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"The Halo 3, The Bungie, The Microsoft. A gift from The God."

God bless The Bungie; The Halo 3 is a gift from god. The game has been sent down from the heavens for us to witness the rapture of a gift. In fact The Halo 3 is not just a gift, but an outlet for those with spiritual beliefs that video games our disciples from The God. Halo has been a part of our lives for 6 years now, and it has evolved a lot. Once a high school phenomenon for me, I find that I'm still amazed by the series as I'm in college. I feel like a frat boy in heaven. I remember discussing the ins and outs of The Halo in freshmen year in High School with my fellow classmates at the local In N Out restaurant after school. We would play The Halo in multiplayer tournaments at lunch until our bellies were full and our trigger fingers could pull no more. The Halo 3 is more of this, but now we have evolved with it and are definitely ready for this last mission to finish the fight in this last installment.

Graphics: The graphics are top notch this time around. The bump mapping of Halo 2 doesn't destroy the games beauty. The water is just as realistic as the sweat on the Master Chiefs helmet. Not his sweat, but of his comrades that look like real military personnel with special effects. The weapon detail is still amazing. The Aliens still look like real aliens, and their spaceships look like something out of space. I am amazed.


Sound: Never have I bared witness to such detail to sound. The beeps destroy all apposers and posers alike. The sound of Mario jumping has nothing on this fantastic accomplishment only fathomable by the likes of The Bungie. The guns are real in sound. I've been shooting with the guns that are in this game, but in real life, and I must say that the game stays true to their true counter parts. The sound of plasma grenades are spot on, and look like small versions of Samus in ball form, but better in my honest humble opinion.

Gameplay: The gameplay adds on to the old Halo formula, but not by much, but who needs more? What doesn't need fixing should be left alone. That's almost what The Bungie has done. The Gods must have been shining down on The Master Chief this time around, because now he has more buttons to use and to abuse Covenant alien hides.
You have a wide variety of AAA weapon goodness to choose from. You have more and better effective grenades to kill with. I feel like this must be a gift. God bless The Bungie. More vehicles to fly through the air with. More vehicles to make road-kill with. More of everything is a blessing.

Story: The Story of Halo comes to a close, and we must finish the fight. I need a weapon, and what better weapon to use than the ultimate weapon that is The Master Chief. He hands out the whippings on covenant ass with authority and makes back cracks with his pistol whip. So amazing I think it's nice. The story never quivers from beginning to end, and you can't imagine yourself asking The Bungie for a more awesome finish. Thank god for The Bungie in this day and age when horrible in game stories run rampant like on Wii titles.

Multiplayer: I never played much of the Halo 2 multiplayer, because at the time it was too amazing for my amazingly epically epic mind to comprehend the awesomely short load times. Now though I am with the times, and won't let myself get left behind in the rapture of Halo 3. God bless me. Your stats get recorded to where you can see your Career evolution and currency in sharp detail. The new gadgets to pwn with in Multiplayer are also AAA. For instance the Brute hammer is more fun to use than the epically epic awesome Elite Plasma Sword. I find that the sniper rifle is best for multiplayer, but that's just me. If games like Mario want to keep up with the greatness and awesomeness that is The Halo 3 I suggest that Nintendo considers on putting in a multiplayer mode with the option to Snipe the Koopas. Only then will The Halo 3, and The Master Chief, The Bungie and The MicroGOD have a rival worth mentioning in the same sentence of such an epically epic game that is The Halo 3.

Conclusion: The conclusion I have came to is that The Halo 3, Gods great gift to us all is the best FPS I have ever played since The Halo 2. The Halo 3 is a must get even if you don't own The Xbox 360. Why? Because you wont be in the “IN” crowd until then.

The Halo 3: 10/10

This has been a HollywoodheshX production. God Bless.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/06/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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