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"A Good Addition to a Great Series"

Let me just start off by saying that I'm a Halo fanboy, in the truest sense of the word. I played the original, got Halo 2 at launch, and got Halo 3 at launch. I've played it for fun, competitively, and enjoyed both experiences. So on with the review.

Story: 6/10
Continuing from Halo 2's cliffhanger, this game skips a major chunk of the plot. (later explained in novels) Where it does begin is solid, with the Chief teaming with the Arbiter. Unfortunately, it drops off shortly afterwards. The plot focuses on the relationship between the Chief and Cortana, and only arbitrarily goes into the war between Earth, the Covenant, and the Flood. And the Arbiter is almost left out as far as character development goes, and the ending is well... a little redundant.

Gameplay: 7/10
Multiplayer was the main attraction for Halo 3, and it's easily the best online experience on the Xbox 360 up until now. Matchmaking is flawless, and online play is nearly perfect. And the gameplay itself isn't bad either. The additions of weapons, equipment, and new vehicles is very good, but the game took a much slower pace. The levels are far too big, and simply traversing them can prove problematic (even with vehicles) At times, it almost feels like I'm watching someone else play the game, even when I'm the one playing.

Graphics: 7/10
Not great, not bad. The graphics are good... but only when compared to Halo 2. When you compare it to other 360 games, it's barely comparable.

Sound/Music: 9/10
The Halo series has always had a good soundtrack, and this is no different. Marty O'Donnell is a good composer, and he brings a good "vibe" to the Halo games. The Halo theme is good, and of course, the Siege of Madrigal makes it's appearance one last time.

Replay Value: 7/10
This is where I felt the game took its biggest hit. It lacks the replay value of the other two Halo games. It simply isn't as fun to LAN as Halo 1, nor is it as fun to play online as Halo 2. The experience lacks what I call the "friendship factor" of Halo 2, where everybody was eager to make friends. The "best online experience" I was talking about earlier still has a gaping flaw: the Halo community.

7/10. A good game, but pales in comparison to the other two games in the series. Not quite as "perfected" as Halo 1, and not quite as good an experience as Halo 2. So with this review, I say my goodbye to Halo. Thanks for the memories.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/04/08

Game Release: Halo 3 (Limited Edition) (US, 09/25/07)

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