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"Halo 3 -- all of the dissappointment from Halo 2, now with more hype."

When Halo 3 was released 360 owners everywhere crapped themselves. Unfortunately... I had not crapped myself out of happiness when I put in Halo 3. I crapped myself thinking that Bungie had just released a game more half-assed than Halo 2.

This is in no way a biased review, I am a fanboy of nothing so rest assured this review is not biased, and I'm not writing this out of anger after failing on XBox Live (in fact I was quite good).

-Story- 4/10

This story isn't good at all. You're simply thrust into the game and the game doesn't really start to make sense until much longer after you have decided you don't care very much.

Character design is weak, so weak that the deaths of major charcters in the game don't seem signifigant and they really should. This could just be my preference but when I see a chacter die, I want there to be some emotion thrown in there. You should still be thinking about what just happened part-wasy through the level afterwards. However, in Halo 3 I was left thinking, "Oh well!".

-Graphics- 7/10

You probably think that this is a low score to give to a game with graphics this "delicous". But the truth is, the graphics are simply put, average, not delicous at all. On an older system this would garner a 10 but let's face it, the 360 can do more and it has shown us.

Running through water shows no ripples, it's as if you weren't even there. I also think that character movement could have been made more... fluid. You could say I'm expecting too much but, truthfully, Halo 3 does not show what the 360 is capable of.

-Gameplay- 1/10

This is where Halo 3 really goes south. First off, the game adds nothing new at all to the franchise or video games at all. It's just a recycled version of the original with some new stuff thrown in that (more often than not) make the game worse.

Level design makes me want to cry. The levels look okay, but it doesn't take a genius to tell that no real effort was put into the levels, which is dissappointing considering Bungie had nearly unlimited funds. Of all the horrible levels in video games, level eight "Cortana" truly stands alone. There's no further description I can give. The other levels aren't nearly this bad, but would you truly want to play a game that has a level this entirely horrible?

-Multiplayer- 5/10

Without a doubt, the ONLY thing Halo 3 had going for it since the beginning... too bad that it isn't good either. The game modes are hardly enjoyable for the most part (though some can keep you entertained for a few minutes). Instead of balancing the weapons and players in the game, Bungie decided to try doing what they did to make the other games' multiplayer so bad again! No matter what mode, or course, you'll be hoping to be on a certain side and to be the first to reach that ridiculously overpowered weapon... because when everything lines up for you, you win. No contest. And it's the same for the other team. This game completely throws challenge, skill, and fun right out the window.

Online multiplayer is not any different. For one, lag is somewhat of a problem... My connection isn't bad at all, I play other games all the time with no problem... but for some reason the game lags like you wouldn't believe...

Furthermore, the community can be split into three main groups: 10 year olds, elitist jerks, and normal players. You will typically be put into a group with at least one person from each group. The 10 year olds will complain every time they get sniped, the elitists (who are quite often 10 year olds who claim to be 21) will brag, then blame everybody else when he screws up (because "I've been playing since launch noob! I never get killed unless there's some sort of bug that got left in for all this time!") while cursing like an idiot. Normal people will every once in a little while talk to you and try to enjoy the game, but, corrupted by this game's horrible online gamers, will mostly keep to themselves with their television on mute.

(too long; didn't read: It's a bad community.)

This part earns 5 points because this game is easy to play. It was obviously not designed for the hardcore gaming crowd, you can sit down and play the game for a few minutes and have fun even if you are not good at video games and you'll still get several kills.

-Sound- 8/10

Not much to say here. The main theme fits the game to a T. However, hearing it over and over again will make you sick and tired of it (Here's a tip Bungie, you can you OTHER songs besides variations of the main theme). don't get me wrong, it's a good soundtrack, but it isn't a GREAT soundtrack.

The voices in the game are okay, but the sounds Master Chief make are pretty painful to listen to. The best description I can give to you is that he sounds like a constipated prepubescent boy (I'll admit it isn't THAT bad, but I can't really describe it any other way...)

-Final Verdict- 3/10

I'm aware this score isn't an average of all the categories but to give this game any higher, would be an exaggeration.

This game is a true disappointment. I don't care how many people say I don't like the game because I'm "no good at it, and can't beat level one", that's not true, I was good at the game and I still would be if I hadn't sold it.

The game is an overall example of what is wrong with video games today. It isn't as bad as some other 360 games but so much was expected of this game and Bungie utterly failed to deliver (like they did with Halo 2).

Rent or buy? If you're somewhat of a casual gamer this game MIGHT be for you, but just to be safe rent the game. However, if you care at all about the quality of video games, then Halo 3 is best left alone when passed by on the shelf, don't even pick it up.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/08/08

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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