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"Halo 3: Regression"

Halo 3...Probably the most hyped up game in recent history, definitely for 2007. People on the streets and in schools were already going over their strategies a full year before the game was released. Come September 25, the game has made gaming history, burying the previous video game release day gross, which could have been Halo 2. Who's keeping track anyway?

Graphics: 7/10

After having put years of development into Halo 3, I would think the graphics would be...a little bit better. The graphics are sub-par to say the best. I daresay that graphics in Halo 1 are comparable to Halo 3's. No jaw-dropping graphics. Nothing special. Mediocre. You'd think a next-gen console as powerful as the 360 could astonish gamers with its graphics, but alas, a letdown.

Gameplay: 6/10

Basic 4 movements: Run, duck, jump, and shoot. Nice job Microsoft, you have done the seemingly impossible: make something that was once so unique that people called it special, and turned it into something so ordinary that nobody raises an eyebrow during the third installment. Like the graphics, no improvements were put into the gameplay. I can only imagine the creators at work here: "Hey, let's take the gameplay of the original Halo, add a few more guns and maps and call it a day." But to their credit, their contrivance duped millions of people into buying it. With the addition of Xbox Live to pwn n00bies online, how can you go wrong?

In all seriousness, what does this game bring to the table that other FPS's haven't? Dual wielding? Don't make me laugh. The game does not add anything revolutionary to it. Halo takes a step forward and then 2 back. They revolutionize FPS with Halo 1, and then make generic "improvements", call it Halo 3 and reap the rewards.

Plot: 6/10

You know when a plot is in danger when the characters resort to explaining the plot to each other. "Chief, you need to kill the High Prophet of Truth in order to save Earth. His termination is vital to the survival of the Earth. For if you fail, the Earth is going to be destroyed, much like the original Halo ring. The Covenant want you dead, Chief! But, may I offer a dubious solution? Let's become friends with the Covenant. Forget the fact that we slaughtered thousands of their kind and they will come to us in open arms. They will put aside their petty differences so we can achieve a common goal. Good news, Chief! The Elites have accepted our proposal, rendering Halo 1 and 2 useless "
"Sounds good to me"

Generic plot, the subjects under a dictatorship get tired and rebel against the hierarchy, with a little help from a mole within the hierarchy. Leader of the rebellion inevitably dies. Typical.

Sound: 9/10

Sound is sound. The sound sounds good to me.

Bottom Line:

Halo 3 is probably the most hyped game of the decade, but doesn't come through in the clutch. With its lack of improvements and generic gameplay, the result is a game that putters across the finish line. The ending leaves fans unsatisfied and disappointed. Nothing new came about with the release of Halo 3...Wait a minute! Something did come about. Let's pay 100$ more for a helmet that would fit on my cat. That would leave a lasting impression. Halo 3 was a huge letdown in 2007, and probably the biggest since 2000. In development for a little over 2 years, the creators have only new maps to show for their "invention". You can't teach an old dog new tricks; the dog being the original Halo and the tricks being the new features put into the game.
What a way to end the trilogy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/26/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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