Review by sad_wolf776

"The single player still needs a lot of work.But all in all the games multiplayer makes it worth the purchase alone."

Sam Fisher is now on his next boring journey.He plays the role of good and bad guy at the same time.The single player experience often results in annoying choppy game play,that gets really old when you get over Sam's awesome moves.

There are tons of gadgets to choose from (EMP Grenade,Smokes,Sticky Cameras and much more).But a lot of the gadgets are recycled from the first one and the game does not offer any gadget that is mind-blowing and cool.

But Sam still snaps necks,and in Double Agent he finds a lot of ways to do it.From forcing and enemy down into the ocean to breaking them through ice,Same will find a way.

New single player stuff includes swimming underwater and jumping out of planes.You also have to play it good and bad at the same time if you want all the information and background of the story.

But that being said the moves do get old after a while as well the whole single player,which feels almost like a diversion to the incredible multi player.

In multi you can now face bot Mercenaries with a friend(s).This adds value,and is great for practicing for those Squad matches.And to top it off it is now three Mercenaries VS. three Spies,which makes it more interesting and faster than two on two.The spies are fast and the Mercenaries are strong,the spies need to quickly hack units with there hacking unit which looks like a power glove,but the Mercenaries are going to do all they can to kill them with the big guns.The game is very exciting here and never gets old.

Mercenaries can also now knock spies down and choke slam them to there death.But spies have lots of new escape moves to avoid that.Most of the time.

The game looks like Chaos Theory,which is good but it seems we could expect something better from a next-gen console.There is a lot of detail but there is some annoying screen-tearing in the single player.

Ironside does Sam again.And he does a great job and is a good reason why this game sound so superb,every little creak and slam this game makes sounds really realistic and accurate to the games pace.

With single player and multi player thats really good,there is tons to keep you busy in Double Agent,so if you loved Pandora and Chaos,you are truly going to love this one to,and its pretty much a must own.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/24/06

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