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"Another Great Game In the Splinter Cell Series"

The next game in the Splinter Cell series hit the shelves on Tuesday, October 17th. This game is made by Ubisoft and follows the covert life of Sam Fisher, an under cover agent working for a division of the NSA. This time he goes under cover in the world's most dangerous terrorist cell. He must go on missions and do separate objectives to satisfy both the JBA and the NSA. Now that you know a tiny bit about the game I am going to get started on the real stuff, the game.

Gameplay: 10/10
The Gameplay in Splinter Cell is awesome. They have made some controls easier to use and they just did awesome with the whole moral thing of going into the terrorist cell. They really put you into Sam fisher and the life of a covert agent and with the choices. I also really like the Daylight missions , they add a whole different element to the game instead of the dull darkness that you are always stuck with in the previous games. You would be surprised in how the lighting effects Gameplay. Also this is the first time you can skip objectives and go to another one. Well that's all I can say about the Gameplay.

Story: 10/10
The story in the game is some of what I mentioned in the intro. You play as Sam Fisher and you are a “Splinter Cell” for a division of the NSA headed by Irving Lambert. The FBI has had some suspicions of a terrorist cell that is doing some pretty bad stuff. You Sam Fisher get sent into the terrorist headquarters as a “mole”. From there you have to do split objectives for the NSA and the JBA (terrorist cell). You have to satisfy both parties in each of your missions. This adds a great deal of decision making. Overall this is a pretty cool storyline that will leave you strapped to your chair wanting more.

Graphics & Sound: 9/10
This game has superb graphics as they are supposed to be on the Xbox 360. They are slick as glass and are simply just beautiful. Although the Multiplayer graphics have been downgraded down to get some “lag” out of the way, but come on the Xbox 360 can handle it but unfortunately they didn't put the graphics for MP at the top but you have to think because Ubisoft has never pushed there graphics for MP but it makes up for the MP with the SP. The sound is excellent but I have noticed some glitches in MP that are kind of funny but kind of annoying at the same time.

Play Time/Replayability: 10/10
The play time in this game will take a very long time if you're a stealthy guy that likes to do all the objectives or about a few hours if you're a speedy person that rips through levels only doing the objectives that your really want or need to do. The Replayability for this game is really good. You can go around and try every way you like to get through a mission or only do missions for the NSA or JBA and the list goes on and on. This game as Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow has Co-op and Versus. This game is on Xbox Live so that ups the Replayability by a lot. Either way this game will take hours away from your life.

My final recommendation on this game is if you like the Splinter Cell Series buy it. If you like Stealth games and action games buy it. If your not to sure about the game which I highly doubt that you will be you can always rent it which is best because if you don't like it just exchange it at the rental place for a new game. I would definitely buy this for the Gamer or Splinter Cell fan in your home.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/18/06, Updated 10/19/06

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