Review by schattenjager31

"Perfect Xbox 360 Game"

This is the First Real Next Generation game. This is the reason to buy a Xbox 360. Grahpics are photo realistic. Best grahpics I have seen ever. The animation is fluid and realistic. The shadow and lighting is very proffessional. Both the Sound and Visual are super high quality.

With Gameplay. This is not only the best stealthy game. This is the best action game I have ever played. Its very interactive. From hideing in places. To hacking, to lock picking, to safe cracking, to stealthy kills in water, ice. There are numerous characters in the game. Which makes the story very indepth. The action sequences of making a choice. Are amazing. You can make different choices. To be good or bad.

This game is for everyone. If you just want to show off the graphics to your friends on your Xbox 360. Or you love Action or Stealth games.

The Level Design is amazing. Very dfferent locations. You may think this Review is short. However. I dont want to Spol the storyline. If there is Only one game you can afford this year. Get this game. Its a must have. This is the reason we all have a Xbox 360. For this game.

Sam is Photo Realistic. You stand near a wall. Dont do nothing. He leans against wall. You just feel like spinning the game camera around and around. Just to see your character. You have light and dark missions.

If you love TV shows like Prison Break. 24. This game is a must have. Its alot like them. In terms of a indepth Story.

And the game is very long. And has great replay value. If you explore, take your time. Do all objectives. It can take upto 50 hours to play. Which is amazing. Plus replay value. Of different endings. Playing through, good or bad, or even neutrul.

And for gamers wondering. Yes. Its very mature rated. Especially the Action sequences. Where you have to make a decision. The trust meter is great. Its very realistic.

NPCS. The characters in game. Are very life like. The previous splinter cells. You felt all alone. But this time. You have alot of people around you. The previous splinter cells. Where to dark. This has great color, textures, effects.

There are numerous gadgets, moves. weapons. This is a must have game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/06

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