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"Just Another FPS."

Before I begin I want to say that the only reason I am giving Halo 3 a 7/10 is because of the online multiplayer, otherwise I'd give it a 5 at best using gamefaqs' rating system.

Halo 3 was probably the most anticipated and over-hyped game of the year. All of the comments on the box about how special and epic the game is are complete lies. It's not epic at all. Many times I found myself thinking "It's no more epic than Lost Planet or Rainbow Six Vegas". Sure it has nice graphics, and a great multiplayer game. Some of the weapons are pretty cool, plasma grenades are great. That's about it. Oh the vehicles are great too, at least when you or another human player online is driving.

Otherwise, Halo 3 is an average single-player experience. The campaign is not that interesting, probably 75% of the missions are you driving about in a Warthog (mainly because the AI characters' driving ability is so poor) and letting the marines blast away some aliens. I can recall only a few missions are all on foot. It might as well be a driving-combat game. Although I must admit cranking up the difficulty to heroic makes the campaign a lot better. Legendary is not exactly hard after you've done heroic, it just takes time and some strategy.

I was also dissapointed that the final level is one of, if not the easiest of the levels. I was
dissapointed to a greater extent that only takes 9 missions to 'finish the fight'.

Another bad thing about Halo 3 are the sounds. Music kicks in at the start of most missions and then ends a few minutes in. You'll get music when you enter a vehicle but that will end too. It doesn't loop or anything which would have been good. The assault rifle is barely audible, this shouldn't be the case. There are some cool sounds in there but the problems just over-shadow most of them.

The multiplayer of Halo 3 is the only thing that I really like about this game. It's really enjoyable to play, apart from when you get the same map 4 times in a row. The multiplayer has a variety of games that are enjoyable. Some are team-based, others are not.

The Forge is a new feature of Halo, you can change the spawning locations of weapons and vehicles.

Great job Bungie! I have always wanted to choose where weapons go on the map. Wow, what will they think of next. (sarcasm)

Recently Bungie have released a map, Foundry, on Xbox marketplace that you can supposedly edit every object on the map like stairs and stuff I guess. But at 800 MS points for 3 maps that will soon become free to download, I'm not gonna watse my money on it.

In my opinion the Map Maker in any Timesplitters game is way better than The Forge

I should also mention that you can save screenshots and movies from the game to watch whenever. That's great but it doesn't really make any difference to the game.

To finish, is Halo 3 a bad game? No, it's worth playing and the multiplayer is great. If you were expecting an epic finish to a great FPS trilogy, you may be dissapointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/10/07, Updated 12/29/07

Game Release: Halo 3 (EU, 09/26/07)

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