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"Worth the wait."

Halo: Combat Evolved was the game that got me into the X-box. I loved it and it loved me, I enjoyed Halo 2 but saw it as a bit of disappointment. Could I open my heart again for Halo3? Would it consume my nights with it's multi player? Would it's story be fulfilling and strong? Well read my review to find out...

In my opinion Halo 3 got the most hype out of any other game on the planet, people were spending more money on the products then the actual game. There were the clothes, the X-box 360, the soft-drinks, people buying Crackdown just to play the Halo3 beta, and of course the millions of add/scams/virus links all over the internet. Could Halo3 possibly live up to all this hype?

Story- 7/10.
Not to often to FPS games have real good stories. This game had no real disappointments in it's plot but lots and lots and lots AND LOTS of randoms twists. If one was to skip the cutscenes they would be hopelessly confused. There is also no filler in the beginning so newcomers to the halo franchise will also be utterly confused on to what it going on. The general plot is that the Covenant have started digging by New Mombasa and your fighting your way there. What happens when you get there I shall not say due to spoilers.

Gameplay- 8/10.
Loads of fun with a few problems. The game plays the same as its older brothers with the exception of a few controls switched about. A wide new arsenal is at your disposal with added, "equipment." Equipment is an assortment of items you use that can get you out of sticky situations in campaign and live. The consist of bubble shields(a bullet proof dome you can place around you) auto turrets, gravity lifts, invisibility, and other things along those lines. A nice variety of weapons were added including a more powerful version of Halo's assault rifle, although you get many weapons you'll find your self sticking to a select few. Veterans of Halo 2 multiplayer will recall the ever powerful fist, this has been imported into the campaign and multiplayer of Halo3 also. This may sound fun and exiting but it brings forth a lot of game imbalances since all but 1-3 enemies can be killed in up to 3 hits.

Multi player and live 6/10.
I as a long time Halo2 player was quite frankly not impressed by the live on this game. It felt just like Halo2 but with shinier graphics and a few other new additions. There's nothing really wrong with the multiplayer, it's just not as fun as the beta seemed. There are a lot imbalances, the winner is usually the one who found the best gun or vehicle and not the one with the most skill. One good addition is the several new game types including the ever-fun infection. But the greatest thing about the live is endless possibilities there are, with file sharing and "The Forge" (map editors) there are literally no limits to what you can do.

Graphics/sound 9/10
Shiny nextgen environments with little flaws. The water looks like your hand would get wet if you touched it, and many other things look life like and instead of good looking pixels. The Covenant look truly alien and foreign, the brutes(your primary enemy) are fearsome and sound the way a large apish beast should. The marines(although noticeably smaller) skin looks like skin instead of rubber, but their voices sound to joking unlike some of the seriousness in Halo and Halo 2. The only real graphical flaw is that there is no sense of weight, you can smack a hunter and see if fly 50 feet straight up. Didn't those guys weigh like several tons?

With unlimited possibilities and many unlockables everyone with a 360 should own this game. There is no reason not to.

Final score- 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/23/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (Limited Edition) (US, 09/25/07)

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