great FPS and should be given a chance by everyone. If you're not a fan, I still think you should try it. It challenges your reflexes and your wits. Halo 3 ends the Halo trilogy, and Bungie has had a good run with it's games for the past few years.
I, finally, give this game a score of 9/10. It's a great game, but it has minor disappointments.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/08/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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