Review by DerkaJeehod

Reviewed: 06/23/08

HALO - H.ow A.bout L.ost O.riginality?

Bottom Line, there is nothing special about this game to make it any different or better than any pre-existing first person shooter out today. Here is why...

Story 5/10

What did you expect? Master Chief would fail everyone in the universe? Yeah, hardly. Not to ruin anything for you but seriously, you can kind of take a stab in the dark on this one and be right. There is a little twist but then again, script writers need to eat too, right? If you skip every cut scene, it wouldn't make a real difference because I have never heard of anyone playing HALO because of it's "compelling" storyline... ha.

Graphics 5/10

The graphics were nothing special. Everything that was in the game was on par with XBOX 360 capabilities but nothing made me think "Holy Bajeesis, these are almost believeable graphics" (assuming everything else in the game was already realistic). If the graphics were any worse, I would have mistaken Halo 3 for something of a special download or add-on for Halo 2. Not that the graphics were horrible or anything, but like I said, there really isn't anything specially about them.

Weapons 8/10

Pistol (Magnum) - Still like it was in HALO 2, no scope and extremely useless.

Sword - Still a very powerful weapon but now it actually DOES take skill. The timing is everything because you can clash with enemy and not die instantly.

Mauler - "Duel Wielding Shotgun" is very powerful. Being shot by just one of them won't instantly kill you but put them together and they are just as deadly as the "normal" shotgun.

Spiker - A cross between the needler and assault rifle (in my mind), kill very quickly but the rounds move slowly through the air.

Assault Rifle - YAY IT'S BACK!!! Halo 2's abbomination (SMG) is still in the game but the HALO 1 assault rifle is back and kickin' as the "standard" HALO weapon.

Battle Rifle, Brute Shot, Covenant Carbine, Fuel Rod Gun, Plasma Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Beam Rifle, SMG, Plasma Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun - Nothing new here.

Needler - Holy Crap!!! This thing is very powerful, you can unload a "clip" very quickly but the needles aren't the fastest thing around. Not duel wielding.

Spartan Laser - Extremely Powerful but you must first learn how to master it.

Hammer - Very, very, very powerful but extremely close range and slow.

Gameplay 5/10

Very typical, nothing really new here. If you have played HALO 2 then you haven't missed out on the "First Person Shooter Experience." Movement is standard and weapon reaction time is still very fast. The Artificial Intelligence is still very advanced for the genre and your enemies will react well to you but nothing is actually better than the previous two HALO's. There is certainly a discernable difference between Legendary and Easy mode but the motivating force to want to beat the game on Legendary mode sadly does not exist in this game as it did in its predecesors. When I beat it on Normal mode I though to myself "that's it, what now?"

Overall 5/10

Simply nothing new, play HALO 2 and you will recieve the same exact experience as you would in HALO 3.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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