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Reviewed: 10/13/08

Halo 3: Epic Dissapointment



This is one of the funnest campaigns I've ever played in my life. Unfortunately I beat it in 4 hours. The only thing that this campaign really lacks is bosses. There is essentially one boss at the end (Guilty Spark) and I beat him in about a minute. On the lower difficulties, (easy, normal, maybe even heroic) you can quickly beat campaign on single player. On legendary, I think it is near impossible to beat single player. But since there is co-op, me and my brother completely raped legendary on co-op in about 5 hours. There needs to be a harder difficulty level. Also, in Halo 2, there were around 20-25 missions and that campaign was amazing. In Halo 3 they cut out almost half of the missions and only had 13. The story was excellent though. A very good finish to the great halo trilogy. But with all that hype for only 13 missions of campaign...


Excellent graphics. The game is beautiful. I didn't give it a ten because they're not THAT beautiful. This game was supposed to completely re-innovate the way video games were played. It didn't. I don't feel that I was in the suit shooting the brutes and grunts. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are very pretty, but it just didn't live up to the hype.


Nothing just absolutely awe inspiring. Good epic music during the epic "classic halo" parts of the missions. Decent downcast music. Good talking and commentary by the characters. A nice subtle addition to the game.



I LOVE forge. I think that this is the only thing that Bungie did perfect in this game. In forge you can edit maps. If you like playing custom matches with your friends and you all really hate the sniper rifle, you can just take it out, save the new map, and just kill each other on the same slightly edited map. Or you can actually fight on forge and have floating boxes that act as magic carpets, spawn amazing guns and bubble shields. And finally my absolute favorite part, taking out everything on a map (Foundry) and making a whole new map. The possibilities are unending. I have made 20 or 30 new maps with new game types that me and a couple friends could play for hours without getting tired of them. These possibilities range from Halo 3 Football to Hide and Seek to Sharks and Minos to Soccer to any kind of zombie game. I have spent hours redesigning maps so they are hardly even recognizable. This is the best thing about Halo 3.


This is a nice little add-on that adds a little bit to the game. You can replay your last 25 matches and just watch them. You can fast-forward, rewind, and take pictures of weird looking things that happen in the game. Kinda fun, but often laggy and not very smooth.


Custom Games-8/10

I've already touched on this in the Forge section. Very fun with some friends and awesome forge maps. Unfortunately you can't play with random people. Bungie needs to make a lobby where you can join other people's custom games so you can play if you don't have friends on. But overall this is a very fun game type.

Match Making-2/10

**Sigh**, so much potential. Bungie really bombed this. A series built around multiplayer completely failing at their own game.


Guests: Really the only thing I really love about match making. You and three friends can all play on a team right next to each other on the same screen. This adds so much to match making because instead of suffering through this painful game mode alone, you can do it with friends and all make jokes together at how awful it is.

Vehicles: The only other plus to match making. The vehicles are fun to splatter other people in and they are (for the most part) well designed.


Gameplay: Two words. Beat Down. Ok let's think, what is more powerful: a bullet or a punch? A beat down takes away all shields and almost kills you. If you have lost a morsel of your shield and you are punched, you die. Awesome. So pretty much a basic strategy is to run at your enemy rambo style and whoever has a better connection wins. While you are running, your gun(s) are blazing and you both run into each other and punch at the same time. If both of your fingers hit the button at the exact same time, the faster connection wins. Now Bungie has changed that so if the server gets the faster connection's punch immediately and the slower connections a split second afterward, you both die. Awesome. How do two people die in a fight? That means we would have to put enough physical force into each other at the exact same time to stop their heart from beating and we both die the second our fists collide with the other guy's chest. Yeah, ok great. At least 90% of players have beat downs in their top 3 ways of killing people. Now there wouldn't be this problem with beat downs if it didn't take a whole clip to kill a person. The amount of health you have is unbelievable. In most FPSs, whoever gets the first shot on the guy wins the fight. Not in Halo. I start shooting a guy in the back. He turns around puts a couple bullets into me and we both punch each other and die. No skill involved in Halo 3. It just simply isn't fun.

Weapons: One of the largest flaws in this game. This takes place 500 years in the future and we are using assault rifles, battle rifles, sniper rifles, and magnums. What is that? I guarantee that in 500 years from now we will not use bullets. You can't zoom in with hardly any weapons and that makes them difficult to aim.

Rankings: Takes for ever to go up. Not very many ranks. And whoever thought of being able to go down in the ranks should be shot. The ranked matches are inconsistent of how you go up or down. If you do amazing sometimes you'll go down and if you suck you'll go up sometimes. What is that?

Host/Server: Ok, this just blows. In a 4on4 game, if one guy quits, it's a 3on4 and then the game just sucks. The game isn't fair. People should be able to join games partway through to even out the teams. It can end up hugely unfair and you're stuck in a boring, unfair game or you can quit and lose an EXP point. Also if you do big team battle or anything with more than 8 or 10 people, it lags a TON.

Community: The community on this game is not friendly at all. Obscenities and insults are thrown around for the heck of it. There are very few people on Halo that I would like to get into a game with and talk to. Also the amount of people below the age of about 12 is amazing. In almost every lobby there are very young people (or anybody at all for that matter) mic spamming and yelling incoherently.

That stupid thing how you have to press the D-pad to talk on a team of more than four people: Yeah I REALLY hate having to do that to talk.


Replay Value-6/10

The only reason that this isn't a one or a two is forge. The campaign is short and easy. Online match making is awful. The only fun thing to do is forge maps and play custom games with friends.


Neither. Stay away from this game. Use your time playing COD4 or anything better than this over hyped game.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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