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"Pretty much met my expectations"

I've been a fan of Halo ever since I got my Xbox and played it through. I had the oppurtunity to play this this game at a friend's house, my Xbox 360 is currently at Microsoft for repairs. A great game, and playing it there certainly makes me want it even more.

I'll start with graphics....

I give the graphics an 9/10. The game is downright beautiful. The lighting, the textures, everything. The way the water shimmers, the detail in the armor and weapons. However, there are times when it looks like things could definitely be polished up more, usually character's faces. But that only takes away a minor part of the game. All in all, the graphics are great, yet certain games such as Bioshock or Gears of War surpass it.

The sound and music, I give a 10.

I just seem to really like the tunes in this game, it adds some depth to the game. The sounds are good, too. The sounds of the guns reloading and hearing them clank when you equip them. You can hear machine-gun bullets whip right past you. Different objects make different sounds when you hit/shoot them. You can hear the shields short-circuit as they go down, you can tell they put a lot of detail into the game.

The single player, I'll say, was fun to play. Lot's of new weapons, vehicles, different types of enemies, it all adds to the game. It seems more challenging, but I think that's a good thing, seeing as how the last game was just too easy. The Campaign was fun becasue of those reasons and more. There are a few times when the level just seems to drag on, or just isn't fun, or is just too hard, but the rest of the good things cover it up.

Mutliplayer also seemed to live up to its expectations. With all the new stuff, including new maps, it was a great experience. Lots of different game types, Slayer; the classic Free for All, Team Slayer; a team battle, and Capture the Flag, to name a few. All played in these great new enviornments. I stayed up until 6 AM playing it.

Overall, I think Halo 3 is the best out of the three games with its graphics, single and multiplayer, and tons of fun new things to try out. All new weapons, customizable armor for multiplayer, and so on. If you're a fan of the series, you should not be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/08/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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