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"3 Green Dots again= Massive Pwnage"

So Ubisoft decided to take a change in direction in its new sequel to the Splinter Cell Saga. For better or for worse? For better. Heres why:

Story 9/10: Sam Fisher is a covert operative, the best of the best. But, in this new game he becomes torn when he finds out the news of his daughters death. He would never be the same again, but he did take the most risky mission of his life. The mission of being a double agent. In the game Sam must spy on a terrorist group known as John Browns Army, or JBA. Little is known about the JBA and that's where Sam Fisher comes in. He has to keep his trust up with them by doing missions for them. At the same time he relays the terrorist actions to the NSA, the government agency that same works for. Sometimes objectives conflict. Kill an innocent person or not? Kill 50 people to save the lives or 1,000? These are the choices Sam makes in the game. There are multiple paths to take in this game and three different endings. Sounds fun.

Game-play 9/10: This is one of the best stealth games out there. It is realistic, your enemies use flashlights, are accurate with weapons, and they know where to look. You have many options when it comes to using gadgets and your surroundings to keep yourself undetected. You have to stay in the darkness to keep yourself safe, or hide behind various objects in the environment. The game runs smooth and doesn't lag. The buttons also make sense so you don't have to keep reaching here and there. Some options to keep stealthy include the classic knife slice, inverted neck snap, hiding under buses, trucks, or cars, and now, the corner grab. Don't forget about the night vision too. Some missions are in the daytime, and night vision isn't provided so you have to use true stealth skills. Don't worry, you just don't get night vision when you don't need it. If you don't feel like killing people, you can just knock them out. You also have a wide array of gadgets including the sticky camera, sticky shocker, emp grenades, sonic grenades, and more. Basically, the game-play is very good and is not at all disappointing.

Graphics/Sounds 10/10: The graphics are probably the best on the 360 as of now. The shading is magnificent and the sounds are rich to let you feel the world around you. War torn Africa is filled with explosions and cries of pain. The character details are also rich, you can see you own sweat and even your own wrinkles. Sometimes when you play you just have to lay back and admire the graphics. The level designs are original and beautiful too. The snow missions look amazing and the water looks amazing.

Replay Value 10/10: With all of those endings to unlock and the Co-op challenges to beat you'll be occupied for a while. The challenges allow you to unlock achievements and playing on LIVE unlocks you new skins.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/24/06

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