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"One of the best games so far on the 360!"

I was completely amazed by this game. Its better than than the second one and graphics were better than the first two. But,I still think the first is the best.

The graphics in this this game are some of the best so far on this console. There is amazing detail in the people and the vehicles. Its so realistic its almost like you are the chief. Bungie really made some magic with the third game.

Everything in this game is perfect or near perfect. The dialogue is fitting and there is a lot ofi it. The environment is very detailed with sounds that feel as if they belong. You can actually see the bullets falling and you can actually shoot grass! The explosions in the game are really awesome.

And, this game is by far a lot more interactive than the first two. I mean, everything in this game can be shot and destroyed. You can kill people while they are wounded. There a lot more weapons and fun new equipment for use too. Just wait until you see the new vehicles and the improved ones.

The weapons are really cool and the vibrations make it feel as if you're really holding them. Ad the recoil is amazing as well. You'll see some new faces and some od ones too. There are unexpected enemies and new allies. I was really surprised when I met some guys who I thought were my allies.

The vehicles are cool and new. you have different options. When you get a tank, you can nail the bad guys with 90mm of lead. The machine guns and plasma turrets are fun to use. Sometimes instead of driving, man the turrets to have some fun.

There are new maps and Earth really looks awesome in this game. The gameplay is really fun and when the mission ends, just lay back and watch the beautiful graphics in the cutscenes. I just love the way the videos just turn into the game. The ground is really realistic according to the environment. In this game, you can actually go in the water and shoot it from the surface.

You should really the get the legendery version because it is the best. The two extra discs really are worth the money as you see the poeople working beghind the scenes. And the helmet is so cool!! It is really cool and almost lifesize. I still have to get a shelf for it.

The multiplayer is a blast with all th fun new equipment. The multiplayer maps are creative in art and design. I am sad this is the last game and this is an awesome way to finish the fight. Also, there are new features in this game that are not in any other game where you can watch pre recorded gameplay and do other stuff too. This game is really good. Seriously.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/17/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (Legendary Edition) (US, 09/25/07)

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