Review by Journey55

"Halo 3, for better or for worse?"

I'd like to start off by saying, "I, personally, liked Halo. It just didn't have any longtime appeal unless you buy Xbox LIVE"

Graphics (7/10): The graphics aren't as great as they could've been, looking at other Xbox 360; Bungie could've done a lot better. There are good things about the graphics though, from a distance all the characters and the environment look so nice, but when you get up close the graphics turn bad.

Sound (6/10): Needless to say, Bungie has kept basically the same soundtrack throughout the entire game, with the good Halo theme playing whilst you ride most human vehicles, that ominous creepy music play while you fight flood. What is good about the sound in my opinion are the quotes and other noise heard from the characters. I.E. Grunt getting stuck by a plasma grenade, "Not Again!!!"

Story (4/10): Honestly I didn't get the story line the first two times I played through the game. During the third time I barely got it. Bungie should've put more emphasis on the story, instead of just throwing random levels at you. Bungie also left gaps in the storyline, like what Master Chief was doing in Africa at the beginning of the game, and how the Arbiter and Srgt. Johnson got there from the Halo Ring in Halo 2. The campaign was pretty average except for the level: Cortana which is arguably the worse video game level ever. All the level was was seemingly endless flood and the same rooms just rearranged a little, worst off you don't have the Arbiter until the last possible second. The little pauses in the game, where either Cortana or Gravemind stops you in your tracks, prevents you from doing anything, and says something irrelevant to anything happening right now. I.E. on The Storm Cortana stops you right before you get to ride Mongooses and says, "I have defied gods and won" or something like that, and it only serves as a distraction.

Custom Games/Forge (6/10): The customs games mode is alright but not really that fun unless you have two to three other people playing with you. Forge on the other hand, is a pretty fun game mode and has endless possiblities. Unfortunately, Forge has a few flaws, one being it takes forever to get a block or something else perfectly aligned with the next one. Another flaw ('m not sure if I'm the only one who has had this problem or not) is that sometimes when I do manage to get the block just right, it falls through the whole map, gone forever.

Multiplayer (3/10): The Multiplayer on this game (unfortunately) is only available through subscription to Xbox LIVE. Even so most games hold a 48hr free trial period letting you play without paying. Playing online always seemed like a big hassle, you never get the map you want, there always seems to be the horrible playing jerk on your team, and the other team always either wins or loses by a landslide. Bungie should've just made multiplayer have selectable game type to prevent anyone from getting game types no one likes. The Multiplayer system doesn't filter the good players from the bad and often you go up against a team of people with exp. ranging from 600-1000 making it so you team 16-50 is faced with certain doom.

Overall (6/10): I liked the campaign on Halo 3, but it loses its appeal after you play through it a few times leaving only the Multiplayer left, and that always seems like Xbox LIVE is out to pair you with the worst people. Buy or Rent? Well, I suggest that if you're getting Xbox LIVE buy, otherwise just rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/10/09

Game Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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