Reviewed: 02/14/08

Halo 3. God worthy of worship? Or peasent dreaming in the streets?

First off let me say this. I HAVE played this game to its full extent. Me and my friends have pretty much beaten this game to a pulp when my friend got it and had us over. I believe that in the 25 days I have spent playing this game, both online and off, both single and multiplayer, makes this review considerably valid.

Ahh...Halo 3. Quite possibly the most over-hyped game ever created by man-kind. It received news coverage, its own drink, and almost broke record sales. Some claim its the best of the series, while others say its not. Some also seem to praise it by being some type of Holy Grail sent from the gods of heaven, wrapped in murr encased in gold and diamonds. But was it really worth the 60 bucks?

Gameplay - If you've played Halo before, you have played Halo 3. The controls have only changed VERY slightly, but the core concept is the same. Shoot everyone. Simple, straight to the point. Sure, jump into a vehicle or behind a cannon or turret. Pick up a flame thrower while your at it. Very few things have changed. New "Heavy Weapons" add a slightly new style to the game, as well as the new gadgets, but there are endless ways to counter all of these that it just doesn't seem to make much of a difference once you get the hang of it.

Gameplay Score: 5/10

Story - The story of Halo. Basically, aliens invade earth and want to blow it up with a giant ring. Called Halo. Your the green guy named Master Chief, and basically you have to go kill them. I wont get too in depth with the story, because almost everything is a spoiler, but I'll just say it picks up right where Halo 2 left off. The story is basically just a continuation with a rather....disappointing finale and seemingly unnecessary plot events that doesn't really fit the mode of the "end of a trilogy". Sure, you have your pretty epic moments, but every game has a few good moments, basically everything is thrown at you and explained in about 5 seconds, then they throw you at more aliens. There are also some random moments of some levels where....well.....something interesting happens to the chief. I can't really say much more without being a spoiler, but if you played Halo 2 you should have figured it out by now. All in all, the story is basically just a quick, hectic wrap-up involving the Chief mostly going it alone because Microsoft had to make him seem like he was the only one able to survive the alien attacks.

Story Score:4/10

Graphics/Sound - Ok, this is actually pretty good. The graphics are pretty much just improved from Halo 2, almost all around. However, some spots in the game are so bright that it seems like it was all done with LED lights just to make more definite shadows. The sound it pretty consistent, and is able to deliver quite a nice feel, in both multiplayer and the single player.

Graphics/Sound Score:9/10

Play Time/Replayability - This is basically where this game "shines", but its almost half-hearted. The single player mode only takes a few hours to complete, and even then you probably wont want to toil through it again to get all the skulls (hidden collectibles), after, thats what you have siblings for. As far as multiplayer goes; yet again, its pretty much Halo 2. Not much needs to be said. The gadgets and a few new game modes are somewhat of an interesting addition, and there are a few new guns. However, after a bit it will just feel like Halo 2 again. Of course, it has its online mode, and if you can bust out 50 bucks a year (shouldn't be THAT much of a hassle), then you can always play online using Xbox Live, which is a pretty reliable online system. But as said before, its basically like picking up Halo 2 with a patch for new weapons and interface.

PT/R Score: 7/10

Halo 3. I have heard wonders about waiting for it. But if I had to sum up the game in 3 words? Inconsistent. Over-hyped. Mediocre. Yes, I can see the flaming I'm going to get for this review, but frankly, I don't care. This game doesn't live up to the ridiculous hype it was given. Sure, its a fun game to play with your friends, but don't go out running for a 360 just for this game. If you have a 360 and you are looking for a pleasurable title that will give you somewhat of a challenge and give you and your friends something to do while at a small party rather then play other 360 games with a higher learning curve (Gears comes to mind), then this game should suffice.

Final score: 5/10

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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