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Reviewed: 10/25/06

Sam Fisher returns with an all new knock-out sequel to the SC series.

The first time you ever saw Splinter Cell, were you not amazed? Did you not feel the incredible advance in the stealth gaming genre? If you did, you will pleased to feel it again with this installment of the SC series. What makes this game different from the previous three? Oh, how about everything!

A new, and more personal storyline, intense, fast-paced multiplayer, the classic splinter cell gameplay with more elements to enjoy. There isn't anything not to love in this game! This is my review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

Storyline- 10/10

This time around, Sam's back and he means business. He is sent to investigate a terrorist cell and slowly destroy it from within it himself but, that's not all, you can choose to play with the terrorist cell and become one of them. You'll start out on a NSA mission that goes terribly wrong and then the storyline will take off from there. You'll be given many amazing plot twists as you go progress through the game and you'll be given a choice that can change the game forever.

Gameplay- 8/10

SC:DA offers the original splinter cell gameplay but, with a few new Up's and down's. First of all, there are lots of new options that add to the single-player gameplay and with the list achievements, you'll want to give them a shot but, the new HUD, it's hard to tell just how noticeable you are. The new HUD tells you how visible you are by indicating a green button to let you know you are hard to see, a white button to let you know you are visible, and a red button to let you know that you have been caught but, you can you tell just exactly how visible you are? Another thing they took away was the ability to check your health at anytime. Now, when you get shot or hurt, A shield appears next to your objective list that tells you how hurt you are ONLY when you are being hurt. Otherwise, it tells you nothing. That really disappoints me.

Graphics and sounds- 10/10

The graphics in this game are amazing! Better than ever and if you played Splinter cell: Chaos theory, the graphics in this game are alot better.
The sounds are also a treat. Sam finally has more and better lines. The dialogue in this game really brings all of the characters to life and adds power to the storyline. This game also sounds great on Surround sound.

Multiplayer- 8/10

Splinter Cell multiplayer has always been a strong point among the series but, sadly it gets worse in this game. Yes, you will have some awesome times playing Spies vs. Mercenaries with your buddies on Xbox live or System link but, they just can't compare to those good old Chaos theory days. The multiplayer has really been toned down for spies because now, the only way you can take out a merc is to jump on him or grab him from behind and knock him out. All the merc has to do is follow his heart rate monitor and the blow your head off with his gun and that's not very fun because at times it seems unfair. However, the co-op is intense, and amazing. You will definately have some good times playing co-op with your buddies taking out mercs together or against each other in Double agent mode. Double agent mode sends you out on the average spy mission but, challenges you to be the first player with the most files downloaded by the end of the game. It is very fun and very challenging.


Although lacking in a few fields, Splinter Cell Double agent offers a very good single player with a strong storyline and hours of replay value. Don't overlook this game when you see it at the store, buy it! You will be glad you did.

Rent or Buy?

Buy! You will love this game. If you have never played an SC game before, now is the time to get in on it. You haven't missed out much on the storyline but, you will if you don't buy this game and you can't go wrong with good co-op.
Even if you don't have Xbox Live I would still say, it's worth a buy.

~ Golden Arc

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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