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Reviewed: 11/12/07

"Halo 3, Lives Up To the Expectations of All"

"Halo 3, Lives Up To the Expectations of Al"

Introduction: This game is the fastest selling game of all time and is one of the best games you may ever play. To make the most out of the game I would recommend playing the first and second Halo games. This ensures you will make emotional ties with the characters and will most likely cause you to fall in love with the characters.

Campaign Mode:

The storyline is great especially if you have played the first and second Halo games. Though this is the weakest point of the game, the fact that the game is so immersive the player almost ignores the fact, the storyline is very clinch´. Most likely players have played a Halo game and know enough of the storyline but for those who do not, this is a short summery. It very vague so not to give much away, you are a super-soldier called Master Chief. You previously land on a huge ring in the middle of space and you get off of it (after killing a bunch of baddies.) Now the player must finish the fight to protect earth from being destroyed by aliens.

As I said before, the storyline is very clinch´ therefore it earns a: 10/10

Game play:
The game play is simply put…amazing. It completely immerses the player in the game and whenever you stop playing you will beg for more. Everything is fine tuned to perfection for the 360 controller. There is a Halo 2 control scheme you can choose but, though it takes some getting used to, the Halo 3 control scheme is much better. Also, the weapons in Halo 3 are vast and are very well balanced. Though there are some ridiculously powered weapons, they all have their disadvantages.

There are no real cons in the game play so it earns a: 10/10

Many people complain that the graphics are perfect, but that is to be expected. No game can create perfect graphics and have great game play. This game is the closest to both. This game runs natively at 640p HD. Though some Buffering shows up at some points in the game, there are really no major issues. The coloring is perfect and the effects are amazing.

There are no real cons except the fact that there are some Buffering Issues so it earns a: 10/10

The music is simply amazing, though generic to the Halo title. Bungie hired an orchestra and a chorus to perform the music for this game. The music is so amazing Bungie sells soundtracks of the music. Also the sheer amount of lines the Marines, Brutes and Grunts say is so vast you can play through the whole game and not hear a single line repeated. The lines are also said at random so they are not set to be said at one time, though there are some “secret” lines that are only heard if you find a special Easter egg.

There are no cons concerning the sound so it receives a: 10/10

It was only a few weeks before Halo 3 released that Bungie confirmed the rumors that Halo 3 would have four player co-op. The Co-op is one of the best experiences ever. Unfortunately the player cannot play with random people so the player will need some friends to use this feature. In addition to playing with your friends, at the same time you can compete with each other because of the scoring feature which the player has the ability to turn on and off. There is also offline co-op but unfortunately is only two player.

Co-op, because of the lack of matchmaking and 4 player offline co-op earns a: 9/10

In all the Campaign earns a: 10/10


Great Game play
Four player online co-op
Amazing sounds
Good Graphics

Online Play:

There is even more to Halo then the campaign, there is the multiplayer which is considered one of the most innovative set-ups in the world of gaming. This is where the fun really starts.

Game Play:
It is simply perfect with a few easily fixable blemishes. In the multiplayer mode the player has access to all the weapons in vehicles in the campaign. The weapons are perfectly balanced and specifically placed on each map. Though power weapons like the energy sword and the rocket launchers are usually one hit kills, there are ways to stop the attackers, but many times you may have to have your life taken also. Usually on a map with the sword there is some form of sniper rifle or sticky grenades or over shields. All three could allow you to kill a person with a sword. The sniper rifle would allow you an almost instant kill from far away. The sticky grenade would allow you to stick someone with a grenade milliseconds before you die therefore automatically killing the person with the sword. The over shield allows the player to take twice as much damage forcing the sword carrier to hit you twice before you die and in that time the player can melee the sword carrier to death. This goes to show even “god” weapons in Halo have weaknesses unlike in other games. The one con I have found is if two players hit each other within a second of the hit whoever has more shield lives and the other dies. This takes a lot of the power away from an experience player that has a better reaction time. This “glitch” can easily be fixed with and update.
This earns a 10/10

Unlike the campaign there is no music which I think is a good thing. There are however, explosion sounds, sounds of death and bullet wounds. All of which are perfect might I add.

This small category earns a 10/10

There isn't much to say about the graphics unless I beat a dead horse by repeating everything I said in the campaign section. The graphics are basically the same as the campaign.

This earns a 9/10 (same as the campaign score)

The forge is one of the best things that ever happened to Halo. It gives the player the ability to in real time run around a map with no foes (unless the player invites his friends) and turn into the monitor (a character from the campaign mode) and place weapons and objects wherever the player chooses (though you have a budget, varying on each map.) The player can even invite friends and allow them to play a regular match and whenever he feels like it the player will drop a scorpion tank in the middle of the field, drastically changing how the game is played.

The theater is a great way to show off what the player has done in their 25 latest campaign or multi player endeavors. The player can then watch what is happening from the other players' point of view the player's point of view of just move around the map not attached to anything. It is a great way to learn strategy from better players. The player can also record what he watches and save it and edit it down to smaller clips and take screen shots. This is so the player does not lose the game video once it is not on the 25th most recent games played.

Why is this under multi player? There is one fact I did not mention, you can upload all your screen shots, videos and game maps to Bungie and have your friends download them. You can upload a maximum of six or for 750 Microsoft Points you can upgrade to 24 slots.

In all this earns a 10/10

Re playability:
The maps and weapons and all that are great but what makes this game great is the player can play thousands or online games and never become tired. The maps are perfectly tuned to perfection and the weapons are perfectly balanced. Although the player may experience the giving up and throwing the controller against the wall games, those don't happen very often and are something that can't be avoided when playing a video game. Also the addition of the theater and the forge editor add even more hours into the vast amount of time that is spent playing this game once you inevitably buy it. Simply put, you will most likely never play a game as often as you play this. Expect this game to stay in your disc tray for many Years to come.

For the reasons stated above it earns a 10/10

In all multilayer earns 10/10


Amazing game play

As a whole this game earns a 10/10

Reviewer's Score: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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