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Reviewed: 01/05/09

Halo 3: The Game That Just Keeps Giving and Giving.

Halo is truly a masterpiece that Bungie Studios has created. All it does is keeps giving, offering many innovations in multiplayer, level creation, Machinima, and file sharing. In this review, I will be discussing Halo 3 and comparing the game to Call of Duty 4.


Halo 3's multiplayer is, in my opinion, a revolution in the way we play multiplayer. Unlike the Call of Duty games and other FPS, Halo 3 has many more options in multiplayer, such as the 'Double EXP Weekends'. A common non-Halo player thought is that Halo 3 requires absolutely no skill and that a three year old could become a General (the highest multiplayer rank) in minutes. However, this is utterly not true. Halo 3 requires about as much skill to properly play well as Call of Duty. Yes, there is an auto censor that follows your enemy, but that is because Halo 3 is set in the future, using advanced armor. Another thing Call of Duty players state is that CoD is better simply because it's more realistic. It's a smug thing to say, coming from gamers who never left their couches who think the game is fully realistic because it takes place around this time era and that they use modern guns. Still, your health regenerates and your character respawns. If they want realism, go join the Army. Halo 3 has more multiplayer options that CoD. Call of Duty does include slayer variants, capture the flag, and even bomb variants, but Halo 3's are, in a sense, more intense. The amount of action going on screen is coupled by the shear magnitude of the game. Also, Halo 3 has more FUN variants that Call of Duty. Variants such as Griff Ball, an intense bomb game, Infection, a game where 'zombies' must infect all the other plays in the game, and rocket race, a form of VIP where the players get ATV's and must drive their 'masters' to certain checkpoints. Call of Duty has none of the fun, and all of the seriousness. If you're looking to be bored of the constant dieing and dull colors, Call of Duty may be better. Halo 3 also has one of the best communities in gaming history. Bungie allows file sharing, such as screenshots, player made maps, game variants, and videos taken from the Theater function. These files can be shared to anyone. Players can also start Custom Games. They can invite up to 16 friends and play on maps either Bungie made, or maps that the players have made via the Forge system. A final note, Halo 3's multiplayer is much less complicated than Call of Duty. You can start games, find which games and variants you want to play, invite your friends and switch between lobbies much easier than in Call of Duty. Call of Duty players even admit to it, but their only argument is that Call of Duty is for adults with big brains who can handle the over complicated features of the game and that Halo 3 is simple because only small children play it. Why over complicate a game when they are there for fun? Halo 3 is a better multiplayer game because it is less serious, a lot of fun, and never gets old because of all of the options.

Multiplayer score: 10/10.


Halo 3's campaign can be played with up to four friends online, or two on one 360. Yes, Halo 3's campaign has minimal surprises and lacks boss battles but is still engrossing. Call of Duty's is mediocre at best, featuring only two player co-op. The campaign for Call of Duty is more or less to difficult. Finding all of the extras are nearly impossible without searching online. Also, the story plot could be called good, yet to hard to understand. The graphics are bland, but good. Halo 3's graphics are colorful, good, and, in spirit, slightly cartoonish. The perfect blend.

Halo 3's campaign is far more engrossing and has more options than Call of Duty. Again, it keeps giving. After you beat the difficulty in Easy or Normal or whichever difficulty you prefer, you can do the optional Meta-Game feature which allows you to keep track of time, points, and medals such as head shots on enemies. You can also find hidden skulls which allow the campaign to become even harder or more fun. For example, the Iron skull forces you to return to the beginning of the game when you die, thus making it difficult to win on the hardest difficulty. The Grunt Birthday Party skull, however, allows you to have more fun. Every time you get a head shot on a grunt, fire works come out and little children cry out, "Yay!!!".

Campaign Score: 9.75/10, minimal surprises.


Halo 3's custom games is much more in depth than, in my opinion, any other game before it. Players can change the settings for Halo 3's many variants, such as slayer, infection, VIP, Territories, Capture the Flag and more, to thousands of different options, such as making it so the players have no shields, run very fast, and spawn with rocket launchers and plasma rifles. You can also go into the Forge mode, create maps, save them, then play them on custom games with up to 16 friends. If you don't want any friends to join your match, you can also send the map you made to any friend over Xbox Live and they will receive it.

When you finish the custom game, you can also go into Theater Mode, watch the entire game over again as a type of ghost and watch all the other players do what they do.

Custom Games Score: 10/10.


Halo 3's forge system is a revolution in player creativity. To start forge, players enter the forge lobby, choose a map that Bungie made or a map that the player made and forge it. Forging is essentially "modding lite". Players can delete all items from a map Bungie developed, such as boxes, vehicles, weapons, and spawn them in different spots. They can either use a canvas Bungie developed or use a map called Foundry which, when all items are deleted, is essentially an empty room. Players can then put any item given to them, such as crates, barrels, gravity lifts, cannons, weapons, vehicles, spawn points, teleporters, and much, much more and arrange them in many different ways. You can even switch the map to be played on whichever variant you prefer, such as if you want to map to be played on capture the flag, new items come up, allowing more fun things. You can also place respawn points, starting points, and respawn areas. You can save save any map you create and play it in custom games with up to 16 friends. You can also keep the party open so anyone can join and join in the fun. You can also send your creation to anyone over Xbox Live. You can also have up to 16 people in your forge lobby to help you forge. You can also make it so only you can edit the map, and everyone else can just play on it as you edit .Unfortunately, there isn't a 90 degree snap with can sometimes annoy players.


The theater function can be used for many things. Some major examples are, Machinima, as you can watch your recording, if you get an Achievement you can watch it, save the film and show your friends. You can also crop the film. You can take screenshots of any part in the film, save them, and send them off to any friends. You are essentially a type of 'ghost' that follows players around, or can free roam throughout the game. You can pause, fast forward, and speed up. You can also save whole films and send them off. Everything thing you do in multiplayer, custom games, or forge is automatically saved to a temporary folder. They will eventually get deleted, so you must watch the film and save it.

Theater Score: 10/10.

I am running out of time at the moment, so I can't write more, but there is so much more in Halo 3 that makes it an amazing game. A true 10/10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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