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"Another great addition to the growing splinter cell series"

Lets start thing by giving an overview of the game. You play as Sam Fisher. A splinter cell working for the National Security Agency. After the death of his daughter, Sarah, he begins to feel strongly about retirement. But, he decides that he should take the most dangerous assignment of his career, and his life. His mission, is to infiltrate a terror cell known as the JBA, or John Brown's Army, and destroy it from the inside.

Now lets talk about the game play itself. The controls in this game are pretty simple. They are easy enough to get a hang of pretty quickly. They are mainly taken straight out of Chaos Theory, except that the white and black buttons are replaced by the left and right bumpers. You still move with the thumb sticks, kill with right trigger, KO with the left, and the goggles are still controlled by the directional pad. The controls are relatively simple, and, unlike some games, don't slow down the game play.

The single player mode in this game is a very high quality game. There are a little over ten missions, and each have different paths to take. The objectives are pretty variant, and effect other missions and objectives. There are three different difficulty settings, and each play a little differently. The AI in this game contributes hugely to the single player game. They react a differently, depending on the environments, and where they think you are. There is also couple of new combat systems, such as underwater, snowstorms and sandstorms. There are also a variety of new mini-games. There is still the hacking mini-game, but it is a lot better. There are also safe cracking, lock picking, creating mines, and disarming bombs. Overall, the single player campaign is a very good part of the game.

I haven't played much of the multi player for Splinter Cell Double Agent, but from what I've played, it is very fun. There are a ton of new maps, and gadgets. The mercenaries now have to rely on teamwork, and so do the spies. The spies now can hack from a distance, giving the mercenaries a run for their money. The multi player games are always different, and are a huge improvement from the other games in the series.

I'm not going to give any spoilers about the story, but I will tell you that there are some pretty hard choices you have to make in the game. Most objectives effect how the NSA and the JBA treat you. There are also a lot of plot twists, depending on how you play. There are three different endings to the game, and each are very good. There is a bit of a cliff hangar at the end, but ensures you that there will be a sequel.

To wrap things up, Splinter Cell Double Agent is a must have game, and a great addition to your growing splinter cell collection. This game is a buy game. You can rent it, but to get all of the satisfaction, you need to buy the game and play it whenever you need. I give splinter cell double agent a ten out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/30/06

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